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Internet marketing agency Cloud Seller Pro is now listed as a Google Premier Partner.

Premier Partners must be successful and have a high level of knowledge throughout their teams, which Cloud Seller Pro has proven. Their portfolio of customers, spend managed, and performance with that spend were all taken into consideration before the new status was awarded.

Only a small fraction of Google Partners receive Premier Partner status. Premier Partners are eligible for a greater level of support than any other Google Partner, working directly with dedicated account Managers at Google. They also qualify to attend the Annual Partners Summit, where successful businesses come together to share knowledge and exchange ideas.

The recognition comes shortly after Cloud Seller Pro prepares to unveil their proprietary, algorithm-driven service for clients selling through Google Shopping, Amazon Marketing, and other digital advertising services.

"We are pleased to have Cloud Seller Pro on board as a Google Partner," said Adrian Blockus, Head of Channel Sales for Google in the UK and Ireland. "Cloud Seller Pro has demonstrated the product knowledge, technical expertise, and drive to help their customers build online success through Google Ads."

Developed in-house, Cloud Seller Pro's new system offers ongoing optimisation. Their proprietary algorithm's performance will improve steadily as sales provide new data for increased cost efficiency.

Simon Blackburn, Head of Operations at Cloud Seller Pro, said "We pride ourselves on our customer focus. Our success depends entirely on our customers succeeding, and our Premier Partner status gives us another advantage when it comes to creating that success."

Source: Cloud Seller Pro

Amazon seller software suite ManageByStats is releasing new keyword analysis tools.

The new tools, available to all ManageByStats users, are:

  • Keyword Scout, a reverse ASIN tool, where you can find what keywords a best selling product is ranking for.
  • Distiller, which helps sellers to narrow down a list of keywords.
  • Wordsmith, which helps sellers add keywords from Keyword Scout or Distiller into listings so they are optimized for the best search results on Amazon.

Source: ManageByStats

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has released a new update to its system.

The update includes:

  • Amazon VAT Calculation Service compatibility
  • Pick in Reverse Option to help prevent pickers obstructing each other's work
  • WooCommerce update so sellers can now send tracking numbers to their customers when their order is despatched.

Source: StoreFeeder

All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has released an advanced email marketing software for eBay sellers.

Now, eBay sellers have an opportunity to use a fully-capable email marketing campaigns with options to create sending rules, cross-promote specific items by category, by keywords, from the purchased item category and more.

The new features allow a variety of triggers, automated message translation to buyer's native language and blacklisting.

Source: 3Dsellers

Marketplace repricing tool has added new options for customers with listings where the Amazon Buy Box is suppressed.

The new options are:

  • Compete with the lowest featured merchant
  • Go to your min price or max price
  • Or simply not reprice at all


Payment acceleration service Payability has introduced Instant Transfer so Payability Instant Access customers can transfer funds to their bank accounts in seconds.

Instant Transfer works using the debit card rails to transfer funds from your Payability Available Balance to your bank account within seconds, any time of the day, any day of the year – even on holidays and weekends.

  • $9,999 maximum amount per Instant Transfer
  • $25 minimum amount per Instant Transfer
  • Additional fee of 1% of the transfer amount or minimum fee of $5
  • Unlimited Instant Transfers per day
  • Transfer to your bank account 24/7/365

With Instant Access, Payability's automated system purchases and advances your sales each day and makes them available in your bank account within seconds – 7 days a week. Instant Transfer gives sellers a great way to access those funds on the weekends and outside of banking hours.

Source: Payability

A new version of multichannel management tool Sellbrite acts as an extension of a merchant's Shopify store.

Sellbrite for Shopify allows existing Shopify operations to continue uninterrupted and provides easy, affordable access to new marketplace channels and sales.

Shopify merchants who install the Sellbrite app are prompted to add their marketplace selling accounts. After adding their accounts, they'll see their Shopify products appear in the Sellbrite product catalog. From the Sellbrite product catalog, products can be easily listed to the marketplaces.

Existing marketplace listings will also be imported to Sellbrite once the marketplace selling accounts are added. These existing listings can be linked to the Sellbrite product catalog for automated inventory and order syncing between Shopify and the marketplaces.

Once products are listed to the marketplaces, any changes within Shopify to product details like titles, descriptions, images, etc., will pass automatically through Sellbrite and out to the marketplaces.

