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Video hosting service vzaar has added the ability to embed an email form in videos hosted with them.

Mail Catcher can insert an email capture form into the beginning, middle or end of videos. vzaar has developed integrations with MailChimp, Aweber and Google Drive to automatically send email addresses to existing mailing lists.

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Video hosting service vzaar is now integrated with video production tool Animoto.

Users of both services can create videos using Animoto then export them to their vzaar account from within Animoto.

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Ecommerce video hosting service vzaar has released a redesigned video player.

The new player features streamlined controls, stylised icons, progress bar thumbnail previews (for new video uploads only), improved keyboard controls and better mobile support. Customization options to match brand colours and hide specific options such as social sharing are still available.

Performance improvements have also been made including 20% faster loading, an enhanced HTML5 player for better mobile support, and video advertising compatible with the VAST standard.

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Ecommerce video hosting service vzaar has released an integration with popular eBay-owned shopping cart Magento.

The plugin allows sellers to access vzaar's video platform from within Magento. Videos are listed in the Magento admin area, and can be added to product pages either along with product images or as a popup lightbox.

Source: Introducing The vzaar Magento Plugin

Ecommerce video hosting company vzaar has enhanced the configuration options available for dual encoding and HD video.

Users with the dual encoding add-on can now set the maximum quality of their HD video in their account settings, going beyond standard HD if they choose.

Ecommerce video hosting service vzaar has added a new feature which creates "video sitemaps".

Video sitemaps are an SEO (search engine optimization) feature which tells search engines where videos are located, and what information should be displayed about them. Search results will then include a still from the video. Research reported by Econsultancy said that search results which include a video get 41% more clicks than plain text results.

Ecommerce video hosting service vzaar has added support to upload videos via the popular Dropbox file sharing application.

Uploading via Dropbox means that users do not have to wait while each video uploads, but instead can copy multiple videos to a folder on their computer and they will upload in the background. vzaar sends an email when the uploads have completed.

Video hosting service vzaar has introduced a feature to allow users to manage content on YouTube.

vzaar's YouTube Syndication tool allows users to manage YouTube content directly from vzaar, avoiding the need to upload to YouTube manually. Although vzaar provides their own video hosting, YouTube attracts a much larger audience.

Video hosting service vzaar has launched a new scheduling feature which allows users to choose start and end dates for time-sensitive videos.

vzaar have also enhanced performance by detecting the viewer's connection speed and streaming video at an optimal rate.

Video hosting service vzaar has added a new feature so multiple users can access a single vzaar account.

Account Owners can create new Editor, User and Uploader user types, who have restricted access to other vzaar features.

Ecommerce video specialist vzaar has introduced a new feature which archives videos after the normal 30 day period.

vzaar normally keeps original video files 30 days after uploading, but the new "source storage" retains them indefinitely - for a monthly fee.

Video-for-ecommerce provider vzaar has made a new release of their video player and website.

New options include:

  • High Definition (HD) video
  • Borderless player or custom border colours
  • Auto play
  • Custom branding text

eCommerce video provider vzaar have introduced new features including a variety of new player sizes.

Subscribing sellers can now select from small, medium and large player sizes as well as original size. Other new features include improved picture quality and a privacy feature which makes selected videos for use on your own website only.

Video hosting service vzaar has released an API which allows third-party eCommerce solutions to offer vzaar video hosting to their customers.

eCommerce design and auction management company Frooition are the first to use the vzaar API. Frooition customers can now manage and add video to their product description pages from within the Frooition interface.

Adrian Bausor, head of development at Frooition commented "Our customers want to add video to their online shops, so when we were scoping the project we were faced with two options; we could build the feature ourselves, which would have taken several months and resources to develop, or we could interface with an established video hosting service. We opted for the later and decided on vzaar. Using the vzaar API has allowed us to offer the feature much faster and with more confidence given video encoding, hosting and streaming is their business."

vzaar, a company specialising in video for online sellers, has added a feature which automatically submits videos to Google.

After they have uploaded their video to vzaar, Sellers provide the URL where the video will be located along with a description. vzaar feeds that information to Google and when a user searches for the appropriate keywords a thumbnail of the video is shown on the results page.

Adrian Sevitz, CTO of vzaar, comments "we recognise the importance of search and want to give our customers the best chance of being found online so we created this tool to assist in that process."

Up until recently Google has only showed YouTube video thumbnails on their results pages.

vzaar, the popular video widget for eBay sellers, can now be used to sell items on any website.

Jamie Parkins, COO at vzaar says “Since launching vzaar we've quickly established ourselves as the professional video player of choice on eBay. During that time, in conversations with a variety of businesses that today split their inventory across multiple sales channels, it was apparent that a cross platform player was required. So we set about designing our new player to meet their needs. The new player focuses solely on the video content and there are no 3rd party links or pre roll adverts to distract the buyer.”

