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Amazon market research tool Jungle Scout has added a new feature to find manfacturers for products listed on Amazon.

The Jungle Scout Supplier Database lets sellers find verified suppliers, match products to factories, and locate niche suppliers.

The new database can:

  • Find suppliers that can manufacture or source specific products.
  • Show how much business the supplier has done with American companies.
  • Find who the suppliers' other customers are.
  • Show how much business those buyers have done with your own suppliers.
  • Match products with suppliers.

The Jungle Scout Supplier Database is part of the Jungle Scout Web App and costs no additional monthly fee to use.

Source: Jungle Scout

Liquidation company BULQ has been profiled on the Web Retailer Blog.

The article explains how BULQ is bringing the liquidation industry into the 21st century by offering a manifest guarantee, flat-rate shipping and the ability to source on the go.

BULQ work with some of the largest retailers in the United States and connect their excess and returned inventory directly with entrepreneurs who buy the stock and resell it.

Read Source Your Stock From Leading U.S. Retailers With BULQ

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Liquidation products seller 888 Lots has released a new feature which checks if a seller is restricted from selling individual items on

After linking an Amazon selling account, users just need to press a "check" button in the individual items catalog. The tool usually takes between 20-30 minutes to check all the items.

Once finished, a note is added to each product showing if it is restricted or not.

Source: 888 Lots

Liquidation items wholesaler 888 Lots has added live sales data for lots being sold by their customers.

The sales performance statistics, down to item level, include lot quantity, lot price, quantity sold, revenue before and after fees, net profit and ROI.

Current real-time sales statistics can be found here.

Source: 888 Lots

Mobile product research app Profit Bandit has been profiled on the Web Retailer blog.

Austin Fisher from SellerEngine explains why Profit Bandit is the number one mobile app for Amazon product research and scouting, in Spotlight on Profit Bandit from SellerEngine.

Profit Bandit provides complete and accurate offer data, historical data, restricted item warnings and other alerts, as well as an easy-to-view profit calculation - all in one application.

Source: Web Retailer blog

Sourcing marketplace Global Sources has partnered with Shenzhen Globex e-Services to develop a new cross-border trade system for China-based exporters.

The new service aims to include:

  • Electronic customs declaration and clearance.
  • Full integration of customs, banking and shipment information.
  • The completion of tax refund applications directly to the exporter's account.

Participating buyers and sellers would gain visibility over all stages of the trade process, including payment, product inspection and shipment status.

Expected to launch in early 2017, the service is to be made available through the Global Sources website. It is designed to support B2B buyers who require rapid delivery times for ready-to-order products.

Craig Pepples, Global Sources' CEO, said: "We are committed to supporting the increasingly rapid pace of global trade. Buyers can now use our website to distinguish between products available for OEM manufacture and those available for immediate resale in physical stores or through online sales channels. Our planned new service enables our buyers to take the next step and conclude a transaction for ready-to-order products, vastly shortening their time to market."

Oliver Wu, General Manager of Shenzhen Globex e-Services Inc., said: "We are excited to announce this planned partnership with Global Sources, a leading facilitator for global trade over the past 45 years. Our comprehensive e-commerce services, combined with Global Sources' integrated export marketing offering, aim to provide buyers and suppliers with a more effective and efficient process to conduct trade."

Source: Global Sources

Mobile research tool for Amazon sellers Profit Bandit has been updated to use the latest Amazon API, and now provides more accurate FBA offers.

The new version allows sellers to see the lowest FBA offer for each condition as well as the exact number of FBA offers.

Previously sellers could scan products and see zero FBA offers reported, but when checking on Amazon would find several FBA sellers on the listing. The Amazon API used by Profit Bandit and other scouting apps previously gave incomplete offer data, limiting the accuracy. A recent addition to the API provides the total number of FBA offers and the lowest FBA offer for each item condition.

The new feature is support by Profit Bandit 8.16 for iOS and 4.15 for Android.

Source: SellerEngine

Liquidation products seller 888 Lots has released a new feature that enables customers to create their own lot of goods.

The new feature "Make a LOT" allows wholesale buyers to make their own product choices using their online platform. Liquidation lots are usually pre-selected by the company based on the product category.