Source: Sellbrite

Amazon listing monitoring system AMZAlert has brought back a feature which automatically sends cease and desist letters.

The feature just needs to be set up, then cease and desist notices will be sent automatically. A typical scenario for private label sellers and direct-to-consumer brands, is if an unauthorized seller comes onto your listing. Sellers with authorized distributors can whitelist sellers to prevent them being sent unnecessary warnings.

The automated cease and desist notices use attorney-approved language, and have a high average success rate.

Source: AMZAlert

Multichannel ecommerce tool Ecomdash has been updated with a number of new features.

The new features include:

  • Improved user interface with better filtering and easier viewing of kits and bundles
  • Support for Walmart 2-day shipping
  • Integration with Deliverr's fulfillment service
  • Improved listing functionality, giving more detailed errors for products which failed to list

Source: Ecomdash

British ecommerce ERP Khaos Control Cloud has introduced a long-awaited SCS module.

SCS means multiple product variations can be inputted into the system. For example, users can add different colours and sizes of t-shirts, without having to create a separate stock item for each variation. Variants are all held under one parent item.

SCS profiles can also be copied, instead of having to create all new child products each time an SCS item is added.

The latest Khaos Control Cloud release also includes:

  • A section for adding delivery surcharges to stock items
  • The ability to edit courier information
  • Redesigned stock list report to make it easier to bulk update product data

Source: Khaos Control Cloud

Marketplace management tool Expandly has a new update with improvements to Xero integration, multi-channel FBA support, report generation and sales tax handling.

The following updates are now live:

  • Importing sales orders into different bank accounts in Xero, depending on the payment method
  • Sending orders from shopping carts, Etsy, Wish and eBay to Amazon FBA for fulfillment (MCF)
  • Grouping picklists by customer instead of product
  • Report builder has a cleaner interface, allowing columns to be added and removed, and existing reports to be edited
  • Assigning sales tax rates to products so Xero correctly reconciles Amazon and eBay sales

Source: Expandly

Multichannel ecommerce platform ChannelAdvisor has released features including a new pricing console and an improved demand forecasting module.

The Amazon Pricing Console provides ASIN-level data, Amazon repricing tools and calculators, in one streamlined location. Users can report on performance, see competitor information, adjust minimums and maximums, and change repricer rules.

Velocity Repricing adjusts prices automatically based on goals, such as improving profit margin or increasing unit sales. This eliminates the need to manually monitor inventory levels, performance metrics and sales velocity data. Velocity Repricing helps reduce spending on storage fees for underperforming products, and earn more on top-performing SKUs.

Demand Forecaster Premium provides additional insights to prevent overstocking and under-selling, by predicting the inventory needed to meet upcoming demand. In addition to per-product estimates of stock needed for the next 30, 60 or 90 days, Premium also shows forecasts by channel, category and fulfillment type.

ChannelAdvisor's improved Shipping Management Suite has full API support and over 20 specialty features. Advanced automation helps ensure each order is sent using the fastest, most cost-effective shipping option available. Orders can be split, formatted and routed based on shipping fees, speed and other variables.

ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Services keep connections to distributors and third-party logistics providers up-to-date at all times. Even if a distribution partner's technology changes, orders will continue to go through. Orders can be automatically routed to the most cost-efficient distributor, by comparing prices across suppliers.

Finally, Nielsen Product Availability has been added for manufacturing brands, to ChannelAdvisor's Where to Buy Local solution. This ensures consumers will always see the most up-to-date information on in-store retail stock.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Multi-channel ecommerce solution Cloud Commerce Pro has released two new cart integrations, improved barcode scanning and new picking reports.

Cloud Commerce Pro now has a full integration with EKM, a UK-based ecommerce platform. EKM users can incorporate Cloud Commerce Pro's automated inventory management, auto-purchasing, and other services designed to streamline ecommerce order management including automated courier booking.

Visualsoft customers can also now use Cloud Commerce Pro to process orders, synchronise inventory across their Visualsoft store and other sales channels (including EPOS and telephone ordering), set rules to automatically book couriers, and more.

Cloud Commerce Pro has a new "Zero Stock Orders" option, allowing merchants to take orders without having inventory in stock. This is useful when manufacturing to order, and also for telephone and wholesale ordering when stock has run out.

