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Marketplace and inventory management tool plentymarkets now connects to the Shopify ecommerce platform.

The new Shopify plugin was developed in-house by plentymarkets and provides a wide range of features. It is available free of charge and fully supported by plentymarkets.

plentymarkets provides powerful multi-channel and omni-channel functions, centralised stock management and a network of service providers for all of your fulfilment and payment needs.

Source: plentymarkets

Marketplace management tool SellerExpress has added an integration with the popular BigCommerce storefront solution.

SellerExpress can automatically import Bigcommerce inventory data, including description and images, which can then be used in eBay listings. When orders have been received SellerExpress can automatically update remaining stock in Bigcommerce.

Three new profiles have been added to the Web Retailer directory this week:

  • Duty Calculator is an online import duty and tax calculator covering 72 destination countries.
  • SaleHoo is an online wholesale directory and community for online traders, eBay sellers, and traditional retailers.
  • Actinic is a comprehensive system to build and manage online businesses.

Storefont system BigCommerce has finished allocating $2 million to developers creating apps for the platform.

"We know that our clients want more than just a pretty online store," said Eddie Machaalani, co-CEO at Bigcommerce. "They want traffic, orders and repeat customers. The range of apps built as a result of our integration fund not only extend on our 25 built-in marketing tools, but make it even easier for our clients to drive a stampede of targeted traffic to their Bigcommerce stores."

Developers applied to receive funding for 577 applications, and 31 apps were awarded between $1,250 and $20,000. There are now 105 apps in the Bigcommerce app directory.

Marketplace management tool SellerExpress has added support for storefront solution ekmPowershop, reports Tamebay.

The integration is aimed at ekmPowershop users selling on their own website, who would like to use SellerExpress to expand their channels to marketplaces including eBay and Amazon.

eBay and Amazon inventory integration service ExportYourStore is offering to set up independent online stores for eBay sellers, fully integrated with their existing eBay store.

ExportYourStore set up stores using Shopify or MagentoGo, and promise fair pricing along with a satisfaction guarantee. More information.

Dropshipping company Shopster has released a new hosted eCommerce solution, called Shopster PowerMerchant.

PowerMerchant combines an onine storefront with Shopster's network of merchants. The storefronts are fully customizable, search engine friendly, and provide access to over one million products which can be sold alongside a retailers' own products.

Sarath Samarasekera, Shopster CEO and co-founder, said "PowerMerchant is more than just the start of an e-Commerce revolution, it changes the way we think about buying and selling everywhere. The hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies in retailing prove that the old way of doing business is broken. Great is no longer good enough. Success in the new economy requires a new way of thinking about selling, and it’s all about connecting."

PowerMerchant has a 14-day free trial, then costs $69.95 per month plus a 1.5% transaction fee.

Storefront solution Auctiva Commerce will continue to be free through to 31 May 2009, and begin charging on 1 June.

Sellers who sign up before 30 June 2009 will pay a special rate of $9.95 per month for the lifetime of their account.

New Auctiva Commerce features include Google Base feeds, and support for your own domain name.

Auction management company inkFrog has acquired online store builder service is a free service with optional paid upgrades. Features include support for Google Checkout and Paypal, product feeds to Google Base, unlimited products and categories, and extensive support for page customization.

InkFrog acquired troubled competitor SpareDollar in March 2006.

ProStores has made some changes to the ProStores Developer Network that make it easier for developers to start coding and gain exposure among ProStores merchants.

Developers can now:

  • Get immediate access to the Software Development Kit
  • Access the newly developed Developer Forum
  • Get more visibility through the ProStores Solutions Directory

Version 8.2 of eBay's storefront solution ProStores adds support for Sitemaps to its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools.

The Sitemap Generation Tool indexes your store, improving visibility in search engines like Yahoo! and Google.

eBay have added a number of benefits for Premium and Anchor eBay Store holders. There are no new benefits for Basic Store holders

Premium and Anchor Store subscribers will now receive:

  • Free eBay Marketplace Research.
  • A larger Email Marketing allotment of 7,500 emails per month for Premium subscribers, and 10,000 emails per month for Anchor subscribers.
  • Dedicated 24/7 phone customer support.
  • 40% off the Anchor Store price - down from $499.95 to $299.95 a month

Premium is the new name for Featured eBay Stores.

eCommerce software company Truition has integrated FAST ImPulse search technology with its storefront platform, increasing vendors conversion rates by up to 30 percent.

Truition's On Demand platform now features site search and guided navigation powered by FAST ImPulse, an eCommerce search solution which can insert relevant products based on the user's behavior, apply intelligent context such as geographic location, and provide a customized search experience.

eBay announced a number of changes for eBay Stores customers at eBay Live!

Highlights include adding eBay Stores to the site header (the links at the top of eBay pages), more tools and resources for Featured and Anchor subscribers, a new eBay Stores To Go tool, a new eBay Stores Design Center, and new educational resources. The Featured level is to be renamed Premium and the Anchor Store subscription fee will be cut by 40% to $299.95 a month.

