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Multichannel ecommerce tool Ecomdash has added support for eBay listing design tool CrazyLister.

CrazyLister offers over 200+ professional, high-converting eBay templates that are mobile-responsive, and compliant with eBay's active content policies. The integration saves sellers time by automating the process of listing to eBay using these templates.

Ecomdash has also released:

  • New warehouse functionality to align warehouses to specific storefronts, and schedule order exports to warehouses.
  • The ability to get orders and send tracking data via SFTP, to support selling on Groupon, Houzz and more.
  • Improved tax tracking automation with VAT exporting to QuickBooks.
  • Expanded API calls to provide access to the full list of SKUs within a kit.

Source: Ecomdash

Multichannel ecommerce solution SellerCloud has launched a new Android-powered warehouse management system, called Skustack.

Skustack, an app for Android devices, was developed by SellerCloud in response to their clients' needs for a fully integrated WMS.

Skustack can be used for order picking, purchase order and RMA receiving, picking for FBA Shipments, and more. Changes made in Skustack are reflected in SellerCloud in real time. The system is offered to SellerCloud users for an additional monthly fee.

SellerCloud has also integrated with Amazon's Vendor Central Direct Fulfillment, formerly Amazon Dropship Central. This program enables Amazon to market products under their own branding, but then the vendor can fulfill orders directly from their own warehouse. SellerCloud's EDI integration enables an automatic connection for inventory, order, acknowledgement, tracking and invoice feeds. SellerCloud can also print shipping labels and packing slips that are compliant with Amazon's requirements for the program.

Finally, SellerCloud has integrated with retail point-of-sale system Lightspeed POS. The integration helps retailers sychronize their brick and mortar stores with their online business.

Source: SellerCloud

Multichannel management solution Jazva has added support for product assembly tasks, and expanded its ability to tailor listings to each sales channel.

The light manufacturing upgrade will enable retailers to manage their business from production and shipping without the need for expensive custom development.

"Being able to keep track of materials, alongside finished goods inventory, gives our clients the advantage to accurately operate their business from production to shipping without the need for additional expensive ERP systems or modules," says Itso Ivanov, Head of Customer Success. "Having one central system for all operations is the future of the omnichannel supply chain."

Jazva has also expanded its ability to tailor listings, allowing listing profiles to be created for every channel, with further customization using shortcodes. Listing profiles allow sellers to define the appearance of listings, including the title, description and images. Listing profiles can be set at the category level and channel level.

Source: Jazva

Multichannel management tool Sellbrite now supports selling on the majority of international eBay and Amazon marketplaces.

The integration with Amazon and eBay in 23 countries allows merchants to keep their inventory in sync across all the marketplaces, as well as leverage multi-channel fulfillment throughout Europe and Canada, in addition to the USA.

With the latest update, Sellbrite also offers inventory and shipping APIs for custom integration. Merchants with their own ERP, inventory, or shipping platform can connect their systems to Sellbrite, syncing inventory and order data in real time. The API can also be setup to receive tracking information from other platforms back into Sellbrite to maintain accurate status updates across sales channels.

Sellbrite users can now customize user roles and limit access to sensitive data. Permissions can be customized for listers, warehouse staff, and data teams, for example.

The Sellbrite dashboard now reflects order activity in real time, as well as listing and item activity.

Sellbrite can now accept custom data attributes. Attributes can be activated individually for each product, and edited in bulk using a CSV file.

Sellbrite has partnered with CrazyLister to give merchants access to professional eBay templates, from within the Sellbrite interface. CrazyLister allows eBay sellers to create their own mobile-responsive eBay listing template, in compliance with eBay's Active Content restrictions going live in June.

New "templates and recipes" functionality in Sellbrite provides a new way to create and manage listings in bulk. It allows sellers to map custom attributes and other inventory data to sales channels in advance, reducing the time needed to create listings.

Finally, Sellbrite has introduced multichannel price synchronization, allowing prices to be changed in Sellbrite and pushed out to every sales channel. Channel-specific pricing rules can automatically set different prices for different sales channels.

Source: Sellbrite

Ecommerce management system Volo has connected its platform with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the AWS API Gateway.

Paul McCorquodale, COO of Volo Commerce, said: "The AWS platform delivers increased API performance throughout the retail calendar, especially during peak periods like Black Friday or Christmas which enable our customers to develop their businesses faster."

The Amazon API Management platform provides a high-performance, scalable and secure architecture that enables efficient communication between customers' software systems and web services. With the API Gateway, the Volo platform further increases its security, reliability and resilience.

AWS powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in over 190 countries. The API Gateway is a fully managed service for creating, publishing, maintaining, monitoring and securing a large number of APIs, through AWS. APIs enable the Volo platform to send and receive information to and from other applications and systems.

"By boosting automation and connections to other systems like marketplaces, channels, suppliers or fulfilment systems, Volo increases its reliability, resilience, security and traffic flow," adds McCorquodale.

Source: Volo

Multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has launched its own network of integrated logistics providers, accessible from within the software.

The ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Network helps sellers streamline their fulfillment process through a shipping carrier integration supporting Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, FedEx, UPS and USPS. In addition to native integrations already available, the ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Network also offers access to dozens of third party logistics providers, freight forwarders, and software solutions.

"This release marks one of the most exciting platform enhancements to date," said David Spitz, ChannelAdvisor CEO. "We have unveiled new functionality that will support first-party and drop shipping, creating a seamless, efficient experience for brands and retailers no matter how they are selling on marketplaces. Our product teams have been working in overdrive to deliver this functionality and much more, and I'm thrilled with the progress and the value it can bring our customers."

The release also includes:

  • Purchase orders for wholesale.
  • "Access ChannelAdvisor" platform providing support for new marketplaces including TopHatter, Fruugo, and Pricefalls.
  • Improved support for Facebook ads and Google Local Inventory Ads.
  • Drop ship platform capabilities.
  • Amazon Vendor support including AMS advertising programs.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Multichannel management system Solid Commerce handled more than $1.5 billion of sales through its system in 2016.

"For companies seeking to sell on Amazon, Walmart and other marketplaces, our platform is unique because it's truly an all-in-one solution," said Eran Pick, CEO of Solid Commerce. "The fact that we have surpassed $1.5 billion of orders managed speaks to the speed with which retailers are rushing to sell online."

The Solid Commerce platform provides listing, repricing, shipping, inventory and order management functionality for companies selling on Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Shopify, Magento and more than 15 other marketplaces and shopping carts. The company has seen increased demand for its solutions as more brick-and-mortar retailers shift their sales online.

Aaron Goldberg of Cover Shield, a Solid Commerce customer, said: "Having a single platform to manage multiple functions across multiple channels is a huge multiplier for our business. When selling on multiple channels, having a single platform for listing, pricing & shipping enables us to save time & grow our sales."

The Solid Commerce platform integrates with many major marketplaces, shopping carts and shipping carriers. The Company is based in Marina Del Rey, California with additional offices in Hong Kong and Tel Aviv.

Source: Solid Commerce

Multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has a new mode for configuring bundled products.

Bundled products can now be configured in either Standard Mode or Assembly Mode. In Assembly Mode, all components of a bundle are fulfilled from the same distribution center. The available quantity is calculated based on the number of bundles that can be assembled using the components available at each distribution center selected.

The release also includes an update to Walmart Promotional Pricing, to support promotions where the price is not shown to the buyer until they either add the item to their cart or they go through the checkout process.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

The latest release for UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder includes the ability to select offline payment for orders.

Other new features in the release include:

  • The ability to archive products, so they cannot be added to new sales orders or purchase orders.
  • An out-of-stock threshold for listings in BigCommerce.
  • Improved eBay Click & Collect settings.

Source: StoreFeeder

Inventory management system SellerCloud has released three new integrations with partners in ERP, accounting and logistics.

SellerCloud's integration with cloud-based ERP NetSuite syncs inventory between the two solutions, and sends orders to NetSuite for processing and accounting.

SellerCloud's Order Export Mapping tool can now create files formatted for Zed Axis, a QuickBooks import tool. For imports which require more customization, a specialized Zed Axis export plugin can be modified to meet those needs at an additional cost.

SellerCloud has also integrated with 3PL Central, a cloud-based warehouse management solution. SellerCloud can send orders to 3PL Central for fulfillment, and receive tracking information when the order is shipped.

Source: SellerCloud

Chinese sourcing marketplace and trade show organizer Global Sources has appointed Craig Pepples as their new CEO.

Pepples was previously named Deputy CEO with effect from Oct. 1, 2016, following the announcement that former CEO Spenser Au would retire from Global Sources at the end of 2016.

Merle A. Hinrich, Global Sources' executive chairman stated: "We are excited for Craig to take on the role as Global Sources' new CEO. Since joining the Company over 30 years ago, Craig has accumulated in-depth knowledge of many parts of the business, including sales, marketing and operations, as well as having established himself as a B2B media expert. I would also like to thank Spenser for his 39 years of service to the Company, the last five of which were as CEO. Spenser was instrumental in making this leadership transition a smooth one. I congratulate him on his retirement and wish him nothing but the best in the years ahead."

Source: Global Sources

Ecommerce management software Jazva has a new EDI integration with Amazon's purchasing platform Vendor Central.

Vendors can now connect their Amazon Vendor Central account through Jazva. This feature lets them manage orders, and send order acknowledgements, invoices and advance shipping notices, all within the Jazva platform.

Amazon vendors are manufacturers and brands that supply products wholesale to Amazon. These products are then listed on Amazon as "Ships from and sold by" Aside from the benefit of Amazon branding, vendors are also eligible to use Amazon's marketing tools, including A+ content, Subscribe & Save, and Amazon Vine reviews.

Source: Jazva

The latest release for multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces includes automated sales data exports, and product repricing for the marketplace.