Cloud Commerce Pro has an improved barcode scanning system, designed for modern Android devices including the TC25 Zebra. This system allows inventory settings to update in real time as stock is picked or booked in. There's no risk of the database not updating because the scanner wasn't correctly returned to its cradle and synched.

Finally, the new Picking Report allows customers using barcode picking to see exactly how productive each user is, monitoring how fast they pick, how accurate they are, and more.

Source: Cloud Commerce Pro

Amazon seller software company Feedvisor has appointed Dani Nadel as its first President and Chief Operating Officer.

With more than 20 years of experience in digital strategy, data-driven marketing, and organizational leadership, Nadel is leading Feedvisor to chart the company's path forward as the end-to-end, "AI-first" optimization and intelligence platform for major brands, retailers, and private labels on Amazon. Nadel oversees Feedvisor's business operations and go-to-market teams, ensuring cross-departmental focus and alignment to deliver on the greater company vision.

"Today's consumers are turning to Amazon not only to buy new products, but as a resource to compare prices, research product reviews, and find deals on the brand names they are loyal to. The pace of Amazon's growth will only continue to gain momentum, so now is the time for brands and retailers to place the platform at the center of their e-commerce strategies," said Nadel. "I am excited to help today's biggest brands leverage AI-powered technology, data-driven intelligence, and hands-on expertise to build their customer base and succeed on Amazon. When brands are armed with comprehensive data and actionable insights, they can make the most impactful business decisions possible and differentiate themselves in truly meaningful ways."

Nadel played a pivotal role in building and launching the most dramatic expansion of the company's platform to date, combining its best-in-class algorithmic repricer with new advertising and brand optimization capabilities. In addition to her role at Feedvisor, Nadel is currently an adjunct professor of Marketing at NYU's Stern School of Business. Her innovative curriculum focuses on principles, tools, and techniques in digital marketing and explores how to create value in today's hyper-competitive environment.

"As Amazon continues to evolve and become increasingly complex, brands and retailers can no longer afford to wait to implement a strong strategy for growing their business on the platform," said Victor Rosenman, CEO, Feedvisor. "Dani's depth of experience, innovation, and thought leadership in building and solidifying retailers and brands in the digital ecosystem will give our customers the opportunity to leverage Amazon's success for their own."

Source: GlobeNewswire

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has released its full integration with the British marketplace OnBuy.

StoreFeeder has had an OnBuy integration for a few months, but it only covered order processing. The updated OnBuy integration includes inventory management and listing to OnBuy, as long as the products are in the OnBuy catalogue.

Other updates in the latest release include:

  • Refunding eBay orders through PayPal from within the system
  • Editing pending inventory transfers
  • Improvements to the barcode despatch function
  • Shopify Listings can be "Unpublished" rather than just set to out of stock when inventory reaches zero

Source: StoreFeeder

UK multichannel ecommerce system Khaos Control Cloud has a new feature enabling users to create custom tags for data including customers, products and messages.

The new feature allows users to create their own colour-coded tags custom tags. Some examples of usage include:

  • Tagging customers as gold, silver or bronze depending on their lifetime spend
  • Tagging products which require customisation or other additional attention
  • Tagging messages in the CRM system to highlight important issues

The latest release also improves the System Health Checks feature, creating additional health rating statuses and checking for purchase invoices which have been un-posted for over 6 weeks.

Source: Khaos Control Cloud

Marketplace management tool Expandly has an improved design and a new shipping integration with easypost.

The Expandly re-design includes:

  • Speed improvements
  • A more intuitive interface
  • Easier navigation
  • New rapid set-up process

The new set-up process allows merchants to quickly integrate sales channels (including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and shopping carts), shipping carriers and accounting software (including Xero), and get listing.

An easy listing function helps sellers create listings in Expandly and push them to multiple sales channels at the click of a button, without logging into individual sales channels or using other systems. Other functions include inventory management, order processing, batch shipping label printing, invoicing and reporting.

Expandly has also increased the number of shipping carriers available to over 100. A new partnership with easypost means sellers can create an easypost account and print shipping labels directly from Expandly's multichannel-management system, for free.