Writing on the company's blog, 888 Lots CEO Albert Palacci said, "This feature is truly a game changer. There is no other wholesale or liquidation company on the market that will give you the opportunity to choose your own products and create your own lot with them."

Products eligible for the new feature are marked with a "Make a LOT" button, and a new filter can be used to show only eligible items. At least eight items need to be selected to create a custom lot, then an offer can be made for an 888 Lots sales representative to consider.

Make a LOT is also eligible for 888 Lots' FBA preparation program.

Source: 888 Lots

Liquidation items wholesaler 888 Lots has released an integration with ScanPower's Amazon product research service.

In addition to 888 Lot's own revenue calculator, free ScanPower lot evaluations can be requested directly from the 888 Lots platform.

ScanPower evaluations are sent by email, with an excel sheet including all the details for the selected lot.

Source: 888 Lots

Online arbitrage deal finder ProfitSourcery has increased the minimum profit per item to $15 (or £10) under their Accelerator price plan.

ProfitSourcery is online arbitrage software that scans millions of retail products a month to find those that can be sold on Amazon at a profit.

ProfitSourcery CEO Ed Brooks said, "Thanks to all of our customers that got back to us telling us what they loved about ProfitSourcery – and what needed improving. For starters – we have quadrupled the minimum profit markup per item from £2.50 to £10 after Amazon Seller and FBA fees."

Brooks continued: "Secondly – We now have an experienced Amazon seller manually checking each product before it goes into the system. They will look at all of the products to make sure that they're perfect matches and not out of stock at the time of sending them through to you. Remember though that you will still need to check CamelCamelCamel to make sure it's what YOU want to sell, but you will see far less out of stocks and no mismatches. Thirdly, We've had requests from customers to expanded the sales rank profile, including margin rich products that are outside of the top1%. Products in the top 1% can be highly volatile; their prices may change quickly and the competition is high. This means there will be less competition and more stable prices for the products you see."

The price of a ProfitSourcery Accelerator subscription remains unchanged at $77 or £45 per month.

Source: ProfitSourcery

eBay market research tool Terapeak has added a product sourcing feature using Chinese wholesale marketplace

Users can now view, search and filter the top 30 million products on from within Terapeak.

"We wanted to provide Terapeak customers with the ability to uncover global sourcing opportunities, and we believe that Alibaba is the best place to start," said Kevin North, Chief Executive Officer of Terapeak. "By working with the world's largest wholesale marketplace, we can help our merchants source the hottest and most profitable products and sell them more effectively on eBay and Amazon. This is about giving our customers a competitive advantage."

The new features include:

  • Find and source Terapeak Hotlist products on
  • Use the "Source My Inventory" tool to search from Terapeak.
  • Seamlessly conduct in-depth research on products to make profitable sourcing decisions.

Source: Terapeak

Chinese product sourcing platform has improved their Trade Assurance buyer safety program.

Trade Assurance is a free service designed to give businesses peace of mind when buying from overseas suppliers. Under the program buyers who make purchases from qualified suppliers will be entitled to a full refund of payments made, should suppliers fail to meet the shipping times or product quality specified in contracts. Coverage has now been extended to post-delivery, meaning buyers are entitled to a full refund if they spot quality problems after receiving orders.

"By providing maximum trade protection, aims to make cross-border trading easier, therefore empowering small-and medium-sized businesses to engage in global trading," said Wu Min Zhi, Senior Vice President, Alibaba Group. "By lessening concerns and building trust in international trade, we are committed to introducing more trade opportunities to members. As a result, small and medium-sized businesses will not miss out the benefits of international trading due to trust concerns over product quality or payment security." suppliers who qualify for the Trade Assurance program can display a Trade Assurance icon on their virtual storefronts. Participation is voluntary for suppliers, and uses data analytics to assess suppliers' past performance and trading histories over six-month periods to determine who can join. Every qualified supplier is assigned a Trade Assurance Amount, which will be used to cover the buyer's loss in the event of the supplier's breach of the purchase contract.

The new Trade Assurance program covers payments made by telegraphic transfer (T/T) and will be extended to other payment methods in the future.

