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eBay market research tool ShelfTrend has been profiled on the Web Retailer blog.

Most eBay sellers are looking for ways to grow their businesses. But in a marketplace where you can trade almost anything, deciding exactly what to sell is a big challenge.

Sellers will often start their research by looking at bestseller lists or searching the eBay site. That's OK if you are shopping, but for sellers it can lead them in the wrong direction. To be truly successful, a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of what sells is required. That is what ShelfTrend has set out to deliver.

By analyzing live eBay data, ShelfTrend can help sellers find patterns and gaps, and decide how to move into new categories, expand overseas or develop new private label products. With a free basic plan available, sellers don't have anything to lose by trying it out.

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All-in-one tool for Amazon sellers Efficient Era now offers over 20 different alerts covering listings, the Buy Box, feedback and sales.

Buy Box changes detected by the new alerts include:

  • No Buy Box: No sellers have the Buy Box.
  • Lost Buy Box: Where the Buy Box has been lost to another seller.
  • Buy Box Suppressed: There are offers, but Amazon isn't giving any of them the Buy Box.
  • Page Suppressed: The product detail page is silently suppressed by Amazon.

"Amazon sellers talk a lot about account suspensions, but it's product suspensions and suppressions that are having the biggest impact lately. Amazon has become aggressive about removing products, often for reasons that aren't clear." said Bernie Thompson, Founder of Efficient Era, in a post explaining the rationale behind Buy Box losses.

Efficient Era checks for Buy Box ownership changes every 15 minutes, and page suppression events every 24 hours. Users can receive an email for each Buy Box loss event, and a daily digest email that combines all the alerts for that day.

Efficient Era also provides explanations and actionable recommendations on what sellers should do in each of these situations, and historical details of a product's Buy Box ownership.

Over 90% of all sales on Amazon occur using the Buy Box. Amazon can rotate the Buy Box between sellers and even take it away entirely in some situations, such as unusually high pricing.

Source: Efficient Era

Free shopping search engine Pricesearcher has hired Weldon W. Whitener, who previously led Amazon UK's pricing team.

Weldon, who joins Pricesearcher as Chief Analytics Officer, will lead on managing and utilising the huge amounts of data Pricesearcher is collecting as they aim to complete their UK index by their Q1 2019 launch.

He brings a deep knowledge and understanding of large data sets from his time serving under world renowned data scientist Dr Richard Durban at the Sanger Institute, University of Cambridge.

Weldon will be based at the team's HQ in Farringdon London and will work closely with Pricesearcher's founder and CEO, Samuel Dean.

Weldon said, "The potential of this business is massive. As is my ambition to take this opportunity and run with it. My personal aim is to make this the best in class team in ecommerce search, providing an unrivalled shopping experience to customers wherever they are in the world."

Samuel Dean, CEO & Founder of Pricesearcher, said, "Weldon is one of the world's most renowned pricing strategists and his knowledge and expertise in this sector is going to benefit consumers and retailers globally. I look forward to working with him closely on his projects and continuing Pricesearcher's mission is to index all the world's prices."

Source: Pricesearcher

Ecommerce management tool SureDone has added support for Walmart-owned marketplace

" is an important player in the e-commerce space - especially with Walmart's ownership," said Jason Nadaf, Founder and CEO of SureDone. "With Jet's huge investments in key urban areas such as San Francisco and New York City, and their focus on upscale shoppers, we are giving our users an opportunity to target specific geographic markets and customer segments."

The SureDone interface is built on top of SureDone's advanced plug-in architecture, allowing users to leverage their existing investment in data, product information management, inventory control, order consolidation and data automation. In addition, SureDone's API has been extended to allow third party platforms, such as ERP or CRM systems, to fully integrate with the new connection. attracts buyers to its platform in numerous ways, including discounts when multiple products are purchased, discounts for opting out of the ability to return products and the JetCash program to incentivize future purchases.

"Our users have asked for Jet and we've delivered," said Nadaf. "We continue to evolve a market leading multichannel e-commerce platform that is both customer driven and internally innovative, adding value to our customers by increasing access to more buyers while simultaneously decreasing their operational time investment."

Source: PR Newswire

Ecommerce software provider ChannelAdvisor is adding a connection to DHL eCommerce so retailers can access DHL's international shipping services within the ChannelAdvisor platform.

"We're excited about this strategic alliance between DHL and ChannelAdvisor, which brings together two industry-leading companies to power the e-commerce opportunity for brands and retailers across the globe," says Charles Brewer, CEO, DHL eCommerce. "By leveraging technology platforms, retailers and brands can accelerate their cross border e-commerce strategy by easily expanding to new regions and selling to anyone, anywhere. This is made even easier with a global e-commerce logistics partner like DHL to ensure a seamless order fulfillment and shipping process."

As a strategic partner, DHL eCommerce will bring their expertise in ecommerce logistics and access to a global fulfillment network for customers on the ChannelAdvisor platform. Customers can utilize the network of shared-use facilities at transactional prices to enable high-quality e-commerce order fulfillment with best-in-class operations and multiple shipping options.

DHL eCommerce is part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, established in 2014 as part of the Group's growing focus in ecommerce logistics solutions.

ChannelAdvisor enables retailers and brands to sell on over 107 marketplaces with a single product data feed.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Marketplace management tool Expandly has closed a funding round totalling over half a million U.K. pounds.

The round was led by Mercia Fund Managers. It includes £250k from the MEIF Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund which is managed by Mercia for the Midlands Engine Investment Fund, £250k from Mercia's EIS Fund and the remainder from angel investors.

The company intends to use the funds, creating five new jobs, to develop the sales and marketing teams, advance the product and accelerate growth.

Founded in 2013 by CEO Alan Wilson, Expandly makes it more accessible for retailers to sell on different marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy by providing a central platform where they can manage all their product listings and inventory, and process and fulfil orders.

The company – chaired by the former CEO of Tesco Direct, Steve Robinson – was recently selected by Microsoft for its program to support startups and the software will be sold via some Microsoft resellers.

Source: FinSMEs

Amazon listing monitoring system AMZAlert has been profiled on the Web Retailer blog.

Dirty tricks are a daily occurrence on Amazon. Without you even knowing it, competitors can be damaging your sales along with your well-earned reputation.

They can do this by hijacking your listings. They can take over the Buy Box, post negative reviews, and even downvote your existing positive reviews. There are numerous ways that competitors can sabotage your business. These tactics can result in a significant drop in earnings, and even lead to a full account suspension.

You can't stop competitors from trying to undermine your success. But what you can do is monitor your listings, take note of any unexpected changes, and have the right tools to fight back as quickly and effectively as possible. This is where AMZAlert comes in.

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October 2018 | September 2018 »
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