Finally, Expandly has also released new and improved user guides, including:

  • How to sell on Amazon and eBay
  • How to list a product on multiple sales channels
  • How to manage inventory over multiple sales channels
  • How to send eCommerce sales orders to Xero

Source: Expandly

Amazon seller software suite ManageByStats has released a major update to its interface design.

The new GUI is available to all users, who can choose to use the existing interface or switch to the new option.

"A few weeks ago we announced this was coming," said ManageByStats CEO, Philip Jepsen. "It's part of an overall series of upgrades and enhancements, to both the main software suite and the public-facing web site. There's one more theme option coming for the main platform, and we'll then be done with this phase. We're very excited to make this live."

ManageByStats has been engaged in a series of upgrades to the user experience. Over the last six months the company has rolled out multiple new tools, as well as upgrades to existing tools, and has recently turned their attention to the overall look and feel. This has been their focus of late, and many of those efforts are now live or coming live soon. The upgrades to the user interface were a key part of this initiative, and are now complete.

"ManageByStats has expanded rapidly," said Jepsen, "in both our user-base and our feature set. We felt it was time to take a look at how our users interact with the tools, and make the experience easier and more intuitive. Other initiatives, such as more wizards and simplified menus, are also coming, so stay tuned."

Source: Digital Journal

Amazon seller software company Feedvisor has added new advertising and brand management features to its platform.

"Price competition used to be the primary concern of those selling on Amazon, which is why we created our industry-leading repricing solution," said Victor Rosenman, CEO, Feedvisor. "Since then, Amazon, its pricing mechanisms, and the challenges facing its 1P and 3P sellers have become increasingly more complicated. To tackle this growing complexity, we built a comprehensive optimization and intelligence engine for pricing, advertising, and brand management that empowers large sellers — and now major brands, retailers, and private labels — with the data-driven actions and insights necessary to grow their Amazon businesses profitably in the face of stiff competition."

Feedvisor has aligned these expanded capabilities to meet the needs of brands, who require robust advertising and brand optimization strategies to achieve growth. One of the biggest opportunities for brands to make an impact on Amazon stems from the company's growing focus on advertising. In 2018, Amazon solidified its place as the No. 3 digital ad seller in the United States, with its revenue doubling from 2017. By 2021, the e-commerce leader's advertising revenue is projected to surpass its cloud computing business, AWS.

Feedvisor's new advertising and brand optimization platform enables brands, who have historically been hesitant to sell on Amazon, to connect with millions of loyal Amazon customers by automating processes and simultaneously increasing ROI. Clients have seen a 35 percent increase in impressions, with additional results showing a 42 percent increase in click-through rate and a 46 percent decrease in advertising cost of sales (ACoS) since implementing Feedvisor's advertising and brand optimization technology.

Source: GlobeNewswire

Multichannel ecommerce system Sellware has completed an enterprise-level NetSuite to WooCommerce integration.

The integration connects more than a dozen different marketplaces and multi-platform ecommerce sites. Sellware is able to seamlessly connect global sales channels consisting of NetSuite, Magento 1.x, Magento 2, Amazon (FBA / Merchant Fiiled) and variety of WooCommerce platforms.

Orders are routed back to NetSuite in the native orders' currency, adjusting for the originating site's tax and VAT considerations, and routed back to NetSuite with mappings to the proper NetSuite subsidiary and customer account.

Source: Sellware

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has added support for Amazon Business, alongside other improvements in its latest release.

Amazon Business is a new marketplace for B2B products that serves the procurement needs of businesses of every size.

StoreFeeder now supports:

  • Setting business prices against listings, increasing the chance of business sales.
  • Creating quantity discounts for businesses, as a percentage or fixed amount.
  • Enabling Amazon Business for a selling account, and activating Amazon's VAT calculation service.

Orders that come from business customers are tagged so they can be distinguished from standard orders, and filtered in the order list.

Amazon Business is available in StoreFeeder for Amazon UK, DE and FR.

Other enhancements in the latest StoreFeeder update include:

  • DPD labels can now be printed when using Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.
  • New area for adding customs data for products, so StoreFeeder can send electronic customs data.
  • Changes to exchange rates so customers can set their own rate to be used.
  • Improved functionality to pre-despatch.
  • Improvements to suggested stock transfers.
  • Improvements to the StoreFeeder App including next pick location and improved search functionality.