Source: Alibaba

Marketplace management tool Stitch has a new feature for automatically creating purchase orders when dropshipped products are sold.

Sales orders including dropshipped items are automatically flagged, and purchase orders sent to the supplier(s) when the packing slips are created.

Source: Stitch Labs

Ecommerce management tool Brightpearl has partnered with China's

Brightpearl merchants can now access's wholesale suppliers, and source products, from within the Brightpearl platform. Merchants can also create products directly in Brightpearl from listings.

"Source from offers our merchants access to thousands of products from a wide variety of suppliers," said Scott Hill, Product Manager at Brightpearl. "Our research has shown that in areas like apparel, consumer electronics, jewelry, beauty and personal care, Wholesale supplier prices are typically up to 30 percent more cost effective."

Purchases from are automatically recorded within Brightpearl, including the product name, supplier details and a link to the product page.

"The collaboration between Brightpearl and will be a real asset as it allows us to easily source new products at lower price points to sell through our multiple channels," said Tim Elliott, Online Retail Manager at 5m Enterprises. "Going forward we expect ‘Source from' to be an important method of diversifying our product portfolio."

Source: Brightpearl

Chinese product sourcing portal has launched a new protection program which refunds a buyer's payment if the agreed time or quality requirements are not met.

Buyers can claim a refund using Trade Assurance from if their goods aren't shipped on time or the quality isn't up to scratch. If a settlement cannot be reached within 15 days, will provide a full refund of the Trade Assurance Amount. Buyers will also have more visibility into sellers' transactional history and credibility.

The free payment protection service is available from participating suppliers in China with plans to roll out the service to global suppliers over the next few years. In the first phase, Trade Assurance will cover payments made by telegraphic transfer and extend to other payments in the future.

"Building trust has always been a hurdle to overcome in international trade and Trade Assurance from is a data-based way to help buyer and supplier build trust. Leveraging what we call ‘big data insights', we are able to differentiate the experience and competence of suppliers, which allow us to assign them with a Trade Assurance value," said Wu Min Zhi, Senior Vice President, Alibaba Group. "Even small inventory investments for a small business can have serious repercussions if their order isn't delivered promptly or doesn't meet their expectations in terms of quality. We are committed to them and the many other businesses missing out on the benefits of international trading due to trust concerns over product quality or payment security."


Dropship suppliers directory Doba has created an app for cloud-based webstore Bigcommerce.

The app enables Bigcommerce retailers to source products via Doba and automatically dropship them from the supplier when an order is placed.

"With access to three million products and hundreds of suppliers across the country, business owners will be able to easily identify new products to sell and have those orders immediately fulfilled, removing the pain of handling logistics," said Melanie Kalemba, SVP of sales and strategic business development at Bigcommerce.  "Sourcing and shipping high-quality products is one of the biggest needs for our clients looking to grow and expand their business."

"Bigcommerce is a great partner for our network because its platform is powerful enough to handle large volumes of products and orders," says David Niccum, VP of Product at Doba. "Our current retailers are looking forward to this integration to make product and order management easier."

The integration will help retailers identify top-performing suppliers and work with multiple suppliers at the same time. The Doba App for Bigcommerce can be found in the Bigcommerce App Store.

Source: Doba

Webstore platform Bigcommerce has launched an app that enables purchases from Alibaba suppliers within the Bigcommerce control panel.

At launch, the app provides limited access to Alibaba, with 30,000 products available from 300 wholesalers in the following categories: Apparel, Automobiles and motorcycles, Beauty and personal care, Consumer electronics, and Timepieces, jewelry, eyewear.

Only top-rated Alibaba Gold Suppliers are included, with shipping direct to the buyer, and payment by escrow.

"Competing and succeeding online starts with having a business plan and strategy for sourcing quality products," said Eddie Machaalani, co-founder and CEO of Bigcommerce. "For many of our merchants, represents a tremendous opportunity to tap into the world's largest supplier network - whether to start selling or expand an existing business - without taking on unnecessary risk or sacrificing margins."

Source: Bigcommerce

Purchasing automation tool HubLogix has added integrations with popular marketplaces, shipping and warehouse management software.

