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All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has released a new tool which exports eBay listings to a CSV file.

The new tool can be used to:

  • Create files by categories and filters (eg. sold active listings, unsold active listings, all ended listings, sold ended listings, unsold ended listings; enables variations)
  • Back up listings
  • Export eBay listings to other marketplaces
  • Import stock into inventory management tools

Export to CSV is now available for free for a limited time.

Source: 3Dsellers

eBay market research tool ShelfTrend has made it possible to download data from its Recent Sales report.

The download includes two sheets:

  • By listings - View sales per listing, Item Specifics and much more
  • Transaction by date - See sales quantity and value per transaction, and buyer location for up to 7 days or 1000 transactions.

The latest ShelfTrend update also includes the ability to run a report on just New or Used items, which is useful for sellers who trade in refurbished and second hand products.

Source: ShelfTrend

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder now works with eBay Click & Collect.

StoreFeeder users can now upload dimensions to eBay listings and, providing they meet eBay's standards, they will be made eligible for Click & Collect automatically. Sellers also need to enable Click & Collect on their eBay account for the change to take effect.

Other new features in StoreFeeder's latest release include:

  • Despatching of multiple DPD Local parcel consignments
  • Amazon despatch notification speed increase
  • Filter by country on the Refund Summary page

Source: StoreFeeder

All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has released new features including a new inventory management module.

The 3Dsellers Inventory Manager is their newest eBay selling tool, and is included in the Management Plan. Is integrates sellers' warehouses with eBay stock levels.

Inventory Manager can set the quantity of items available on eBay, avoid overselling, show how many items have already been sold and change each item's price.

Inventory Manager includes the following bulk update actions:

  • Update prices, either to a specified amount of by a percentage.
  • Update inventory levels by a set amount of units or maintain the same as warehouse inventory

The 3Dsellers' Webstore has also been updated, removing the limit of five item specifications per listing.

3Dsellers has a new Export to CSV feature, providing an easy way to download a comprehensive .csv file of eBay listing data.

Finally, the 3Dsellers CRM & Helpdesk module has been updated to include the shipment tracking number so customer support reps can easily find the delivery status.

Source: 3Dsellers

eBay seller software platform 3Dsellers has been profiled on the Web Retailer Blog.

The feature explains how 3Dsellers founder Alex Flom started the business, after selling medical equipment on eBay.

It covers six tools including Feedback Reminder, Listing Designer, ThankYou Emails, Video Maker, PDF Catalog and Facebook Store.

Read Discover These Innovative eBay Marketing Tools from 3Dsellers

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Ecommerce management tool SureDone has enhanced its UI so sellers can easily connect their listings to eBay's new product catalog.

The update provides support for phase one of eBay's new "product-based shopping" format which was included in the eBay 2018 Spring Seller Update.

"We're excited to be one of the first companies to offer eBay's product based shopping experience within our platform," said Jason Nadaf, CEO and Founder of SureDone. "Being part of eBay's Developer Council with access to upcoming changes ensures our customers receive the latest eBay features very early in their release cycle."

eBay's product based shopping experience enables buyers to easily find merchandise that meets their search criteria and quickly decide which products they want to purchase. It consolidates similar listings into a unified view and lets the buyer prioritize what's important to them, such as price, condition or other criteria, making shopping the vast eBay catalog faster and easier. Phase one, released in May, only includes selected brands and products from the eBay catalog.

For sellers, product based shopping will require that listings be made with an identifier unique to each product. SureDone has enhanced its user interface to allow sellers to easily search eBay's catalog for the correct unique identifier and has also updated its bulk system to allow for the inclusion of this unique identifier. This has been further simplified with automatic lookups when a UPC or manufacturer part number has been provided.

Phase Two of the eBay product based shopping experience, expected to be released in August, will expand upon this foundation to include entire categories instead of specific products. eBay will also allow for the addition of new products and allow sellers to suggest edits on existing products. SureDone is already developing these enhancements and will make them available immediately following the eBay phase two rollout.

Source: SureDone

Channel management tool Linnworks has added a new feature to alert eBay sellers to account tampering.

After configuring their PayPal email addresses within Linnworks, sellers are alerted if any eBay orders are downloaded with a different payment email address - indicating that their account has been interfered with.