Source: StoreFeeder for Amazon Business and latest release

Marketplace management tool Expandly can now be accessed through Amazon's appstore in Seller Central.

The Marketplace Appstore is a one-stop-shop where small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon can discover quality applications to help them automate, manage and grow their business. It features applications created by Amazon and external developers and covers a range of functionalities across the selling lifecycle.

Alan Wilson, CEO of Expandly, said: "This is great news for online sellers who want an easy and affordable way to sell across multiple sales channels. Businesses that sell on Amazon can integrate their other online marketplaces, shopping cart, shipping carrier and accounting software – ultimately leading to more time, exposure, customers and, most importantly, sales".

Expandly completed a £580,000 funding round this October, led by Mercia Fund Managers.

Source: Expandly

Multichannel management tool Sellbrite now has its own marketplace where users can find compatible apps.

The Sellbrite App Store showcases apps and integrations built by Sellbrite and partners, that increase productivity and extend the functionality of Sellbrite.

Sellbrite users can access the App Store within their account in the Settings section.

Source: Sellbrite

British ecommerce ERP Khaos Control Cloud has integrated with UK shipping consolidator Despatch Bay.

The Despatch Bay integration means Khaos Control Cloud users can create shipping labels during the despatch process without re-keying. All order data is updated within both Khaos Control Cloud and Despatch Bay at the same time.

Other key features in October's update include:

  • Returns analysis report showing return reasons, order value and other key data
  • Ad hoc SQL reports screen to run custom reports
  • System health checks, highlighting issues such as such as stuck invoices and orders
  • Invoice margin reporting tool to show profit for each individual order

Source: Khaos Control Cloud

UK multichannel ecommerce system Khaos Control Cloud has added support for the EKM shopping cart in its latest release.

Other updates in the September release include:

  • New email document types for specific customers and suppliers
  • New context-sensitive videos, guides and how-to help
  • UI changes to improve navigation
  • Clearer payment types in sales orders, especially pre-payments
  • New integration with EKM, the UK ecommerce platform
  • New option to download payments from Xero into Khaos Control Cloud

Source: Khaos Control Cloud

Shipping software ShipWorks has hired St. Louis executive Dominic Lozano as the company's new General Manager.

Lozano will lead the execution of ShipWorks' growth strategy, building out the organization to support it, while overseeing all operations.

"Fifteen years ago, ShipWorks invented e-commerce shipping, and the company keeps trailblazing its way through innovation, technical expertise, and endless support for large e-commerce merchants," said Lozano. "It's longstanding leadership position, forward thinking direction, and talented people were three of the many reasons I wanted to join ShipWorks. As a native of St. Louis who is partial to start-ups, I've watched ShipWorks build its brand, customer base, and app over many years. I feel very fortunate to be joining and leading a local success story with tremendous growth opportunities ahead."

Prior to ShipWorks, Lozano was Senior Vice President of Network & Infrastructure at St. Louis-based Contegix, a leading cloud application services provider. At Contegix, Lozano was responsible for strategically analyzing all aspects of the business for opportunities that aided in product, process, and organizational growth for the company, which has nearly 270 employees and annual revenues in excess of $60 million.

During his stint at Contegix, Lozano was named to the 2018 St. Louis Business Journal's 40 Under 40, the publication's popular list of local movers and shakers under the age of 40. This year, there were more than 500 nominees seeking a selection. Before Contegix, Lozano was Director of Operations at Nimbus EMR, a St. Louis start-up that develops innovative long-term-care EMR software.

The Lozano family's success in business is well known in the St. Louis community. Father, Bob Lozano, co-founded several companies, including Paylinx, a payment processing software company, and brother, Gabe, is co-founder and CEO of LockerDome, a native ad and publishing platform that powers content for thousands of brands and media companies.

Source: Business Wire

Sellery, Profit Bandit and SellerEngine Plus are now all available on Amazon's Marketplace Appstore

SellerEngine is also a member of the Marketplace Developer Council, a group of experienced solution providers who share valuable insights and feedback on existing and prospective tools and programs to shape the roadmap and priorities for Marketplace Web Service APIs and associated tools.

