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Third-party logistics company Rakuten Super Logistics has deployed inVia Picker robots within its Nevada fulfillment center.

Using the inVia Picker robots and cloud-based Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) management system, the company expects to increase its ecommerce fulfillment and warehouse productivity by more than 300 percent as the solution scales with data collection and optimization.

"For RSL and our broad array of clients, inVia Robotics presents an exciting opportunity to scale demand, manage costs and improve inventory accuracy utilizing a RaaS model," explains Michael Manzione, RSL's Chief Executive Officer. "Our partnership with inVia is indicative of our company's commitment to providing clients with state-of-the-art technology designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs."

inVia Robotics supports ecommerce companies in improving fulfillment and streamlining supply chain processes among growing demand and competition in the space. inVia's goods-to-person-fulfillment, a subscription-based model, was chosen ahead of competitors due to its ability to increase efficiencies across many operating cost layers within RSL's facilities. The company's fulfillment needs extend throughout several warehouses across the U.S., among major population centers that support expedited delivery for consumers. inVia's flexible and adaptive mobile robot automation can optimize RSL's U.S. operations at a scalable rate.

"We're excited to deploy our robots with Rakuten Super Logistics to support and increase warehouse productivity and provide an edge over competitors," said Lior Elazary, founder and Chief Executive Officer of inVia Robotics. "inVia's technology and accessible RaaS platform will help the company elevate its e-commerce solutions, streamline fulfillment and continue to scale its operations to meet a growing customer demand."

Source: PR Newswire

Competitor price monitoring tool Competera has changed the way information is displayed in its Product Report.

Product data is now grouped by topic, and more details about the data quality are available. Retailers can now see the date of the last comparison, the number of checks, etc. and make changes directly on the card.

The graph of product price changes was also altered to make it easier to check competitors' price changes. A thick gray line shows the changes in the retailer's prices, and a gray area shows the entire market from the minimum to the maximum price. On the same graph, a retailer can display competitors to see how their prices have changed.

Source: Competera

British ecommerce ERP Khaos Control Cloud has released a number of new features and improvements in its April update.

The update includes:

  • Email automation, which allows users to send out purchase orders, sales orders, acknowledgements and quotes from the sales and purchasing screens.
  • Consolidated pick sheets, so customers can print off multiple orders on one sheet instead of batches of individual sheets.
  • Supplier price lists, providing access to supplier price lists from within the application.
  • Barcode scanning, allowing users to scan invoice barcodes to find orders within the system, and to book goods in or mark items as delivered from a purchase order.

Khaos Control Cloud have also launched a new app marketplace, where partner companies can showcase extensions built on top of their API. The marketplace currently features plugins for Magento, with support for EKM, TrueLoaded, Gryphen POS, Blue Alligator POS, SmartConsign and Parcelhub coming soon.

Source: Khaos Control Cloud for April Update and App Marketplace

Marketplace product research tool Algopix has a new Sales Estimator feature which provides the monthly sales volume for any product on Amazon or eBay.

Sales Estimator estimates the total sales value and number of units sold, broken down by country. By integrating product sales signals from numerous data providers, including real-time transactional data, demand indicators, and more, Algopix can cross-reference open-source information with proprietary insights to estimate product sales.

Designed with sellers, manufacturers and brands in mind, Sales Estimator is a gateway to invaluable, actionable intelligence that will help users assess new business opportunities and understand the market for any given product.

With close to 60% of online buyers purchasing products from overseas retailers, it has become important for ecommerce businesses to offer products on more than one market. Algopix helps sellers understand the demand and competition for specific products on foreign markets, and calculate the potential sales volume.

Source: Algopix

Multichannel management software provider Sellbrite is now a member of the new Amazon Marketplace Developer Council.

The Amazon Marketplace Developer Council - a select group of organizations and software developers that build useful software applications for Amazon marketplace sellers - will provide feedback and advice to improve developer tools used to integrate with the Amazon marketplace.

"By forming the Developer Council, Amazon is showing its commitment towards third-party application developers, who are an important part of the marketplace eco-system," said Brian Nolan, co-founder & CEO of Sellbrite. "We're thrilled to be included in this elite group and look forward to continuing our long history of success with Amazon."

As a member of the Marketplace Developer Council, Sellbrite will have early access to upcoming products and programs, and will be able to test and provide feedback on new features. Sellbrite will also have input towards the future development priorities for Amazon Marketplace APIs.

"We are excited to participate and share our feedback with the Amazon team," said Keith Swallow, Director of Engineering at Sellbrite. "Having an open line of communication with Amazon and other council members will be great for everyone involved."

Source: PRWeb

May 2018 | April 2018 »
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