Orders with an incorrect PayPal email address are automatically parked so further investigation can occur. A daily email notification is also sent.

Source: Linnworks

Ecommerce platform Shopify is building an integration to allow its users to list products directly to the eBay online marketplace.

With the new integration, Shopify merchants will have the opportunity to surface their brand and products to a massive new audience of more than 169 million active eBay buyers. eBay shoppers will benefit from added selection and choice from potentially hundreds of thousands of Shopify merchants.

This integration will also enable Shopify merchants to immediately sync inventory information such as product title and description, item specifics, price and quantity from Shopify to eBay. Customer orders will also be imported to Shopify and allow merchants to fulfill orders from both platforms in one location, while messages from buyers on eBay will also be visible within Shopify so their sellers won't miss any important communications.

"eBay is focused on delivering the best choice and selection of inventory to buyers across the globe," said Bob Kupbens, VP of Global Trust & Seller Experience, eBay. "This new integration with Shopify will bring even more great products to eBay buyers, while offering Shopify merchants the ability to seamlessly drive their business and brand at scale by tapping into our vibrant marketplace."

eBay joins a fast-growing list of other Shopify sales channels, including Amazon, BuzzFeed, Facebook, Pinterest, Messenger and retail via Shopify's Point of Sale, among others. These integrations are possible because of Shopify's Sales Channel Platform, a collection of APIs that can be used to add commerce to any site, app, or platform. Sales channels are an important part of a Shopify merchant's business strategy, with more than 60% of merchants selling in two or more channels.

The eBay sales channel is expected to be available in Fall 2017 for Shopify merchants selling in USD in the United States.

Source: Shopify

Multichannel ecommerce solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has added three new dashboard widgets to show data about eBay sellers' account fees and performance metrics.

The new widgets include:

  • eBay Fees, showing trends of fees on your account.
  • eBay Detailed Seller Performance, showing performance metric trends and projected performance levels.
  • eBay Detailed Seller Reputation, showing detailed information about seller performance.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor has a new partnership with eBay.

"Since our founding 16 years ago, eBay has been a core partner to ChannelAdvisor and we're excited to strengthen that relationship," said David Spitz, ChannelAdvisor CEO. "This strategic partnership will allow us to more closely work with the eBay team to help drive growth for our mutual customers on eBay."

"We have worked with ChannelAdvisor since their beginning and have always valued them as a trusted and reliable partner for us, as well as our sellers," said Hal Lawton, eBay Senior Vice President of North America. "We're excited to strengthen our strategic partnership and we look forward to helping our joint customers grow their businesses and expand their marketplace presence."

ChannelAdvisor announced earlier that year that it was the first ecommerce solution provider to support eBay Promoted Listings, a new advertising program for sellers to promote listings on a cost-per-sale model. ChannelAdvisor also recently released algorithmic repricing for eBay. The repricer helps sellers stay competitive by improving the chance of winning top placement while maximizing profit margin through machine learning and real-time analytics.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Marketplace management tool Sellbrite has partnered with eBay to help bring more marketplace sellers to the eBay platform.

As part of the partnership, Sellbrite will enhance its eBay integration to provide sellers with member-to-member messaging and notifications. Sellbrite will also offer new eBay sellers four months of free service to help them while they build their eBay sales.

"Sellbrite has offered the best integration with eBay and several popular shopping carts for a few years now, so it's an honor to be selected by eBay for this partnership," said Brian Nolan, co-founder and CEO of Sellbrite. "eBay has been an important sales channel for our customers, driving significant revenue and visibility from hundreds of millions of buyers. With this partnership, sellers large and small can easily add eBay's thriving marketplace as a sales channel and use Sellbrite to grow and manage their multi-channel business."

"Sellers are the backbone of the eBay marketplace – when they succeed, we succeed," said Bob Kupbens, Vice President of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Selling at eBay. "We remain committed to making eBay the world's most powerful selling platform, and this partnership with Sellbrite is another example of how we are continuing to find ways to help our sellers streamline and scale their businesses."

Sellbrite is a multi-channel ecommerce management solution provider that simplifies the way sellers manage their business through an integrated technology platform. Sellbrite already provides a comprehensive solution for eBay sellers to manage listings, inventory, fulfillment and reporting.

