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October 2019 | September 2019 »

The RepricerExpress team has been working hard recently to make their Amazon and eBay repricing even better. There are four new features available to use right now at no extra cost.

The new "Reports screen" can be found under the "Imports/Exports" menu. It lets you create your own custom reports based on whatever of the 49 criteria you want. You can filter by Fulfilment Type, Pricing Status, Buy Box Winner and more. Reports can be set up so they automatically go to your email inbox whenever you want them (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc.)

With the new "User Accounts" feature, you can give additional staff their own login details and assign them an access level. You can access the new feature under the "Settings" menu. To help you keep an eye on any changes to your pricing rules etc. there is a new Activity History screen which can be found within the "Settings" menu.

With the latest Automations trigger, you can compare your current/min/max price to the Buy Box price, lowest price, highest price or a specific price.

In other news, the company has migrated their repricing infrastructure to Amazon's AWS servers to help maximise repricing speed.

Coming Soon: Integrations.

RepricerExpress users can already send prices to Walmart and import cost prices from inventory management systems including SkuGrid, E-Com Solutions and OAGenius.

To make this process easier they will soon be adding a new automatic Integrations functionality.

Source: RepricerExpress

October 2019 | September 2019 »
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