The new "customized sales exports" features allows users to customize and schedule exports of order data. The feature can be used for transmission of orders to drop ship partners, monitoring return requests, back office integration and more. Orders, shipments, and refunds can be exported via email or FTP as a customized CSV, TXT, XML or JSON file at a predefined interval from every 15 minutes up to every 24 hours.

ChannelAdvisor is now offering repricing capabilities with the Jet marketplace. Sellers who are currently using ChannelAdvisor to sell on Jet will see new fields to map on the Jet template to enable automatic repricing.

Finally, the latest ChannelAdvisor release includes support for eBay Promotions Manager in the US, UK, Germany and Australia. ChannelAdvisor can now create eBay Promotions Manager campaigns to increase order sizes, attract more shoppers and cross-sell related items.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

UK multichannel management tool Seller Dynamics has released new pricing plans, offering lower pricing for high-volume sellers.

"We've been in the market long enough to understand what retailers expect and where they are sensitive", said Managing Director Alex Ogilvie. "Telephone and email support is key, and we've always offered that as part of our service, so no change there. What we have done is introduce new pricing plan options to align ourselves better with the demands of retailers."

The new "Small Biz" plan has a fixed fee of £50 per month, allowing small retailers to start using Seller Dynamics without the unpredictability of commission charges. And at the other end of the scale there is the Premium+ Plan, which gives larger retailers a better commission rate as well as the possibility of a cap on monthly fees.

"We have also introduced what we call our Transition Plan," continues Ogilvie, "in reaction to other providers increasing their costs recently. We want to be able to discuss with any retailers considering moving to us in as open a manner as possible. Our ethos has always been to offer help and Transition is our offer of an open hand to do that."

Previously Seller Dynamics had a single price of 1.49% of monthly sales. A free 30 day trial and online demos are available.

Source: Seller Dynamics

Multichannel management system Linnworks has announced new pricing plans including 24/7 unlimited customer support.

The new plans, to be rolled out on Tuesday 13th September, replace six previous plans with varying levels of support and system functionality.

The new model has only three plans, and no longer limits support or functionality on either of the paid subscriptions. All paying customers will have access to unlimited 24/7 support, by means of phone, live chat or the helpdesk system.

The new pricing model is instead based on the number of users. The Professional plan costs £150 per month for up to two users, plus £50 each for any additional users. The Corporate plan, at £1,000 per month, supports unlimited users.

Writing on the Linnworks blog, Head of Business Development Artem Verovenko said, "Our existing pricing model limits our customers to a certain level of support and system functionality, however the reality is that we cannot build a world-class solution by limiting customers on either. It is for this reason why we have introduced these changes to our support model and pricing structure."

Existing customers will have up until January 16th 2017, before they need to move onto one of the new pricing plans. They can, however, choose to move over at any time from the 13th September 2016, should they wish to benefit from unlimited 24/7 support.

Source: Linnworks

Inventory management software Skubana has released new features including a shipping tool which finds the best rate for each order.

Other new features in Skubana include:

  • Live integrations with and Walmart marketplaces.
  • Automatic order splitting by quantity or by line item.
  • Export purchase orders singly or in bulk to Excel, CSV or TXT files.
  • Master SKUs included in inventory performance reports.
  • Support for Shopify POS, adding new warehouses for each retail location.
  • PackageBee integration to enable additional channel support.
  • XSellco Fusion integration via the Skubana App Store.

Source: Skubana

The latest release of multichannel management software ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces includes suggested inventory quantities for shipments into Amazon's warehouses.

The new Suggested FBA Inbound Quantity feature is based on demand for FBA items, taking into account historic sales, year over year growth, and recent performance trends, to project the quantity that should be sent to FBA facilities. The default weeks of cover used in the calculation is set to 8 weeks, but it can be adjusted.

ChannelAdvisor also has a new "read only" permission setting for business rules, allowing specified users to view business rules but not create or edit them.

Finally, enhancements have been made to the eBay Deal Planner feature, which allows adjustments to eBay listing price, quantity, and subtitle for a selected amount of time. Now users can select multiple brands or categories, filter based on labels, and apply free shipping as well.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

The latest round of updates to marketplace management solution Stitch includes SPS Commerce EDI integration for receiving wholesale orders.

The SPS integration makes it easier to get wholesale orders from big box retailers into Stitch, automating the process of receiving EDI 850 documents from SPS Commerce trading partners.

Other updates include:

  • Financial and tab permissions to give more granular control over information displayed to basic users. Administrators and Owners can selectively set visibility for any Stitch tab as well as sensitive financial information like COGS, unit price, and revenue.
  • Location to ShipStation: When syncing orders, Stitch now passes variants' locations to ShipStation, so it appears in the Warehouse Location column on ShipStation's Orders page and picklists.
  • Amazon Fulfillment Latency: Users can now set non-standard fulfillment latency (lead time) for Amazon listings.

Source: Stitch Labs

Marketplace integration tool Segemai-Retail One-MarketPlace has expanded its feature set to provide full online arbitrage automation, previously only available through its API.