The ChannelAdvisor integration enables HubLogix to support multiple marketplaces including eBay and Amazon, the ShipStation integration provides printing of shipping labels for UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL, and the SkuVault integration adds warehouse management support.

Source: HubLogix

Mobile research tool for Amazon sellers Profit Bandit has introduced notifications to indicate when a scanned item is restricted from sale.

Other improvements in the latest update of Profit Bandit include:

  • The option to use Keepa for product research, instead of CamelCamelCamel.
  • Peloading Amazon offers and CamelCamelCamel listing pages, making the app faster.
  • Updated fees and EU VAT calculations.
  • Easy identification of Amazon's price in the list of offers.

Source: SellerEngine

Sourcing website Wholesale Clearance UK has won three awards at the recent Wholesale Forums Web Awards.

The three awards won were Best User Experience, Social Media Buzz and Best Website 2014.

The Wholesale Forums ran the competition to celebrate ten years of them being in the business, and to show appreciation for the businesses that have been growing up alongside them.

Source: Wholesale Clearance UK

Sales forecasting tools Lokad, skuBrain and Teikametrics are mentioned in a new article about inventory optimization.

Inventory optimization is the science of when to buy stock, making sure you have enough to keep up with orders while minimizing the amount in the warehouse.

Source: Web Retailer

Wholesale directory Worldwide Brands has had a facelift, with faster results and more sophisticated keyword searching.

The Directory search and Market Research search are now separated, which allows quicker results to be provided when searching for suppliers.

For market research, more complex search terms can be used to closely match the results to the products the retailer wants to purchase.

Source: Worldwide Brands

Delivery giant FedEx has acquired GENCO, whose services include the popular GENCO Marketplace for buying liquidated inventory.

FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith said, "The acquisition of GENCO will transform our global portfolio through the addition of new best in class supply chain management services. As ecommerce continues to grow, customers of both companies will reap the benefits from the broadened capabilities and powerful new services."

GENCO is one of the largest logistics firms in North America and processes more than 600 million returned items annually. It operates 130 warehouses, has $1.6 billion in annual revenue and over 11,000 employees.

The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval.

Source: EcommerceBytes

American Merchandise Liquidators has introduced a new "Xpress Buyers Group" to provide regular buyers with higher-value pallets of goods for resale.

The loads are tested at AML for value and consistency. Previous AML customers will be the first to be offered the opportunity to purchase regular volumes, ranging from one-half truckload to multiple truckloads each month. Larger volumes attract higher discounts.

Source: AML

A new article about ecommerce automation tool eCommHub explores its unique supplier integration features.

eCommHub is integrated with thousands of suppliers, including manufacturers, wholesalers and drop shippers. Read more in eCommHub: the Final Piece in the Ecommerce Automation Jigsaw?

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Customer returns wholesaler GENCO Marketplace has sold more than $2.5 billion of liquidated stock in 2014.

"This is a huge milestone for GENCO Marketplace," said Laurie Barkman, CEO of GENCO Marketplace. "Secondary merchandise has been increasingly embraced by consumers in recent years. We are seeing more and more sold during the holidays as gifts. "

GENCO Marketplace partners with the largest retailers in the US to sell their returned products. Buyers include off-price retailers, online sellers, and flea market sellers.

Source: GENCO Marketplace

Retail returns wholesaler GENCO Marketplace has redesigned its site to improve search functionality and mobile device support.

"GENCO Marketplace has long been recognized as the leading wholesaler in our industry for truckload volumes," said Laurie Barkman, CEO of GENCO Marketplace. "In addition to specializing in full truckloads, we also supply independent retailers with options for smaller lot sizes, like cartons and pallets, for variety and value. The new provides our customers with an enhanced assortment of fixed price lots and auctions at compelling prices."

Website enhancements include:

  • Improved search functionality within manifests making it easier and faster to find products.
  • Support for mobile devices.
  • Auctions and fixed price lots.
  • Secure transactions via credit cards or wire transfer.
  • New inventory, packed as pallets or cartons, added daily.

