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Pricing platform Competera has released two updates to their system in the last month.

Users can now benefit from higher quality product matches, by blacklisting incorrectly matched URLs so they are not matched again in the future.

Prepaid users can also control and plan their Competera budget in real time, through a new billing page showing their current balance, a graph of monthly spending and the expected date of the next payment.

Finally, Competera's users can obtain competitive data from price comparison websites and synchronize data via API up to five times faster than before.

Source: Competera

Multichannel ecommerce system Sellware has completed an enterprise-level NetSuite to WooCommerce integration.

The integration connects more than a dozen different marketplaces and multi-platform ecommerce sites. Sellware is able to seamlessly connect global sales channels consisting of NetSuite, Magento 1.x, Magento 2, Amazon (FBA / Merchant Fiiled) and variety of WooCommerce platforms.

Orders are routed back to NetSuite in the native orders' currency, adjusting for the originating site's tax and VAT considerations, and routed back to NetSuite with mappings to the proper NetSuite subsidiary and customer account.

Source: Sellware

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has added support for Amazon Business, alongside other improvements in its latest release.

Amazon Business is a new marketplace for B2B products that serves the procurement needs of businesses of every size.

StoreFeeder now supports:

  • Setting business prices against listings, increasing the chance of business sales.
  • Creating quantity discounts for businesses, as a percentage or fixed amount.
  • Enabling Amazon Business for a selling account, and activating Amazon's VAT calculation service.

Orders that come from business customers are tagged so they can be distinguished from standard orders, and filtered in the order list.

Amazon Business is available in StoreFeeder for Amazon UK, DE and FR.

Other enhancements in the latest StoreFeeder update include:

  • DPD labels can now be printed when using Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.
  • New area for adding customs data for products, so StoreFeeder can send electronic customs data.
  • Changes to exchange rates so customers can set their own rate to be used.
  • Improved functionality to pre-despatch.
  • Improvements to suggested stock transfers.
  • Improvements to the StoreFeeder App including next pick location and improved search functionality.

Source: StoreFeeder for Amazon Business and latest release

Marketplace management tool Expandly can now be accessed through Amazon's appstore in Seller Central.

The Marketplace Appstore is a one-stop-shop where small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon can discover quality applications to help them automate, manage and grow their business. It features applications created by Amazon and external developers and covers a range of functionalities across the selling lifecycle.

Alan Wilson, CEO of Expandly, said: "This is great news for online sellers who want an easy and affordable way to sell across multiple sales channels. Businesses that sell on Amazon can integrate their other online marketplaces, shopping cart, shipping carrier and accounting software – ultimately leading to more time, exposure, customers and, most importantly, sales".

Expandly completed a £580,000 funding round this October, led by Mercia Fund Managers.

Source: Expandly

December 2018 | November 2018 »
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