New features and enhancements include:

  • Amazon-to-eBay arbitrage automation has been integrated into the UI. Segemai can check for new eBay orders, reprice eBay items and submit eBay orders to Amazon - all fully integrated into the UI.
  • Ordering and order tracking APIs now support, in addition to Amazon USA.
  • API updates provide better support for bulk Amazon buyers with support for gift cards and multiple Amazon accounts.
  • Grouped multi-item orders are now supported on Amazon.
  • Amazon ordering by importing a CSV file, in addition to the existing API access.

Segemai Technologies founding partner Praveen Agrawal said, "We are probably the first vendor to provide Amazon order bundling. Clients have tested it rigorously and have not found a single error, in contrast to their experience with other companies they have used."

Source: Segemai-Retail

Inventory and channel management tool Linnworks has announced plans to provide 24/7 customer support, and has also released a new integration with shipping consolidator GFS.

Around-the-clock support will be provided for all pricing tiers, following a customer survey showing 86% of Linnworks wanted 24/7 phone, live chat and ticket support. The change will be made "in the coming months". Linnworks has hired additional Customer Support Representatives, currently undergoing intensive training, to meet the demand.

Linnworks will be changing their pricing model to accommodate the support changes. The new pricing will be based on the number of users, and will not have commission or per-transaction charges, or limit functionality.

Linnworks Support Manager Anton Tshubarov said, "Our goal is to ensure that every single customer gets access to unlimited 24/7 support and are not being limited based on the package they are on, by no later than early 2017. Migrating thousands of customers onto a new pricing model and ensuring that we are offering an outstanding level of support is no easy task, but 86% of our customers wanted this to happen and it's our responsibility to listen to their needs and make sure that we succeed."

* * * * *

Linnworks has partnered with Global Freight Solutions (GFS), so customers can easily access GFS's wide range of shipping services and solutions directly from within Linnworks.

The new integration will give customers access to a range of delivery services and UK carriers via GFS. A single portal is provided by GFS for shipment tracking.

* * * * *

Finally, Linnworks have announced the return of their annual online seller event, Linn Academy. Now in its 4th year, Linn Academy provides online sellers with the chance to meet other online retailers, industry experts and Linnworks staff.

Senior management from Linnworks will discuss updates to the system and support, and ecommerce experts from eBay, UKTI, Tamebay and World First will discuss some of the most popular industry topics.

Linn Academy is taking place at Old Trafford Football Ground in Manchester, on the 19th of October.

Linnworks expects 500 online sellers to attend Linn Academy, which is not limited to Linnworks' customers. Find out more.

Source: Linn Systems for 24/7 support, GFS integration and Linn Academy

Multichannel management solution Jazva has added deeper integrations with Amazon and WooCommerce.

Jazva's Amazon FBA integration now specifies which item prep tasks are needed for each shipment (such as labeling, taping and bubble wrapping) and allows them to be assigned to the seller or to Amazon.

WooCommerce product categories can now be created, imported and managed within Jazva. A product category allows sellers to group and classify items based on shared characteristics, allowing editing and listing in bulk.

Other enhancements in Jazva include an automatic variation image chooser for Amazon listings, and for purchasing there is a new distinction between standard Purchase Orders (POs) and Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs). ASNs are records of expected shipment, independent of POs.

Source: Jazva

The latest version of ecommerce management tool RetailOps includes a full web-based POS among other features.

RetailOps 2.0 includes:

  • Full-featured Point-of-Sale (POS) tool with streamlined checkout steps. Cashiers can park orders for price checks, and accept gift cards, checks, and money orders.
  • Customizable dashboard with widgets for graphs, report downloading, and system alerts.
  • Revamped user interface for easier, more intuitive navigation.
  • Streamlined product receiving for greater speed and accuracy.
  • Tool for printing hook labels for in-store inventory items.

Source: RetailOps

Order management solution Ordoro has upgraded its inventory kitting capabilities.

The kitting enhancements include:

  • Multi-level kits, so new products can be created by combining other existing kits.
  • Multi-warehouse kits, so kit components can be tracked in multiple warehouses.
  • Fractional kitting, allowing kits to be made up by weight or volume of inventory items.

Kitting is all about taking multiple, separate SKUs and bundling them into one unit for sale. Some kits consist of components necessary to create a whole product, while others are combinations of products that can also be sold individually.

Source: Ordoro

Multi-channel ecommerce ERP Skubana has added several new features including support for two major US marketplaces: and Walmart.

Other new Skubana features include:

  • Trending Profitability, which shows the performance of sales channels, products and listings on a day-to-day basis.
  • Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime support, so Prime shipping labels can be printed within Skubana.
  • Support for the UPS SurePost USPS mail consolidation service.
  • Multi-package shipments through UPS and Fedex.

Source: Skubana

Ecommerce management software Jazva has new features including support for Amazon fulfillment latency.

Fulfillment Latency (or handling time) is the number of days between the order date on Amazon and when an order is actually shipped. The default merchant fulfillment latency is 1 to 2 business days, but Jazva now gives the option to set any number of days between 1 and 30. This is particularly useful for dropshipping which may take longer to process than FBA or self-fulfilled orders.