"Over the years, I have changed how I shop," said Jason Carrick, owner of Xcess Limited, an independent retailer with three store locations. "I'm not a morning person. I prefer to do this work in the evenings when I have time to search what's available and examine the manifests of specific liquidation lots. The continued development of the GENCO Marketplace website has made sourcing a much easier process. I can do research on my own timetable and at my convenience."

GENCO are offering a 10 percent discount using promo code LAUNCH until the end of November.

Source: GENCO Marketplace

Online store platform provider Bigcommerce has announced a partnership with and next year will provide direct access to Alibaba services from within Bigcommerce.

In 2015 Bigcommerce will integrate's Wholesale Checkout marketplace, and the AliSourcePro sourcing service used to find suppliers of a specific product.

Source: Bigcommerce

UK stock sourcing site Wholesale Clearance has launched two new services to help retailers clear unwanted inventory.

The "Brokerage Sales" service allows stock to be sold on the Wholesale Clearance site free of charge. The buyer pays a commission on top of the listed price, and the seller dispatches the stock when it is purchased.

With the "Guaranteed Sales Service" Wholesale Clearance will arrange delivery of unwanted stock to their own warehouse, then list the items for sale on their own site. When the stock is sold the profit is split 60% to the seller and 40% to Wholesale Clearance.

Source: Tamebay

Returns wholesale marketplace is running a "grand opening sale" at its new Indianapolis warehouse on Saturday, October 4, 2014.

The auction will feature 400 to 500 lots from major retailers including Walmart, The Home Depot, Costco, Sam's Club and Target. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local charity.

BidOnFusion CEO Sebastian Baerend said, "We're thrilled to bring our auctions to Indianapolis. We have millions of customers across the country who participate in our online-only auctions, and the first live auction we held in Mesa, Arizona, was a huge success. This event is another great opportunity for online resellers, flea market vendors and anyone who has considered becoming an ecommerce seller on eBay and Amazon to build their inventories in anticipation of the upcoming holiday shopping season."

Bidders unable to travel to Indianapolis can participate online at and have items shipped anywhere in the Continental USA via UPS.

Inventory includes electronics, toys, apparel, home goods, books, tools, equipment and more from brand names such as Ozark Trail, Ryobi, Keurig, Husky, Ridgid, Dyson, Magic Chef, Honeywell, GE, Skullcandy and others. All auctions will be no reserve.

BidOnFusion opened its Indianapolis warehouse in September.

Source: BidOnFusion

Liquidated stock wholesaler GENCO Marketplace has partnered with online marketing tool supplier SnapRetail to provide discounted rates and enhanced support for SnapRetail to its customers.

GENCO customers will receive special software pricing, access to free educational resources and one-on-one consultations from SnapRetail.

GENCO Marketplace CEO Laurie Barkman said, "GENCO Marketplace believes retailers and online sellers need to be strong digital marketers to be successful in today's ever-changing landscape. We are partnering with SnapRetail to bring a leading marketing system to our customers."

Source: PR Newswire

Liquidation maketplace has opened a new warehouse in Indianapolis.

The new BidOnFusion warehouse will employ up to 20 people and will enable the company to better serve customers in the US Midwest and East Coast with lower shipping rates and faster delivery times, as well as easier access to sale preview days and pickup times.

BidOnFusion CEO Sebastian Baerend said, "We are thrilled to become a part of the Indianapolis community and establish a presence in this thriving market. We look forward to meeting our new Midwestern neighbors." is a marketplace for returns and excess inventory of large retailers including Sam's Club, Walmart Stores,, TigerDirect, Target, Costco, Inmar and The Home Depot.

Source: PRWeb

Wholesale marketplace's parent company has won another huge contract to sell surplus stock from the US Department of Defense.

The 24-month contract is to manage the receipt, storage, marketing and sale of all usable non-rolling stock surplus from military bases in the US and overseas territories. Liquidity Services will pay the DoD 4.35% of DoD's original acquisition value (OAV). The stock will be offered for sale through

"We are excited to build on our 14-year relationship with DLA and to continue this relationship to securely sell the majority of surplus assets generated by the DoD across the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam," said Bill Angrick, Chairman and CEO of Liquidity Services. "Our deep experience in processing and selling over 240 million surplus items for the DoD will enable us to continue to provide innovative solutions to our agency partner while enhancing value for these items by integrating our sales with the General Services Administration's official government sales portal which will add to our base of over 2.6 million buyers seeking surplus assets on our marketplace platform."