  • Sellery is an Amazon real-time repricing tool. It allows hundreds of unique price combinations, to adapt to market conditions and personalize pricing strategies.
  • Profit Bandit is a mobile research tool for businesses that sell on Amazon. Profit Bandit can scan any barcode and determine if an item is profitable for resale on Amazon.
  • SellerEngine Plus helps sellers grow their Amazon business. Features include easy product entry, FBA shipment and listings management, automatic repricing, inventory dashboard, pick list and mailing label printing and more.

The Marketplace Appstore is a new part of Seller Central, available in North America, where businesses that sell on Amazon can discover applications to help them automate, manage and grow their businesses.

Source: SellerEngine

Marketplace management tool SureDone has added EDI integration with enterprise accounting software such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

"Brands and manufacturers are seeking enterprise e-commerce platforms that support EDI in order to integrate with their existing business processes," said Chris Labatt-Simon, Executive Vice President at SureDone. "We've added this functionality to allow these companies to have an easier time extending their sales and fulfillment channels to include marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and"

SureDone has directly integrated EDI functionality into its advanced automation engine. Product listing, inventory updates, orders and shipment tracking exchanges are currently supported, and leveraging a direct integration into the SureDone platform, as opposed to using a third party solution, has allowed SureDone to build a templating function into its EDI interface to support almost any kind of EDI form and format - including non-standard forms when necessary. This flexibility puts SureDone at the leading edge of the enterprise multichannel e-commerce marketspace.

"SureDone has always prided itself as being one of the most advanced enterprise listing and order management platforms on the market," said Jason Nadaf, SureDone CEO and Founder. "With the addition of our native EDI functionality we demonstrate that we don't just say we're an enterprise platform - we have the functionality to prove it."

Source: PR Newswire

Amazon seller analytics provider ManageByStats has joined Amazon's new software developer program.

ManageByStats was invited to and has joined the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council. As a member of the Council, ManageByStats will provide helpful information to Amazon, which ultimately may be used to further and improve Amazon's services and offerings for sellers and developers.

"We've been an MWS developer for several years," Philip reported. "Providing a variety of tools to assist businesses that sell on Amazon. Being part of the Council will, we hope, give us a chance to impart some of the many things we've learned in that time, along with our most recent insights. The idea is that this input will assist Amazon in developing tools and services."

Through the Marketplace Developer Council, members share valuable insights and feedback on existing and prospective tools and programs to influence and shape the road map and priorities for Marketplace Web Service APIs and associated tools.

Source: ManageByStats

Third-party logistics company Rakuten Super Logistics has deployed inVia Picker robots within its Nevada fulfillment center.

Using the inVia Picker robots and cloud-based Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) management system, the company expects to increase its ecommerce fulfillment and warehouse productivity by more than 300 percent as the solution scales with data collection and optimization.

"For RSL and our broad array of clients, inVia Robotics presents an exciting opportunity to scale demand, manage costs and improve inventory accuracy utilizing a RaaS model," explains Michael Manzione, RSL's Chief Executive Officer. "Our partnership with inVia is indicative of our company's commitment to providing clients with state-of-the-art technology designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs."

inVia Robotics supports ecommerce companies in improving fulfillment and streamlining supply chain processes among growing demand and competition in the space. inVia's goods-to-person-fulfillment, a subscription-based model, was chosen ahead of competitors due to its ability to increase efficiencies across many operating cost layers within RSL's facilities. The company's fulfillment needs extend throughout several warehouses across the U.S., among major population centers that support expedited delivery for consumers. inVia's flexible and adaptive mobile robot automation can optimize RSL's U.S. operations at a scalable rate.

"We're excited to deploy our robots with Rakuten Super Logistics to support and increase warehouse productivity and provide an edge over competitors," said Lior Elazary, founder and Chief Executive Officer of inVia Robotics. "inVia's technology and accessible RaaS platform will help the company elevate its e-commerce solutions, streamline fulfillment and continue to scale its operations to meet a growing customer demand."

Source: PR Newswire

British ecommerce ERP Khaos Control Cloud has released a number of new features and improvements in its April update.

The update includes:

  • Email automation, which allows users to send out purchase orders, sales orders, acknowledgements and quotes from the sales and purchasing screens.
  • Consolidated pick sheets, so customers can print off multiple orders on one sheet instead of batches of individual sheets.
  • Supplier price lists, providing access to supplier price lists from within the application.
  • Barcode scanning, allowing users to scan invoice barcodes to find orders within the system, and to book goods in or mark items as delivered from a purchase order.