Source: Sellbrite

Marketplace management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has added support for the new mobile description field on eBay.

eBay now allows users to specify a short summary description that should be displayed to buyers on mobile devices. The short description should summarize the product information and cannot include HTML.

ChannelAdvisor has also added a new "eBay Revise Performance" report which provides details about the revision performance of open listings and recommendations based on the types of changes and processing results.

An update to the Device Preview for description templates includes the most current set of mobile devices on the market today. The Device Preview can be used to get a feel for how a template will display on different devices.

ChannelAdvisor can now automatically withdraw eBay listings with no sales after a certain period of time. Once withdrawn from eBay, the schedule will determine if a new listing should be created allowing users to automatically create a fresh listing which may be more appealing to buyers.

Finally, ChannelAdvisor has a new returns management flow for, and a new marketplace integration with Zalando Belgium.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has a new partnership with eBay to enable BigCommerce merchants to seamlessly list their products and manage their inventory on the eBay marketplace.

"It's never been more important for business owners to manage and sell across multiple channels, and this partnership allows our customers to take advantage of a thriving marketplace that will bring them new customers and turn that discovery into revenue," said Brent Bellm, CEO of BigCommerce.

"Multiple sales channels can introduce complexity, but this integration will bring our customers a more efficient way to grow their businesses, and save them time previously spent managing multiple platforms."

BigCommerce users will be able to list, manage and sell on the eBay marketplace through the BigCommerce control panel. The integration will provide:

  • Centralized inventory management
  • Rapid bulk listing
  • Quantity, price and description synchronization

Beta testing of the eBay integration will begin in the third quarter of 2016.

* * * * *

BigCommerce has also integrated a new version of PayPal's Express Checkout which allows payment to be made without visiting the PayPal website. PayPal's "in-context" checkout allows shoppers to stay on the webstore's checkout page eliminating a potential barrier to completing the payment process.

A new mobile payment tool from PayPal, also now integrated with BigCommerce, provides a simpler checkout experience for mobile buyers by storing payment data on the customer's mobile device. With PayPal One Touch, a shopper can fill in their credit card data on checkout pages in just a few clicks.

Source: BigCommerce

eBay has partnered with marketplace management tool inkFrog to provide free software to small businesses.

The new partnership between eBay and inkFrog is aimed at helping small businesses scale, and improve inventory and order management.

inkFrog's solution includes seller efficiency tools, listings integration, and order management. Small businesses who meet eBay's criteria can take advantage of a free one-year subscription just by taking a survey.

"Making our customers' investments in eBay worthwhile and rewarding is job number one for us," said Jordan Sweetnam, Vice President of Seller Experience at eBay. "We are committed to offering the world's best selling platform, with consistent and predictable standards and tools. Services from inkFrog will simplify tasks for our customers, and give sellers new insights into their activities. These services can also help our sellers scale their businesses."

Using inkFrog, sellers will be able to sync inventory updates across ShopifyBigcommerce and the eBay platform.

Source: eBay

Ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has released a new app for easy listing to eBay Australia.

The app, developed in partnership with eBay Australia, provides a way to list products and manage inventory on eBay. The integration is available only to sellers residing in Australia or New Zealand.

Features include rapid bulk listing, customisable templates, automatic mapping to eBay categories, custom discount rules, and more.

eBay Senior Director Retailer Growth, Tim MacKinnon said "We look forward to working with Bigcommerce to introduce thousands of new sellers to the largest community of online shoppers in Australia".

eBayLINK is available on the Bigcommerce marketplace.

Bigcommerce was founded in 2009 by Australians Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper. Its headquarters is now in Austin, Texas.

Source: Tamebay

eBay's File Exchange bulk upload tool has been malfunctioning repeatedly, reports Tamebay.

Tamebay editor Dan Wilson wrote, "we've had a number of emails from readers who are having problems this week. One seller has been in touch to day that he hasn't been able to download the vital report he relies on for close to 48 hours. With roughly 400 or so despatches ready to go, this is the sort of delay no sellers need."

Source: Tamebay

A relaunch of eBay's Certified Provider Program features just seven companies, including only two members of the previous program launched in 2011.