Source: Liquidity Services Inc

China import portal has launched iCredit, a business line of credit "buy now, pay later" program.

iCredit enables small businesses to receive shipments from Chinese suppliers and delay payment until after products are delivered.

"Our new financing program helps cash-flow challenged businesses to more easily source products from China and compete in global markets," said Xu Bo, Vice President of FIE, the company operating the program.

The maximum total that can be borrowed through iCredit is $750,000, for up to 90 days. Participating suppliers have passed a due diligence process, including factory and financial inspections.


Chinese sourcing marketplace and show organiser Global Sources has said its Spring China Sourcing Fairs will feature more than 6,800 suppliers.

The huge event, to be held in April in Hong Kong is a combination of eleven trade shows including Global Sources' first show dedicated to mobile and wireless suppliers.

The April 12-15 China Sourcing Fairs are Electronics & Components, Mobile & Wireless, Security Products, and the Korea Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components.

China Sourcing Fairs to be held April 27-30 are Gifts & Premiums, Home Products, Fashion Accessories, Garments & Textiles, Underwear & Swimwear, India Sourcing Fair: Garments & Accessories and the Korea Sourcing Fair: Gifts & Premiums.

Source: Global Sources parent company Liquidity Services has won a contract to purchase, manage and sell surplus assets of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Liquidity Services' bid was 4.35% of the DoD’s original purchase value. The contract has a term of two years with options to renew.

To date, Liquidity Services has sold over $4.4 billion of surplus, returned, and end-of-life stock in over 500 product categories, including consumer goods, capital assets, and industrial equipment.

Import duty calculation tool Duty Calculator has added support for a further ten countries, bringing its total coverage to 82 countries.

The new countries are Andorra, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, Monaco, San-Marino, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman and Qatar. Users can calculate import duty and taxes, lookup HS codes, and find import duty rates, taxes and restrictions.

* * * * *

Duty Calculator has also introduced calculation credits for infrequent users, at a price of $19.90 for 100 import duty and tax calculations.

Unlimited use is $49 per month, and the first 25 calculations are free.

Dropshipping platform Doba added 15 new suppliers to its marketplace in May 2013 - the most suppliers added in a month in the company's history.

"A lot of these new manufacturers are recognizing that there is tremendous potential in adding the drop shipping model to their distribution portfolio," said Brandon Delgrosso, President of Doba. "You have all of these small-to-medium-size retailers out there that individually might not move the needle a whole lot, but in the aggregate add a significant amount of sales volume."

Five new profiles have been added to the directory today:

  • The Wholesale Forums features several discussion forums and a marketplace for buyers and suppliers to search for and advertise goods and services.
  • The Genie & The Geek is an outsourcer who can fully manage their clients' businesses.
  • Auctonic allows users to create attractive multiple listings quickly, including picture hosting and free templates.
  • SumAll is a data analysis tool that allows users to compare data across different platforms, view sales, site visits and charges.
  • Remove the Background is an image editing service for online retailers which removes the background from product photographs.

Product sourcing site SaleHoo is rolling out a new site design.

The redesigned site is faster, has redesigned navigation, is optimized for mobile devices and has a refreshed wholesale directory.

SaleHoo will be gradually rolling out the new version to small groups of users.

Three new profiles have been added to the Web Retailer directory this week:

  • Duty Calculator is an online import duty and tax calculator covering 72 destination countries.
  • SaleHoo is an online wholesale directory and community for online traders, eBay sellers, and traditional retailers.
  • Actinic is a comprehensive system to build and manage online businesses.

Hosted webstore provider BigCommerce has a new integration with customer support tool Zendesk, and a new partnership with order management company Ordoro.

Zendesk is web-based customer helpdesk software. The integration provides Bigcommerce customer and order information on Zendesk service tickets, and easy navigation between the two systems.