Jazva also now supports FBA shipment transport types so when stock is sent to Amazon, merchants can choose the transport type that best suits their needs, whether in small parcels or pallets.

Other new features in Jazva include:

  • Web store product relationships, which allow the creation of product groups for automatic upselling, related items and add-on suggestions.
  • Improved product merging tools to help identify duplicate listings across channels. Products can be matched by SKU, VID, UPC and quantity.
  • Updating inventory locations and stock quantities by uploading a spreadsheet.

Source: Jazva

Marketplace management tool Veeqo has a new feature for checking physical stock levels on a continuous basis.

Veeqo's Cycle Stock Taking feature offers the following benefits over traditional one-off stock counts:

  • Minimal disruption to business
  • Constantly accurate inventory levels
  • Less time consuming than one-time stock takes

With the new feature, Veeqo users can:

  • Perform stock takes using the Veeqo web app or iOS app
  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly stock takes
  • Assign team members to stock taking tasks
  • Monitor how team members are progressing with their counts

Source: Veeqo

UK multichannel software provider StoreFeeder is now offering completely free setup and training on all accounts, a service which was formerly charged at £1,000+VAT.

StoreFeeder's Head of Sales Karl Ciz said, "We are proud to offer free setup and training to all levels of client, something that we believe is quite unique amongst the higher-end multi-channel providers. We hear stories of massive setup costs elsewhere, but we are aiming to be a bit different."

"We pride ourselves on being one of the UK's most highly rated multi-channel order processing and stock control tools. Our differentiator has always been our service ethic, and this now extends to providing a real helping hand to all new customers without the headache of worrying about setup costs."

The new service includes between 6 and 20 hours of dedicated support, depending on the level of account, and an account manager to help new customers setup the entire system. Customers can expect help setting up stock control for web store, eBay and Amazon listings and fulfillment processes including warehouse pick-lists, invoicing and courier label integration.

"We have been trialling free setup for quite some time and the feedback has been superb. Our continued commitment to service, with emphasis on high levels of support during setup has proven to be incredibly popular, especially for those who have been 'bitten' by high setup costs elsewhere," said Karl Ciz.

StoreFeeder was acquired by the UK's recently privatized national postal service the Royal Mail Group in February 2015.

Source: StoreFeeder

Ecommerce platform BigCommerce has released a new "Channel Manager" feature to help merchants manage sales on multiple sites.

Channel Manager is a new menu in the sidebar navigation of the BigCommerce control panel. The channels currently supported are Facebook and Pinterest, with support for additional channels including eBay to be added later this year.

"With purchases taking place across so many different channels — online stores, social networks, physical retail locations and marketplaces — Channel Manager gives retailers a comprehensive way to manage their entire online business," said Michael Burk, Senior Director of Product, BigCommerce. "We created Channel Manager with the intent to help merchants run their businesses more efficiently and empower them with a complete overview of their sales, allowing them to make changes to listings, pricing and availability in real-time."

The feature enables BigCommerce merchants to easily experiment with new sales channels without manual data entry or third-party listing tools.

Source: BigCommerce

The latest update of ecommerce management software Jazva includes EDI support for wholesalers and other B2B retailers.

B2B sellers, particularly those who sell to large retail chain stores, may be required to send or receive inventory, order and shipment data via EDI (electronic data interchange). Jazva now allows user to push inventory and fulfillment data to their customers, or pull order data from their customers, through automated EDI feeds.

Jazva also has an enhanced bulk editing feature. Users can modify thousands of items all at once through "basket" actions, giving them the ability to change categories, update images, adjust pricing and more.

Other updates include making price information available in barcode labels, and importing customer information along with orders from marketplace channels other than Amazon.

Source: Jazva

Multichannel management system Linnworks has improved the navigation of its cloud-based UI this week, alongside new investment in technical support and popular new apps.

UI Improvements menus have undergone a major redesign, providing easier navigation, more space for core tasks, a more intuitive feel, and embedded technical support.

A new "sync status" tool bar shows exactly when information is being synced and if there have been any errors.

Expanded Technical Support

Linnwork's recent annual customer survey, while mostly positive, identified technical support capacity as needing improvement. As a result, Linnworks have significantly increased their investment in that department.

The investment will help them increase the number of support representatives available to respond to tickets, live chats and phone calls.

Anton Tshubarov, Technical Support Manager at Linnworks, said, "With the expanded Linnworks Technical Support Team, we are looking forward to offering a better service to our customers than ever before."

New Store and Mobile Apps

Two new Linnworks apps have been released, one in the Linnworks App Store and another for Android mobile devices.

The eBay Price and Competition Analysis Application helps eBay sellers price competitively against the competition. It is now the most downloaded app on the Linnworks App Store.

The app finds listing competitors to allow quick price comparisons. It searches using EANs, UPCs, the eBay Product Catalog and also by keyword to match products, then shows competitor listings, best match ranks and a summary price comparison.