The latest release of eBay's storefront solution ProStores includes a number of enhancements that make it easier for merchants to create, manage and display attributes, and enables merchants to send partial shipments where part of the order is backordered.

RainWorx Software has released version 5.0 of their popular run-your-own-auction website package rwAuction Pro. New functionality includes an e-procurement sales model and increased administration functionality. There are also two new sale formats: Reverse Auctions and Request For Quotes, which turn a traditional auction site into a procurement solution.

Multi-channel e-commerce software solutions provider Marketworks has launched a new offering called Premium Web Stores, providing customers with their own Web store and access to the largest marketplaces and shopping comparison sites.

Historically, Marketworks has been a solution for eBay sellers with web stores as a peripheral service to provide a web presence outside of eBay, and encourage up-selling when buyers pass through the checkout. As eBay fees have increased and sellers' businesses matured, independent storefronts have become a significant source of sales, but the offerings from auction management companies have lagged behind dedicated e-commerce solutions in features and sophistication.

Rather than build on their own stores solution, Marketworks partnered with AspDotNetStorefront, a developer of Web storefront technology, to build the new Premium Web Store offering. The AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart is currently used by over 5,000 businesses and 3,500 developers. “Partnering with MarketWorks will enable us to increase our reach dramatically,” said AspDotNetStorefront CEO Robert Anderson. “We’re very proud of our product, and are thrilled to be associated with Marketworks’ strong brand and proven market leading services.”

eBay has announced a new and improved user interface in version 8.0 of their web storefront offering ProStores. They have also completely redesigned the Store Design manager, giving access to all design settings and tools from one central location. ProStores is offered at a 30% discount to eBay Stores subscribers.

eBay's web storefront solution ProStores is offering a 30% discount to eBay Stores subscribers.

ProStores is running a series of web-based seminars - open to non-customers - on aspects of using ProStores including shipping setup, bulk catalog upload, and payment processing. More info.

New price plans have been introduced for osCommerce storefront extension Auction For Store. The Standard Edition offers eBay listing and order download for a $300 one-time fee or $29.99 per month; the Professional Edition adds conversion of eBay sales to osCommerce orders for a $500 one-time fee or $49.99 per month; and the Corporate Edition adds an eBay-integrated Checkout for a $300 one-time fee plus $49.99 per month.

Auction management provider Vendio Services has made a number of improvements to their web storefront product Vendio Stores. Store pages now use the whole browser width; can include custom listing text for selling policies; support an unlimited number of images; and display fixed and calculated shipping options (for users of Sales Manager Inventory Edition).

A new version of eBay's off-site storefront ProStores has been released. ProStores 7.1 features one-click integration with PayPal Website Payments Pro, streamlined checkout integration with eBay, and at-a-glance store stats. PayPal Website Payments Pro allows merchants to add credit card payment processing to their ProStores web store.

Version 1.5 of the osCommerce storefront extension Auction For Store has been released. Listing templates, email templates, and automatic emails have been added, and feedback features are more powerful.

Andale has launched Andale Shops, an ecommerce platform for sellers in the United Kingdom. Shops allows sellers to build and manage their own storefront using pre-designed templates. Andale Shops requires Andale Lister, Images and Checkout, and is free until September 2006.

Auction management solution Zoovy has improved email support. Emails are now customized using templates, and it is now possible to create a different set of email templates for each store profile.

Zoovy has also added integrated domain registration and a Domain Manager, for transferring existing domains to Zoovy. Sub domains are supported so speciality sites can be created under the main store domain.

Storefront provider Make-a-Store (MAS) has announced full integration of Google Checkout into their MAS Heavy Metal E-Commerce Platform. Coupons and gift certificates created in Make-a-Store can be accepted by Google Checkout, and order status is synchronized, so changes made in Google Checkout are reflected in MAS, and vice versa.

eBay's ProStores has launched their own developer's program, called the ProStores Developer Network. More info.

Shipping software ShipWorks now works with ProStores. ProStores order data is automatically sent to ShipWorks to process shipment, and use Endicia and for postage services.

eBay has released an updated version of ProStores, their off-eBay ecommerce solution. Highlights include easier setup and design, expanded eBay Store integration, unlimited eBay listing templates, and more buyer shipping options. Auctions is planning to introduce its own auction seller storefronts, equivalent to eBay's established Stores offering. Overstock's fixed-price storefronts will allow sellers to create their own stores and embed them inside Auctions. Overstock plans to launch the product’s beta version in early summer 2006, with full customer availability scheduled for late summer or early fall 2006.

eBay-owned eCommerce solution ProStores is currently offering a 1-month free trial of ProStores; 2-months free of QuickBooks Merchant Services; and a free copy of the Simple Start Edition of QuickBooks to sellers who open a ProStores Web Store and sign up for QuickBooks Merchant Services before April 21, 2006.

eBay is launching a new feature within the next few weeks which enables Stores sellers to create up to 300 custom categories with up to three levels of categories and sub-categories.