There are a variety of packages for businesses to select from. They start at $10 per month and go up to $200 per month depending on the video bandwidth requirements. There is also a free package for the light users.

  • ReplyManager aids efficient handling of eBay customer inquiries
  • is an unusual concept - it adds to eBay listings a professionally produced "sales associate" video, who encourages the visitor to Buy It Now or Make An Offer, a free service for adding video to eBay auctions, is now known as eCommercePlayer.

The name change was made to reflect that the service is "no longer tied down to eBay auctions" and can now be used in blogs, online classifieds, and other auction sites.

The free service is now limited to 5 video clips, with unlimited videos available for $17.77 per month or $93.24 per year.

Video enhances buyer confidence as well as showing off products that move, make a sound, or have a high ticket price.

In this new article former eBay Community Manager and best-selling author Dan Wilson explains how eBay sellers can boost their business by using video in their auctions.

Learn how to Get a Competitive Edge on eBay With Video.

eBay has acquired a media (video, audio, photo) sharing site called VUVOX.

Little information about eBay's plans for VUVOX has been forthcoming, but their official blog said "eBay has acquired VUVOX to help further develop rich media capabilities in the eBay marketplace. At first glance, the integration of VUVOX into eBay is aimed at creating an enhanced customer experience using the personal media tools and applying them to listings and pages on"

It is not known what the impact of the acquisition will be on certified video providers, together with the proposed Active Content Policy.

eBay are to change the way auction descriptions are served to browsers — by segregating them from the rest of the site — in a new Active Content Policy.

The change, currently being testing on eBay Motors, seeks to protect users from malicious Flash and JavaScript content that could be embedded in eBay listing descriptions. An early sufferer from the change is Sellathon ViewTracker, which is incompatible with the change.

The proposed Active Content Policy goes further, prohibiting all listing code that is not pre-approved and loaded onto the page using custom tags. Such a policy would require all developers of in-listing enhancements to gain approval and make adjustments to their products. Listing enhancements include video, listing galleries, and zoomable images.

eBay are requesting feedback from developers on these plans.

eBay have changed their mind yet again on their embedded video policy.

  • First, eBay announced that you could link to videos but not embed them (although sellers had been embedding video for years).
  • Second, they changed their mind and said you could embed video but only if the video is hosted on YouTube, Google, MySpace, Microsoft, or AOL. This effectively banned a number of eBay-certified services that had been providing video for eBay auctions.
  • Third, eBay realised the absurdity of their behaviour and added the certified video providers to the approved list.

eBay have now come full-circle, and declared that video can only be embedded and must not be linked to.

Confused? You should be.

Hopefully a lesson has been learnt: spend time figuring out a sensible policy before announcing it to the world.

eBay generated controversy recently by leaving their own certified developers out of their new list of approved video services.

eBay has now updated their policy to include AOL, AuctionMercial,, Auction VIDEO, CarAuctionPro, CreativeVideosOnline, Google, i2iAuction, Microsoft, MySpace, and YouTube.

eBay made a shocking announcement two weeks ago that embedding video in auctions was not allowed, despite there being nothing in their Listing Policies to back that up. Only text links to videos would be allowed, and only to five sites: YouTube, Google, MySpace, Microsoft, and AOL.

They have now realised their mistake, and now will allow embedded video - as long as it is hosted on one of those five sites. It is interesting to see that eBay are allowing the use of Google Video and YouTube (also owned by Google). eBay's ban of Google Checkout was a big story last year, but Google's dominance in online video can't be ignored, even by eBay.

There are several unapproved providers who specialise in video for eBay sellers — many of them certified by eBay — who are now left out in the cold. eBay have said that "We'll be evaluating other video hosting sites as time goes on" so hope for their survival remains. This is not the first time eBay has cut off previously approved third-party products: Auction Extenders were banned by a "Policy Clarification" back in January.

eBay have stated, in a veiled announcement, that sellers may no longer embed video clips in their auction listings.

Video services for eBay sellers have been around for years, but the eBay announcement heralds that "the time is right to bring the video experience to eBay" by allowing links to five approved video services: YouTube, Google, MySpace, Microsoft, and AOL.

The announcement specifically states that "videos cannot be embedded within listings" but no reference could by found to back this up in eBay's byzantine Listing Policies. Indeed the HTML and JavaScript policy makes a specific exception for Flash content - the usual way of embedding video.

eBay listing policies have come under fire many times for their complexity, contradictions, and lack of enforcement. Issues which significantly affect the eBay buying experience such as lying about the item's location and adding unrelated keywords to the listing title are still common, despite policies specifically banning them.

Auction VIDEO, a service which adds video to auction ads, has made an agreement to add video clips to's auction pages on the web. has a calendar system in use by more than 350 live auction companies.

Logitech announced today the launch of VideoSnap, a service that allows sellers to add up to a 60 second video clip to their eBay item listings. Logitech charges $2.49 per clip, which can be paid through PayPal.

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