Khaos Control Cloud have also launched a new app marketplace, where partner companies can showcase extensions built on top of their API. The marketplace currently features plugins for Magento, with support for EKM, TrueLoaded, Gryphen POS, Blue Alligator POS, SmartConsign and Parcelhub coming soon.

Source: Khaos Control Cloud for April Update and App Marketplace

Order management solution Ordoro has a redesigned products page which is more functional and efficient, and lays the groundwork for new inventory capabilities in the future.

The new page:

  • Allows more streamlined editing of values like weight, SKU, UPC, dimensions and inventory quantities
  • Makes it easier to identify dropshipped and kit products
  • Clearly lists the sales channels a product is sold on
  • Allows more efficient configuration of suppliers or dropshippers

Further improvements are planned including product images and a reworked purchase order workflow.

Source: Ordoro

Marketplace repricing tool Appeagle has launched a new name and brand identity. It is now called

Existing users will see a fresh new look and feel to the software, but with all the same advanced repricing strategies.

In the future, they will be adding more reports, with insights and recommendations that can be understood and acted upon quickly. The result will be a powerful new platform with seller analytics to help online merchants find more opportunities to grow.


Multichannel management solution Jazva has added support for retail business network CommerceHub.

CommerceHub is a distributed commerce network that was established to connect retailers with major suppliers and distributors around the globe. The company has assisted more than 10,000 companies to scale their operations and expand their sales channels.

This latest update will allow retailers to use Jazva's all-in-one ecommerce platform to process inventory, purchase orders and shipments across major suppliers and distributors, such as Home Depot and Best Buy, all through an electronic data interchange.

"In the field of multi-channel retail, when a business scales up and order volume starts to increase exponentially, the manual processing of POs, acknowledgments, and shipments becomes highly inefficient as well as costly," said Tom Murrin, Head of Product at Jazva. "With our newest integration, Jazva will simplify the entire supply chain management process and give our customers access to even greater players in the global commerce space."

Some of the major features of the CommerceHub integration include customized packing slips, processing incoming orders, managing outgoing inventory, fulfillment and functional acknowledgments.

Source: Jazva

Multichannel ecommerce solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces can now be used to print USPS shipping labels via Pitney Bowes.

Other enhancements in ChannelAdvisor's latest release include:

  • Inline and bulk editing of product data by applying business rules
  • Custom order routing rules to completely automate fulfillment partner or distribution center selection
  • A new "Product Data to Send" option to control what product information is sent from ChannelAdvisor to Amazon
  • New integrated marketplaces seeking early adopters: Distriartisan, ePRICE, GO Sport, VogaCloset, Coolshop, Cadeaux and Motoroso

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Amazon back-end keyword extractor AmzDataStudio has added a number of new features for keyword research, PPC optimization, and SEO.

The new tools include:

  • Competitors' Keyword Finder which extracts organic keywords used in competitors' listings.
  • Keyword Generator which generates search terms with volume and PPC bids information.
  • Competitors' PPC Keywords Finder which extracts PPC ad keywords used by competitors.
  • PPC Competition Radar which finds products targeting the same keywords.
  • Keyword Rank Tracker which monitors the ranking of products for specific keywords.
  • Index Checker which tests if a keyword is indexed for a particular ASIN.
  • HTML Converter which converts an Amazon description from text to HTML.

Source: AmzDataStudio

Marketplace management tool Expandly is now available through the Shopify app store.

Merchants can use the Expandly app to integrate their Shopify account with Amazon, eBay and Etsy, providing one easy, central and affordable location to manage listings, orders, inventories, shipping and reporting.

Alan Wilson, CEO of Expandly, said: "We've invested a huge amount of time and effort working with Shopify to perfect the Expandly Shopify app. Shopify customers can now, more easily than ever, integrate their Shopify store with eBay, Amazon, Etsy and even Xero – ultimately leading to more exposure, customers and, most importantly, sales".

Expandly offers affordable solutions to small-medium ecommerce businesses and charities.

Source: Expandly

Multichannel ecommerce tool Ecomdash has announced a new App Store for customers to access a variety of plug-ins.