A new feature will allow sellers to include most of their category navigation in the Store header section, and item descriptions. This feature, known as the "Custom Listing Frame" will help sellers enclose listings within content and branding from their Store.

eBay-owned eCommerce service ProStores is now at version 6.1. The new release includes more help getting started; an easy-to-use "Design Your Store" wizard; an extension for the leading HTML authoring package Dreamweaver; and improved eBay integration. Prostores has a one-month free trial, currently extended to two months on selected packages.

In the next few weeks, eBay Stores listings will display at the end of any eBay search on and on eBay Motors. Store sellers will see increased exposure for their Store Inventory items, and buyers will see more qualified listings when they search. Previously, eBay Stores items only appeared when there were zero (or very few) matching normal Auction and Fixed Price listings.

eBay Stores sellers are now able to set up a RSS "feed" that will make available a regularly updated summary of their recently-listed Store items to people who subscribe to it. RSS feeds can be viewed using readers or aggregators such as Pluck.

RSS functionality is currently available using third-party services such as MarketGizmos and Mighty Ticker.

eBay's eCommerce service ProStores has had its first update since launch in June this year.

The improvements apply to all four tiers of ProStores, and include increased integration with eBay, search engine optimization tools, enhanced inventory management capabilities, and expanded shopping-cart options. Every ProStores site will be upgraded automatically, without charge when version 6.0 is released starting October 10.

The StoreFront shopping cart software, which has an online auction module called StoreFront Sales Accelerator for eBay, is available with a new "Optimum Choice" pricing model. This includes Utility Licensing, where merchants pay on a “per transaction” basis, in addition to Perpetual and Subscription Licensing options.

eBay has launched a handy chart to compare standard eBay selling, eBay Stores, and ProStores.

eBay is introducing a number of improvements to eBay Stores over the next few weeks. Subscribers will be able to edit in bulk, easily change the format of listings, and use a new "format" column to keep track of listing formats.

eBay has launched a web storefront solution which allows sellers to create a customized e-commerce storefront independent of the eBay marketplace. The ProStores service integrates with existing eBay Stores, allowing sellers to manage listings and inventory for both stores. ProStores offers four tiers of e-commerce packages, starting at $6.95 per month with final value fees ranging from 0.5% to 1.5%. New subscribers will receive a one-month free trial and no transaction fees until 2006 if they sign up by October 3, 2005.

ProStores is the result of eBay's acquisition earlier this year of Kurant Corporation's technology assets, including its e-commerce software.

eBay Stores sellers can now see personalized recommendations and tips on how to use Store features from the Manage My Store Summary Page. Store sellers will also be able to view a list of all the features available to them by clicking on “Feature List” on the Manage My Store page.

eBay Stores is rolling out several new enhancements this week: the new "red door" logo replaces the "red tag"; email marketing has been made more visible to buyers and easier for sellers to use; and cross-border stores exposure has begun with Canadian Stores appearing on’s search pages and US Stores getting added exposure on

The second part of "Storefront Services: A Guide for eBay Sellers" has been published by AuctionBytes, and covers ChannelAdvisor, AuctionBlox, and Truition.

A new article by The Auction Software Review's Andy Geldman has been published by AuctionBytes - Storefront Services: A Guide for eBay Sellers (Part 1)

eBay Sellers with a Basic Store subscription now receive Selling Manager for free. Selling Manager is normally $4.99 per month and is eBay's online sales management tool.

Auction management solution provider Vendio has introduced "Vendio Web Hosting", a service which can be used to create custom-built storefronts as well as static web sites. The company is developing technology to integrate hosted sites with its Sales Manager product, and to build features which allow site creation without detailed HTML knowledge.

Truition has made an alliance with Hotel Booking Solutions to create a solution that will allow hotel operators to auction unbooked rooms on eBay and Amazon as well as their own auction sites.

Easy AuctionTools, the desktop auction manager, can now list eBay Store auctions with duration of 30, 60, 120 days or 'GTC' (Good Till Cancelled). eBay charges a listing fee every 30 days for GTC auctions.

WebAssist have developed an add-on for Macromedia's Contribute 3 content management software.

The extension can create custom eBay Store designs by choosing from over 800 layout combinations. Publishing to eBay is a one-click operation and the results can be viewed immediately. WA eBay StoreBuilder also includes an eBay Stores Page Manager to modify pages and arrange them in the navigation. Contribute 3 costs $149 and the WebAssist extension is a free download.

eBay listing and web store service Make-a-Store eBay Account Manager now fully supports Item Specifics and eBay Motors, and also has a new feature called "2nd Chance Watchdog" which automates the eBay second-chance offer.

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