The seven Certified Providers under the new program are:

eBay's Vice President of Merchant Development John Strosahl said, "At eBay, we're committed to helping our sellers be successful. Through this program, we’re continuing to invest in our trusted Marketplace by bringing new proven merchants onboard. We’re thrilled that Ally Commerce, eSellerPro, Kadro, Mercent, Monsoon Commerce, Shopping Feed and Solid Commerce have joined our enhanced Certified Provider Program. Each of these providers will be arming new merchants with the tools and coaching them how to quickly grow their eBay business."

The new program will be fully rolled out next year.

Source: eSellerPro

eBay selling tool suppliers Auctiva and Vendio (both owned by Alibaba), and eBay themselves, are being sued over scrolling gallery technology that was used in the defunct slideLynxx widget (formerly AuctionLynxx).

The lawsuit was filed by Auction Acceleration Corporation (AAC), a subsidiary of "patent portfolio" company ITUS Corporation. It owns two patents which cover "presentation and cross selling technologies enabling auction sellers to cross-sell and upsell additional items to interested buyers, resulting in incremental sales, and higher yields per transaction", according to ITUS. The patents were originally granted to AuctionHelper.

ITUS President and CEO Robert Berman said, "The inventor of this technology was a pioneer in the early days of eBay, building tools that enabled sellers to generate millions of dollars of sales revenue. We will continue to stand up for small inventors and assist them in receiving fair consideration for their inventions, as we build value for our shareholders."

Source: EcommerceBytes and ITUS

In its 2013 Fall Release, eBay has updated its hosted selling management tool Selling Manager with a number of improvements to listing creation and editing.

The new features available in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro include:

  • Creating listings from drafts. Thousands of drafts can be created and saved for up to 30 days.
  • Creating new listings in bulk (to be rolled out to sellers during the year).
  • Creating multiple new listings by copying existing listings.
  • Editing listings in bulk using a new quick edit mode.
  • Export listings to a CSV or PDF file.
  • Listing recommendations based on marketplace data, including pricing suggestions and title tips.

Source: eBay

Multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has started automatically filing eBay disputes when sellers refund an order.

The change is in response to the new eBay Defect Rate, which assumes refunded orders have been cancelled by the seller – and are therefore defective – if a dispute has not been filed.

ChannelAdvisor will automatically create an eBay dispute for orders which meet the following criteria:

  • The order has been marked as shipped.
  • The refund is for the whole item value.
  • There isn't already a dispute created for the order.

The change took effect on May 21 and will be retroactive for refunds submitted since May 1.

A dispute will not be created for partial refunds, as they are not treated as seller-cancelled orders by eBay.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

eBay has informed members of its Trading Assistant program that the scheme is to be disbanded on 20 September 2013.

In its place eBay is piloting a program called eBay Selling Assistant, which also sells items on eBay as a commission-based service, but is run entirely in-house.

The Trading Assistant program provided a directory of eBay sellers who specialize in consignment selling — selling items on behalf of others in return for a commission. With the program's closure, the directory will be removed and sellers will no longer have permission to use program logos and other marketing materials.

Consigment selling on eBay was a high profile new business model in the mid-2000s, with physical "drop-off" stores opening in many shopping locations. It's popularity has since waned.

Via EcommerceBytes.

Two years after its acquisition, eBay is rebranding its big-business ecommerce software supplier GSI Commerce as "eBay Enterprise".

GSI Commerce was acquired by eBay in March 2011, to improve eBay's ability to partner with large retailers and brands.

Chris Saridakis, President of the new eBay Enterprise, said "For many leading retailers and brands today, eBay Enterprise is helping to deliver the future of commerce. We are a partner to more than 1,000 retailers and brands, providing leading commerce technologies, marketing solutions and omnichannel operations capabilities that enabled $4 billion of ecommerce transactions in 2012. We have a proven track record of helping our clients grow their online businesses faster than the industry, with same-store-sales consistently outperforming ecommerce growth rates."

eBay is promoting its recently acquired Magento ecommerce software to customers of ProStores, an eBay-owned shopping cart acquired in 2004 - reports eCommerce Bytes.

ProStores sellers were sent an email invitation to a webcast about the hosted Magento Go service - a direct competitor to ProStores - which read "one solution may not meet all merchants' need so with the help of X.commerce, an eBay, Inc. company, we're expanding our storefront solutions by investing in the fasting growing online eCommerce platform in the world called Magento."