The ecomdash App Store is a central location for users to access integrations with marketplaces, suppliers, dropshippers, and more. It includes both free and paid tools designed to increase productivity and sales.

The apps available include:

  • eBay listing designer CrazyLister
  • Shipping tool ShipStation
  • POS software Retail Up!
  • Suppliers Green Supply and Moteng North America
  • Marketplaces including Houzz and Pricefalls
  • An app for Returns & Refunds ($15 a month)
  • Email marketing service Mandrill

Source: Ecomdash

Amazon repricing software company Feedvisor has launched a new office in New York, which will serve as their new global headquarters.

In five years, Feedvisor has grown from a small startup to a global company, with offices in Tel Aviv, Seattle, and now New York. Feedvisor machine-learning algorithms are used by hundreds of top-selling businesses on Amazon.

In the last year, Feedvisor has raised $20 million of Series B funding, and now manages over $2 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) on Amazon.

Many of Feedvisor's clients are located in New York or other East Coast cities, and the city has a robust retail and commerce ecosystem. The company's New York office has grown from three to 26 staff in nine months, including the CEO, VP Marketing, VP Sales, VP Business Development and Chief Customer Officer. They plan to double their headcount by the end of next year, on top of almost 100 people in Tel Aviv.

Source: Feedvisor

Multi-channel ecommerce tool SellerActive has added support for eBay's Guaranteed Delivery program.

SellerActive pulls in delivery dates chosen by eBay buyers into the dashboard, and identifies Guaranteed Delivery orders with a small "e". Sellers using the DesktopShipper integration will receive the Guaranteed Delivery date along with other shipping information.

SellerActive has also updated their integration bulk feed. Inventory will now be updated every 24 hours to help keep inventory and listings up to standards.

Source: SellerActive

Multichannel management system Veeqo has created a new marketplace for apps that run on its platform.

The Veeqo Marketplace allows ecommerce software developers to build tools that easily integrate with the software. At launch, the Marketplace has 12 apps including ones from xSellco and Lokad, covering categories such as marketing, sales, customer service, accounting and social media.

Anybody can browse the Marketplace to see what apps and tools are currently available. Veeqo users can click a button to install and configure apps of their choice.

Developers can easily sign up to develop apps for Veeqo and have access to a developer forum to resolve problems with the Veeqo Developer community.

Source: Veeqo

Multi-channel ecommerce tool Cloud Commerce Pro has launched a brand new website design.

Over the last six months Cloud Commerce Pro have updated their service and offering to include a unique on-boarding procedure, which includes an on-site discovery and training day for each of their UK customers. This allows Cloud Commerce Pro to understand their customers business and internal processes, in order to deliver a bespoke implementation and training plan.

"We hope both new visitors and existing customers enjoy the fresh look and feel of our updated website." Said Simon Blackburn, Marketing Operations Manager, Cloud Commerce Pro. "The hard work doesn't stop here, as we are already looking at where we can improve and add more value to our user's experience." Simon goes on to say, "Going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly through our blog and provide new articles and notifications. We also plan to continue adding more video content and product information to provide you with all of the information you need to evaluate our products and services."

Cloud Commerce Pro have made further improvements to the support section for existing customers, with updated navigation and additional video guides, which Simon said "will be continually added and updated over time". Cloud Commerce Pro's second phase of updates will include a ticketing support and a calendar of live webinars.

Source: Cloud Commerce Pro

Multichannel management software Linnworks has added a range of sophisticated new inventory and warehouse management features.

The features include:

  • Handling inventory batches, for products that need to be tracked by their manufacturing run.
  • Expiry date tracking, for products that spoil if stored for too long.
  • Adding multiple bin locations for items within a warehouse so products can be stored in more than one place.
  • New product status reports to help identify products which are damaged, restricted, expired, sold or approaching their sell by date.
  • Support for the First In First Out (FIFO) inventory method to reduce product wastage and the impact of inflation.

Source: Linnworks

Payment acceleration service Payability has been profiled on the Web Retailer Blog.

The feature explains how Amazon marketplace sellers can get their sales proceeds the next day by using Payability.

This innovative service takes the age-old practice of "factoring" and offers it online to Amazon sellers at competitive rates.

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Source: Web Retailer Blog

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