The second app, from eBusiness Guru, is for Android devices and is called LinnKwik. It allows business owners to keep an eye on the status of their orders and shipping despatches.

Sources: Linnworks for UI Improvements, Expanded Technical Support and eBay App, Tamebay for LinnKwik App

Multi-channel ecommerce ERP Skubana now has its own marketplace for integrated apps.

The new App Marketplace provides a way to to integrate any third-party software into Skubana, helping businesses to customize their operational processes from a single platform.

Source: Skubana

Multichannel ecommerce management solution Brightpearl has appointed a new CEO - Derek O'Carroll, formerly an SVP of sales and marketing at IT security company Symantec.

Brightpearl Chairman Charles Grimsdale said, "To manage Brightpearl's global expansion, the Board recruited an executive with a proven record of transforming businesses and formulating strategic operations and plans designed to capitalize on regional opportunities. Derek is a seasoned technology professional who will quickly apply his experiences and expertise to drive Brightpearl's customer-first strategy and future product initiatives, as well as refining our go-to-market strategies to maintain our market leading position."

Before joining Brightpearl, O'Carroll led a successful career of more than 10 years with Symantec, where he held numerous leadership positions with the company's enterprise, small business, and consumer divisions. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of global field sales and marketing and Vice President, for Symantec's Norton business, responsible for $1.7bn of revenue globally.

"Today, customers have been trained by Amazon and others to expect very high levels of customer experience. High-growth independent retailers can compete by reaching the same levels of efficiency used by the bigger players. Brightpearl automates the administration processes across sales, distribution, and accounting so our customers can compete efficiently and focus their valuable time on business growth activities," said O'Carroll.

Source: Brightpearl

Multichannel management tool Stitch has announced the launch of an API to allow retailers to integrate its system directly with their own software.

"An omnichannel experience is what shoppers expect in today's retail environment, so businesses must be able to operate multiple channels seamlessly in order to compete," said Jake Gasaway, Stitch Labs co-founder and VP of Platform. "To succeed in commerce, retailers must be able to embrace and implement new technologies as quickly as the space is evolving."

Stitch customer Chubbies uses the API to connect customer order history, rewards program information and 3PL details to implement a customer loyalty program that has contributed to a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating.

"Stitch's custom API allows us the flexibility to make changes very quickly as we grow," said James Hargett, Fulfillment Contractor at Chubbies. "It's going to be hugely instrumental for companies to gain access to new functionalities and efficiencies and to position themselves strategically in the market against competitors."

The new API is included in Stitch Labs' Enterprise and Enterprise Plus packages. Stitch also has developer partners who can help customers build integrations with the new API.

Source: Stitch Labs

Marketplace management tool SellerActive has released four new features this week.

The new features are:

  • Velocity Pricing, which allows automatic prices updates for SKUs based on sales volume. This is a powerful new repricing method for sellers with no competition to base price changes on, such as private-label sellers.
  • Line Item Updates, allowing orders with multiple line items to be updated individually, instead of for the whole order. This is useful for sellers that use dropshipping, or have items coming from multiple locations.
  • Partial Shipments on Shopify, so orders with multiple items within Shopify can be shipped separately and send tracking information to Shopify separately for each item.
  • Purchase Queue Upload, so multiple inventory items in the Low Stock Report can be moved to the Purchase Queue at once.

Source: SellerActive

Inventory and channel management tool Linnworks is now integrated with four new third-party services.

Linnworks now supports the UK's GAME Marketplace, which specializes in video games and gaming accessories such as clothing, consoles, novelties and add-ons. GAME is one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the UK.

Linnworks also has three new apps in the Application Store, developed by partner eBusiness Guru. The apps provide integrations with online deals site Groupon, Polish ecommerce platform IDoSell and social media marketing solution Mento.

Groupon work with a wide range of businesses to provide new deals and opportunities to their 48.1 million registered customers. With the new app, can automate Groupon selling processes, manage orders and shipping.

IdoSell is a Polish ecommerce platform with multi-currency and brick-and-mortar retail support. With the integration, Linnworks can connect to IdoSell and be used to ship orders alongside those from other channels.

Mento is a social media marketing tool designed for online sellers, and connects directly to sales channels sites including eBay, Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and Etsy. Mento uses product images and descriptions to create social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and more.

With the Linnworks integration, Mento can be used from within, accessing product information and photos stored in Linnworks.

Source: Linnworks for GAME, Groupon, IDoSell and Mento

Multi-channel ecommerce tool SellerActive has added two new features this week.

The new features are:

  • Bundle Reports, which display current bundles and quantities. Users can also modify bundles and unbundle items, then upload the report via the File Upload page to make those changes in SellerActive.
  • Manual Integration Option, which allows users to enter inventory and orders that are not linked to any of the fully integrated sales channels.

Also, the Buy Box Report has been updated to show the percentage of time each SKU has occupied the Amazon Buy Box.

Source: SellerActive

Marketplace management solution Stitch has expanded its barcode scanning support in its latest update.