Bigcommerce have also partnered with order management software provider Ordoro to create a new informational site about dropshipping - Bigcommerce clients can try Ordoro's dropshipping management tool for $9 per month for up to 25 orders., a popular marketplace for sourcing goods from China, has announced a proposal to privatize the company by buying back shares from minority shareholders.

The announcement says the proposal is driven by "...a shift in its business strategy [that] could result in slower revenue growth and less earnings visibility in the short- to medium-term." It goes on to explain the change from "rapidly increasing the number of manufacturers, trading companies and wholesalers that pay a subscription fee" to "improvements in the quality of the buyers' experience."

SixBit eCommerce Solution has a new feature called Drop Shipper Addon Module (DSAM).

The module is designed to make the process of drop shipping easier. Inventory can be recorded as available from drop shippers, and when a sale is made an email is automatically sent to the supplier. A new "Waiting on Drop Shipper" status helps find inventory, and record tracking numbers from drop shippers.

DSAM is available for an additional $19.99/month and requires a subscription to SixBit Small Business or Enterprise.

Two executives of product sourcing directory, including the CEO, have resigned over the revelation that 1% of the company's Gold suppliers were set up to defraud buyers.

An internal Alibaba investigation discovered that 1,219 of the company’s China Gold Supplier customers who signed up in 2009 and 1,107 China Gold Suppliers who signed up in 2010 engaged in fraud against buyers. This amounts to 1.1% and 0.8% of the total number of Gold Suppliers at the end of 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Alibaba found that the vast majority of these suppliers were set up to intentionally defraud global buyers, often by offering high-demand consumer electronics with low prices, a low minimum order quantity and less reliable payment transfer methods. The average claim value against these fraudulent suppliers was under US$1,200. The company also determined that 100 of their 5,000 sales people, along with supervisors and managers, were responsible for intentionally or negligently allowing the fraudsters to evade verification measures and systematically establish fraudulent storefronts on the international marketplace. Members of senior management were found not to be involved.

"One of our most important values is Integrity. That means integrity of our employees and integrity of our online marketplaces as trusted and safe places for our small business customers," said Mr. Jack Ma, non-executive Chairman of our Company. "We must send a strong message that it is unacceptable to compromise our culture and values. It saddens me to see talented people leave the Company, but [the executives resigning] are doing the honorable thing to accept full responsibility for this, and I want to thank them for their tireless service to the Company."

Following the acquisition of Auctiva by Alibaba, Auctiva customers can now enable product sourcing features in their account.

The sourcing functionality comes from Alibaba's AliExpress marketplace and can be enabled by following the instructions here.

Drop ship product sourcing company Doba has announced a new application for Facebook.

The application, called My Deals, allows users to place a virtual store containing products sourced through Doba onto their Facebook profile or fan page. Any of the one million products in the Doba catalog can be included in the storefront and shared with Facebook friends.

Brandon Delgrosso, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Doba, said, "We are excited at the additional opportunities for sales this application brings to our members. We are in business to help them succeed in online retail, and this gives them a powerful new tool to use."

There is a 14 day trial for Facebook users who want to try the application but aren't currently signed up to Doba.

Hienote, a directory of manufacturers and distributors who drop-ship, has dramatically cut their pricing from $29.95 per month to a $29.95 one-off fee.

Dropshipping aggregator Doba has a new integration with online shopping cart developer SplashCart.

The integration enables SplashCart customers to populate their online shopping carts with products from Doba's catalog of over a million wholesale products from 300 suppliers and manufacturers.

"Our goal is to automate the process of adding inventory to our partners' industry-leading shopping carts. Now online sellers can have their webstores populated with thousands of relevant products to sell in just a matter of hours," said Jared Sidwell, Vice President, Business Development for Doba. Currently there are 15 shopping cart providers that have achieved the status of Doba Certified Integrated Partner

Dropship sourcing site Shopster has introduced a new tool for quickly listing products in its catalog on eBay.

"Many of Shopster’s customers rely on eBay as a key sales channel, and the Shopster Listing Manager for eBay makes integrating the two systems much easier" says Sarath Samarasekera, Co-Founder and CEO, Shopster.

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