* * * * *

ProStores version 10.3.3 has been released, and includes changes to Google Feed Files, inclusion of Canadian provinces, enhanced product list display, and easier UPS shipping label voiding.

The first developer conference combining all of eBay's platforms will be held on 12-13 October in San Francisco.

The Innovate Developer Conference 2011 will include sessions on PayPal, eBay, Magento and GSI under the new "X.commerce" brand that eBay is using as an umbrella for all their technology offerings.

Speakers featured in the two-day conference include:

  • John Donahoe — President and CEO, eBay, Inc.
  • Neal Sample — CTO of X.commerce
  • Naveed Anwar — Head of Community, X.commerce
  • Jack Abraham — Founder and CEO of Milo

For more information or to register visit There is a $200 discount for early bird registration, ending 31 August.

eBay's certification program for third-party solution providers has been updated, with significant changes to the criteria certified providers must meet - resulting in some providers leaving the program.

The current certified providers are:

The eBay Certified Provider Program was launched in 2004.

Following the revelation in February that eBay owned 49% of open-source ecommerce platform Magento, eBay has completed the acquisition by buying the remaining 51% of shares.

Magento, along with GSI Commerce which eBay acquired in March, will form part of eBay's new x.commerce platform based at the former home of the PayPal Developer's Program

In a YouTube message to eCommerce developers, eBay CEO John Donahoe said "Magento builds on our existing technology assets and is complementary to the platform capabilities of GSI Commerce...combined we believe that these acquisitions will position us to become the strategic commerce partner of choice for retailers of all sizes."

eBay is sponsoring an award for the best new application using the eBay Developer APIs, to be announced at the PayPal X Innovate 2010 conference in San Francisco this October.

The eBay X Award will be judged in accordance with the guidelines for the overall PayPal Developer Challenge, plus the application's ability to improve satisfaction within the eBay buyer and seller communities.

eBay has finally announced the end of its much-maligned third-party checkout redirect, following rumours of its demise going back over two years.

As of 30th June 2011, eBay Checkout will be the only checkout process for buyers on eBay. Third-party software providers have been briefed and are working to move over to eBay Checkout before the deadline.

The removal of third-party checkout redirect is in line with planned new features for eBay's own checkout such as delivery rate tables and the new eBay shopping basket currently being tested on

eBay is introducing a new sales analysis tool this September in the US, and the following month in the UK.

The new eBay Listing Analytics application will provide sellers with insight into how their fixed price and multi-quantity listings are performing. Listing Analytics will help sellers identify their best and worst performing listings, and revise them to maximise sales.

eBay's Sales Reports has some similar functions to Listing Analytics but competing third party applications are thin on the ground at the moment.

More information (UK version).

The winners of the 2010 eBay star developer awards have been announced at the eBay Developers Conference:

  • DSR Rockstar: eCommSource by Cloud Conversion
  • Early Adopter: Quantity Manager and Price Spectre by NullApps (runner up for DSR report last year)
  • Most Innovative: Outright by Outright
  • Rapid Evolution: Vendio Reviser by Vendio (runner up in the Most Innovative category for Vendio Research last year)
  • Service to the Developer Community: David Kronenwetter of Experimenter's Discount Warehouse (runner up last year)


Previous winners: 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004

eBay has announced a new listing tool based on Microsoft's Silverlight technology, called the eBay Simple Lister.

The new tool was presented at Microsoft developer conference MIX10 by eBay VP of Product Development, Raji Arasu. A notable feature is the use of a standard webcam to read a product's barcode and pull in catalog data. Watch the presentation.

This news was reported on Scot Wingo's eBay Strategies Blog.

eBay's system for hosting applications within Selling Manager, SMApps, is now open to all registered sellers, not just those with Selling Manager subscriptions.

The eBay Apps Center includes nearly 40 applications from sourcing products to accounting tools. Compatible tools in the directory can be viewed here.

PayPal is running a competition for developers to encourage use of the company's new Adaptive APIs.

The challenge is to use the PayPal X APIs to create an innovative payment application for businesses. The first prize is $50,000 in cash plus up to $50,000 in waived transaction fees. The second prize is $25,000 in cash plus up to $25,000 in waived transaction fees.

Competition judges include eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, as well as a venture capitalist and the PayPal company president. More information and registration.