Stitch users can now process the receiving of purchase orders using a barcode scanner. When a new shipment comes in, users can scan at the item, box or pallet level to track what has arrived and immediately show it as available inventory. Any missing or backordered items are identified so they can be followed up with the supplier.

The new Customer Loyalty Report helps sellers understand the lifetime value of their customers. Stich Labs' customer loyalty report analysis shows that on average, returning customers spend 15% more per order and 120% more over the year. The new report shows monthly performance in generating repeat purchases.

Other Stitch updates include:

  • Improved publishing to Shopify.
  • Support for custom order handling times for merchant-fulfilled Amazon listings.
  • FBA transfer orders can now be managed within Stitch or by using a combination of Stitch and Amazon Seller Central.

Source: Stitch Labs

Ecommerce management software Jazva has added support for new marketplace in its latest update. is a new and growing marketplace that went live in July 2015. In less than a year, Jet has acquired more than 3.6 million users, and expects sales to reach $1 billion by May.

Jazva has also added support for eBay Auctions, so users can now create and manage online auctions directly from Jazva.

Finally, Jazva has released Shopify POS Integration, so it can automatically sync products, orders and customers across physical retail locations using Shopify POS, as well as online Shopify stores and marketplaces.

Source: Jazva

The 2016 Spring Release of marketplace management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces includes Amazon feature enhancements and support for the Walmart marketplace.

ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz said, "We're excited to help branded manufacturers build stronger strategic connections to retailers and equip our customers with the data, analytics and dashboards needed to make smarter decisions when managing their digital marketing campaigns."

The Amazon Insights feature gives brands and retailers key product information, including stock availability and fulfillment advantages to help accelerate their Amazon sales.

The Amazon FBA Dashboard shows brands and retailers where their SKUs are within Amazon's fulfillment process, the quantity and sales value of their FBA products, where they have excess FBA inventory and a side-by-side comparison of merchant-fulfilled and FBA sales.

ChannelAdvisor's integration with Walmart was announced at ChannelAdvisor's Catalyst conference earlier this month, and is also included in the release.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Marketplace management tool SellerActive has released a number of new features including an upgraded eBay Motors listing tool which can bulk upload listings directly from SellerActive.

Other new features include:

  • Filtering sales reports to see just items that were fulfilled by Amazon FBA.
  • Updating inventory quantity when an order is cancelled before shipping.
  • Indicating orders which are being fulfilled via the eBay Global Shipping Program.
  • Excluding specific Amazon sellers (or Amazon itself) in the pricing filters.
  • Providing customers with shipment information including the shipping service selected along with the carrier and tracking number.

Source: SellerActive

A new interview with the founder of eBay software company SixBit has been published on the Web Retailer blog.

John talks about his long history with eBay, why he still prefers desktop-based software, and why SixBit is now adding support for Amazon.

Read 20 Years in eBay Software: An Interview with SixBit's John Slocum

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Amazon feedback tool Feedback Genius has a new feature allowing users to monitor and track product reviews.

This "Amazon Product Review Monitoring" feature allows users to monitor selected ASINs on Amazon, and get notifications when a customer leaves a negative product review. By quickly identifying negative reviews, sellers can reach out to customers and address any negative experiences they have had with their products. The feature currently only supports ASINs sold on, but there are plans to expand it to international Amazon marketplaces.

Reviews can also be imported into Feedback Genius, then sorted and filtered by star rating, date, helpfulness votes and more. 

Source: Seller Labs

Multichannel ecommerce software Webgility Unify Enterprise has introduced a new feature for managing prices and quantities across channels, and added an integration with CRM tool Salesforce.

The new Multi-channel Sync feature allows users to configure custom rules to set different prices and quantities for items on different sales channels. Each store can have different pricing levels, and the quantity available can be adjusted as an extra safeguard against overselling.

Unify Enterprise now integrates with Salesforce CRM. Orders and customers will automatically sync with Salesforce, creating an up-to-date purchase history for all customers across all channels. Salesforce can then be used to create tailored marketing campaigns to improve customer loyalty and increase sales.

Source: Webgility

Amazon analytics system ManageByStats has added a new feature which can automatically trigger emails to customers.

The new customer contact feature, called SellerMail, allows ManageByStats users to automatically send custom emails to customers at specified trigger events.

ManageByStats CEO Philip Jepsen said, "This is a big feature. Customer feedback with selling on Amazon is huge, and there are entire programs dedicated solely to this. With SellerMail we're now offering that ability directly within the ManageByStats program. With one login you get it all."

SellerMail can send emails to customers at the time of purchase, shipment, delivery and other trigger points. Emails can be customized for specific brands, product lines or individual products, repeat buyers and more.

Source: ManageByStats

Third-party order logistics company Rakuten Super Logistics has launched a redesigned website.

The new website, at, features an updated design for easy navigation and an engaging user experience to facilitate connections with ecommerce retailers interested in outsourcing their order fulfillment to RSL.

