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International ecommerce conference Retail Without Borders will feature UK broadcaster and journalist Jon Snow as a guest chair.

Jon Snow will be hosting an expert panel called, "A World of Opportunity: Cross Border Trade in a Post Brexit World".

The event, organized by ecommerce services provider We Are Pentagon, takes place on Thursday 14th March 2019 at the QEII Centre London. Retail Without Borders brings together established international retailers with leading ecommerce service providers, experts and marketplaces.

Attendees can learn how to accelerate their global online sales, boost international brand awareness, navigate local customs, international shipping and language barriers, as well as hear case studies from leaders in the field of international ecommerce.

Web Retailer readers can secure a FREE seat at Retail Without Borders London 2019 using the code WRJONSNOW.

Source: Retail Without Borders

Tool for Amazon sellers Efficient Era has updated the Dashboard and Product Performance pages in its Ad Tool.

The new Dashboard shows exact numbers on metrics inlcuding Bid Adjustments, New Keywords, Match Type Changes, and more. It also shows an expanded view of campaign performance graphs.

The new Product Performance section shows summaries of the products with Lowest Impressions, Lowest CTR, Lowest Converting, and Highest ACoS. Users can also adjust the Target ACoS for a specific product.

Source: Efficient Era

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has released its full integration with the British marketplace OnBuy.

StoreFeeder has had an OnBuy integration for a few months, but it only covered order processing. The updated OnBuy integration includes inventory management and listing to OnBuy, as long as the products are in the OnBuy catalogue.

Other updates in the latest release include:

  • Refunding eBay orders through PayPal from within the system
  • Editing pending inventory transfers
  • Improvements to the barcode despatch function
  • Shopify Listings can be "Unpublished" rather than just set to out of stock when inventory reaches zero

Source: StoreFeeder

UK multichannel ecommerce system Khaos Control Cloud has a new feature enabling users to create custom tags for data including customers, products and messages.

The new feature allows users to create their own colour-coded tags custom tags. Some examples of usage include:

  • Tagging customers as gold, silver or bronze depending on their lifetime spend
  • Tagging products which require customisation or other additional attention
  • Tagging messages in the CRM system to highlight important issues

The latest release also improves the System Health Checks feature, creating additional health rating statuses and checking for purchase invoices which have been un-posted for over 6 weeks.

Source: Khaos Control Cloud

February 2019 | January 2019 »
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