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Sniping tool Gixen now has add-ons for the most popular web browsers, available only to "mirror" subscribers. The basic Gixen service is free, but the mirror option currently costs $6 per year and increases the reliability of the service.

The add-on adds a "Snipe this item" link to eBay web pages, giving direct access to's bidding page pre-populated with the details of the item that was being viewed. More information.

eCommerce management provider Vendio Services has reported a year of record financial results, with 89% revenue growth, and earnings up 127%.

Vendio acquired competitor Andale in November 2006, which had been a difficult year for Andale following the end of its contract with eBay to provide auction counters in June and eBay withdrawing their access to eBay Checkout Redirect during the critical Christmas 2005 shopping season. Vendio also invested in the Dealio comparison shopping toolbar during the year.

Vendio's plans for 2007 include further expanding the Dealio Toolbar, consolidating areas of overlap between Andale and Vendio platforms, expanding their widget directory Widgipedia, and acquiring businesses offering complementary products and services.

HammerTap, the company behind the eBay market analysis tool of the same name (formerly DeepAnalysis), have acquired Auction Trust Network - the developers of Reconnect, a browser plug-in for searching and comparing items from sellers on eBay, Yahoo, Overstock, and Amazon.

“This is a concept whose time has come,” says HammerTap spokesperson Jen Cano. “HammerTap has long provided eBay sellers with the power to make educated selling decisions. With Reconnect we will place the same power into the buyers’ hands, while simultaneously helping them connect with trusted eBay sellers.”

Mpire is to stop providing auction management tools on 31 January 2007, reports AuctionBytes.

Mpire Launcher & Builder were introduced in June 2005, but overshadowed in January this year by their Mpire Shopping and Mpire Researcher tools. Mpire has stopped charging customers for using Builder (Launcher has always been free). Export functions have been added to help users transition to other auction management solutions. The only sign on Mpire's site that the tools have been discontinued is a message shown to visitors who try to sign up for either product.

Mpire has launched a new shopping add-on, called the Mpire Plugin. The toolbar provides price research on the most popular e-commerce sites, featuring Mpire’s price estimator and discount coupons search. The Plugin is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

eBay Toolbar alternative MOOBar is now available for the Firefox web browser. Limited international support has also been added to this originally UK-only product.

eBay Toolbar alternative MOOBar now stores more searches, and recent searches are more easily accessible. A new version of feedback and monitoring program MOOSell is currently in beta testing, and features alert sounds, auto updating, a status log, and highlighting of new bids. MOOBar and MOOSell support exclusively, as does buyer tool MOOBuy.

eBay's Toolbar, an Internet Explorer plugin, has been enhanced with several new features:

  • A new button consolidates alerts, including outbid notices and Second Chance Offers. Alerts now include a snooze button so you can be reminded at a later time.
  • New buying, selling, and favorites buttons are equivalent to the same sections of My eBay.
  • Toolbar buttons and the timing of alerts can be personalized.

The eBay toolbar provides quick access to eBay from your desktop, keeps track of items you’re bidding on, watching, or selling, and includes Account Guard, a feature that will alert you if you’re on a potential spoof website.

A new version of the eBay Toolbar has been released to fix problems caused by Windows XP Service Pack 2.

eBay is running a sweepstake for users who download their Toolbar in June. The eBay Toolbar features alerts, search box, and Account Guard feature which can help protect eBay accounts against fraud.

The new version of eBay's Toolbar will have an "Account Guard" feature to help detect spoof Web sites. The Toolbar will display a visual indication when users are on a verified eBay or PayPal web site, and warn users when they appear to be entering their eBay password at an unverified site. It will also have a spoof reporting feature.

eBay is holding a workshop today on using eBay Toolbar

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