* * * * *

Pierre Omidyar's charity foundation GlobalGiving is also running a competition for developers, called "Innovate for Good", in conjunction with eBay. Entrants should create applications with a high profile and big social impact using GlobalGiving and/or eBay APIs.

The prize is an all-expenses-paid trip to visit a GlobalGiving charity project anywhere in the world. Enter here.

The long-awaited Selling Manager Applications platform has been launched to eBay sellers.

Selling Manager Applications, also known as SMApps and Project Echo (while in development), allows third-party developers to embed their own tools into Selling Manager - eBay's auction management tool within My eBay.

To access SMApps, sellers need a subscription to Selling Manager (free) or Selling Manager Pro. A new Applications tab will display existing subscriptions and allow sellers to subscribe to new applications.

The applications include solutions for sourcing products, shipping, customer support, inventory, research and reporting.

All SMApps are available with a free trial (usually between one week and 30 days) but most charge a subscription fee after the free period.

A directory of SMApps is available at on the Auction Software Review here: eBay Selling Manager Applications, and initially includes vzaar, OneSource, Terapeak, ahTXT, ezSupport for eBay, MyStoreMaps, MyStoreRewards, ShipRush.

eBay has rebuffed an AuctionByte's news story which claimed Third-Party Checkout Redirect will be removed as part of the major update due in mid-June.

eBay has stated that Checkout Redirect will not be eliminated but rather that new guidelines were being imposed. Some providers, including Infopia and eBay's own store provider ProStores have chosen to stop offering third-party checkout rather than make the required changes. This is apparently because the guidelines prohibit cross-selling and up-selling — the main reason for sellers to use a third-party checkout in the first place. ProStores have claimed that Checkout Redirect will be removed completely in 2010.

Rumours about the end of Checkout Redirect, which allows eBay sellers to direct buyers through a third-party checkout instead of eBay's own, surfaced at eBay Live in June last year.

Nominations are now open for the annual eBay Star Developer Awards to be announced at the eBay Developers Conference this June. All developers who build applications using the eBay API are eligible.

Categories include:

  • DSR Rockstar (improving customer service & buyer experience)
  • Most Innovative
  • Early Adopter
  • Service to the Developer Community
  • Rapid Evolution (a new award for boosting seller efficiency in a dynamic marketplace)

Nominations should be emailed to developer-relations AT, including your name and contact information, the nominee's name and contact information, the award category, and an explanation of why the nominee is worthy of consideration. The subject line should “eBay DevCon Star Developer Award” plus the category name. The closing date is 15 May 2009.

eBay's web-based auction management tool Selling Manager will be free for all sellers from June 15, 2009. There will continue to be a fee for Selling Manager Pro.

Both versions will have a new summary page, and the navigation will change to become similar to My eBay. A new "Account activity" section will be available and "At a glance" data will be extended to 120 days.

eBay's Project Echo is out of beta testing and has been renamed "eBay Selling Manager Applications" (SM Apps).

SM Apps allows third-party developers to embed their applications directly into eBay's web-based auction management tool Selling Manager.

The launch to sellers is scheduled for the week beginning June 15, as part of a major raft of changes. Initial third-party applications will include Terapeak's research tool, Hosted Support's customer support solution, shipping solutions, and more. Some applications will have one-off or recurring fees, while others will be free.

Subscriptions and billing for SM Apps will be handled by eBay, who are waiving a revenue share component until 2010 for developers whose applications are ready for the initial launch to sellers. Further information for developers.

eBay have released a new API which will enable developers to create Detailed Selling Rating (DSR) based reports.

New solutions built on the Feedback API could provide insights into how specific business practices contribute to a seller’s DSR scores. For example, a particular shipping service may consistently deliver high DSRs, while items listed in a particular category contribute to most of the lower ratings.

eBay plans to increase the security of its site and of users’ machines with the release of new technology.

The company will be adding a technology called Trustyear to the website, which aims to cut down on spoof (phishing) versions of the site. It does this by monitoring user sessions and blocking fraudulent versions of the auction site.

For users, eBay are setting up a new site called eBay Garage which will perform an online virus scan to see if any threat is present. Although the application will detect malware it will not remove it.