Acquired by Rakuten in June 2013, Webgistix changed its name to Rakuten Super Logistics in June 2014. The Webgistix brand is now used for the company's software platform, which has been renamed Webgistix SmartSuite Technology and Services. It includes:

  • SmartFill cloud-based order management and inventory tracking.
  • SmartStock Fulfillment network analysis for efficient inventory placement in the 2 Day Delivery Network.
  • SmartShip live shipping cost optimization to calculate optimal shipping methods.
  • SmartFreight all-in-one turn-key freight services covering domestic and international freight including customs consultation and clearance.

" is designed to connect RSL with fast growing online retailers who are looking for a partnership in order fulfillment," said Becky Wood, Chief Marketing Officer at Rakuten Super Logistics. "As part of Rakuten, RSL is rewriting the rules of acquisition by evolving the company's brand to facilitate market awareness, company growth, and most importantly lasting connections with clients and employees."

Source: Rakuten Super Logistics

Multichannel management tool Stitch has added new features including barcoding; support for five new international Amazon sites; and an integration with fulfillment company Shipwire.

Barcoding in Stitch, previously in beta, has now been officially launched. Barcode scanners can be used for processing incoming stock, in the pick and pack fulfillment process, and for stocktakes.

Stitch is now integrated with Amazon Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Mexico, in addition to Amazon US, Canada and UK. Stitch's reports make it easy to see sales, profit margins and FBA fees for each Amazon marketplace.

Stitch is now integrated with international third party logistics (3PL) company, Shipwire. Stitch can automatically send offline, wholesale, and online orders to Shipwire for fulfillment from warehouses around the world.

Source: Stitch Labs for Barcoding, Shipwire and International Amazon Support

Ecommerce management software SalesWarp has added support for multiple inventory locations in its latest release.

With multi-location inventory tracking, SalesWarp can show where inventory is at all times whether it is in transit to FBA or in stock at the retailer's own warehouse. Items stored at multiple locations within the same warehouse are also supported.

Barcodes are supported, so by simply scanning the location, users get a real-time view of inventory in that location. By scanning the product, users can add or remove quantity from any location. Inventory can also be scanned in bulk to an "in-transit" location or to move it to another bin location.

Product locations can be specified as "sellable" or "pickable", meaning the quantity is counted for sale online, or available to be picked for orders, respectively.

SalesWarp multi-location inventory tracking is designed to work with most wireless and USB barcode scanners.

Source: SalesWarp

The latest release of multi-channel ecommerce ERP Skubana includes barcoding (in beta), eBay Out of Stock control, memo notes for purchase orders and a new analytics quick view.

From this month, Skubana is accepting beta testers for barcoding. Barcodes enable more efficient pick and pack processes and better product tracking.

eBay Out of Stock control enables GTC (Good 'Till Canceled) items to stay live and retain sales history even when the inventory level reaches zero. When stock is replenished the listing becomes visible again and buyers can purchase items.

Skubana's new custom notes for purchase orders allow users to annotate PO's with internal instructions and reminders, for example to distribute stock to multiple warehouses once it arrives. 

Finally, an analytics quick view makes Skubana's analytics easier to read and breakdown. Reports can now be broken down into 30, 60 & 90 day increments to provide a quick business overview.

Source: Skubana

Ecommerce platform Shopify has published financial results for the last quarter of 2015, as well as for the full year.

Shopify's Q4 sales grew 99% compared to the previous year, to $70.2 million, while Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) grew 109% to $2.8 billion. Shopify has over 243,000 merchants using its platform.

"We are coming off not only a tremendous quarter for Shopify, but also for the hundreds of thousands of merchants that trust the Shopify platform to power their businesses," said Tobi Lütke, founder and CEO of Shopify. "Over the holiday season our merchants collectively sold almost 3 billion dollars worth of products, a huge increase from the year before. We are also seeing our merchants use Shopify to sell on multiple new sales channels like mobile and social. We believe that multichannel, cloud commerce is an industry-wide shift that is still in its infancy."

Total revenue for the full year 2015 was $205.2 million, a 95% increase from 2014. GMV for the year was $7.7 billion, a 105% increase over 2014.

Shopify made a gross profit of $111.1 million in 2015, but a net loss of $18.8 million.

Source: Shopify

Ecommerce management software SalesWarp has been certified by eBay as an officially compatible application.

SalesWarp announced that it has passed eBay's rigorous Compatible Application Check, enabling tighter integration between the marketplace and SalesWarp.

"As an omnichannel order management platform, we are highly focused on creating strong connections with various types of sales channels, including online marketplaces like eBay," said SalesWarp CEO and Founder David Potts.

"The Compatible Application Check validates SalesWarp's compatibility with eBay and ensures a more seamless and efficient method of sharing data between the two platforms. The integration gives SalesWarp retailers the ability to extend their sales reach via eBay and to better manage their order, inventory, and customer data, especially during peak volume periods."

SalesWarp provides retailers with a cloud-based platform to manage orders and cross-channel inventory, consolidate customer profiles, and unify product data from one centralized system.

Source: SalesWarp

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