Dave Cullinane, eBay Marketplaces chief information security officer said "Phishing seems to be tailoring off [sic] a little bit but the growth in the amount of malicious code out there is appalling … As we are getting better at shutting off opportunities for criminals to exploit what is happening on our side they are moving to try and attack the customer end."


eBay have introduced a new pay-per-click advertising program for sellers, two years after scrapping eBay Keywords - a virtually identical system.

eBay AdCommerce allows sellers to place text ads advertise on eBay search result pages, targeted by category or keyword. Currently the US, German, UK, Australian, Canadian, French and Italian sites are participating in the program.

eBay Keywords was shut down in September 2006, and was used by "a very small percentage of sellers" according to eBay.

eBay has pulled plans to prohibit unapproved HTML in item descriptions.

As the first phase of the Active Content policy, eBay has begun hosting item descriptions on a separate domain, to prevent malicious or poorly implemented HTML interfering with the rest of the page. The second phase of the plan was to ban listing code other than pre-approved enhancements.

While the domain split will be retained, the code ban and pre-approval process have been put on hold indefinitely.

eBay has acquired Positronic, Inc., a company that uses artificial intelligence technology to improve search from a user experience point of view.

The official eBay blog announced the acquisition and confirmed rumours that Christopher Payne, co-founder of Positronic, joined eBay as VP of Search and fellow co-founder Dane Glasgow joined eBay as VP of Engineering.

Last year eBay globally launched a major new search system, dubbed Finding 2.0, and a controversial new sorting algorithm, called Best Match. The new features were aimed at improving the relevance of search results for buyers, but some sellers complained that their listings had become impossible to find.

eBay is moving development of their desktop auction management tool eBay Blackthorne to their San Jose office, laying off the Blackthorne developers based in Pennsylvania.

Blackthorne was created in 2005 as the successor to Seller's Assistant, which was also created by Blackthorne Software, a company acquired by eBay in 1999.

Following news that Checkout Redirect is to be ended in mid-2009 eBay will soon support sellers' card processing merchant accounts directly within the eBay Checkout.

The support will be provided via PayPal's Payflow online payment gateway, currently available in the US. Online payment gateways normally charge a fee for processing transactions (which are in addition to merchant account fees), but eBay will be waiving their fee for this service.

Sign-up for the free service opens in January 2009 and must be completed by the end of March 2009. More information on the eBay Developers Program Blog.

A number of sniping tools have reported missed bids due to eBay's new "weak password policy".

Under the new policy, eBay shows security warnings to users with passwords they have determined to be less than strong, encouraging these users to change their passwords to something more secure. The warning has blocked some bids from sniping services such as Bidnapper and JustSnipe.

eBay advises users to choose passwords with a combination of at least 6 to 8 letters, numbers, and special characters; or multiple words without spaces. Passwords should not consist of single words or easily obtainable personal information, and should not contain part of a user ID, email address, or words related to eBay or a hobby.

ChannelAdvisor UK are co-hosting a webinar with on Monday 22nd September at 1pm to explore to the upcoming changes to eBay Buy it Now and Shops.

Hosted by Rafael Orta, Head of Seller Experience for and Max Leisten, Senior Product Manager at ChannelAdvisor, the webinar will detail changes designed to help sellers list their entire product catalogue on eBay.

Register here.

eBay has released details of how item description HTML will be segregated from the rest of the site, a change announced at the eBay Developer Conference in June this year.

As part of the new View Item page release, eBay will host the user-generated description on a different domain and load it into an IFrame for display on the page. Scripts will only be allowed to modify and control the item description and the area it occupies.

The change may affect listing enhancements that are not tested and modified as necessary before the change, and could cause enhancements to fail if they try to access the area outside the item description .

eBay have released detailed requirements to make sure content appears as expected inside the IFrame.

eBay are to replace their market analysis tool eBay Marketplace Research with Terapeak, a well-regarded eBay research tool and licensee of eBay market data.

The new service will be called Marketplace Research by Terapeak and will be accessible from within the eBay website.

"We are pleased to join with Terapeak to offer our customers an alternative service for eBay Marketplace Research," said Laura Della Torre, Senior Manager, Seller Platform at eBay. "We have been working with Terapeak as a Certified Provider for several years and believe they are well suited to provide a research product that meets the needs of our customers."

Terapeak are currently offering year-long subscriptions at a discount rate of 60% off.

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