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Amazon FBA labelling tool AMZ Labels has added support for sellers who ship to Amazon FBA fulfillment centers using LTL truck shipping.

AMZ Labels will convert Amazon's 6-labels per page LTL format to print on 4x6 thermal printers.

AMZ Labels also supports thermal printing of UPS inbound FBA labels and individual FNSKU barcodes.

Source: Web Retailer Forum

Amazon analytics tool ManageByStats has introduced new tiered pricing plans for its phone and email "appends" services.

ManageByStats' Appends service finds real emails and phone numbers for an Amazon seller's customers and inserts them into the customer records.

"This time of year we see a surge in subscription for our appends services," says CEO of ManageByStats, Philip Jepsen. "Our subscription plans provide options for users at various levels. The plans are designed to accommodate Amazon sellers selling on Amazon at any volume."

The tiered plans include price reductions at certain volumes, and those reductions are also applied if a user chooses to do a full append. A full append is run against all customers, and finds real emails and/or phone numbers for the entire customer database. Subscription plans run daily throughout each month, getting emails and/or phone numbers for new customers. ManageByStats customers can choose to subscribe for either email appends, phone appends, or both.

"We've been offering email appends for several years," says Mr. Jepsen. "Last year, when Amazon stopped providing customer phone numbers, we added the option for phone appends. Since then our success rate in finding phone numbers has steadily improved."

Source: Digital Journal

A new analytics and marketing tool for Amazon sellers, amz4seller, has been launched.

amz4seller includes sales reporting, PPC advertising analytics, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and more.

The analytics features include product traffic trends and sales profit analysis. Traffic trends can show product view data that Amazon Seller Central does not provide, and generate trend charts to make easy comparisons. Sellers can add memos to key points, such as ads being run, sales promotions, out of stock events etc. By analyzing the effects of these events, the tool helps sellers to make decisions that boost sales.

The PPC advertising analysis in amz4seller takes ad data from Amazon, analyzes performance, and intelligently generates keywords lists and optimization suggestions. The development team have worked with experienced Amazon sellers to create this tool and its optimization engine.

amz4seller's future plans include using data mining and AI techniques to not only show historical data, but also to provide future forecasts and optimization suggestions, to aid decision making and help sellers become more efficient.

Source: amz4seller

Amazon marketing tool AmzDataStudio has a special offer for bulk credit purchases, valid until December 25th.

Under the offer, 900 credits can be purchased for $249 instead of $360, a discount of over 30%.

AmzDataStudio's features vary between 1 credit for each keyword tracked, 5 credits to extract backend search terms for 1 ASIN, 15 credits to find organic keywords for an ASIN, and 15 credits to extract keywords used for PPC by an ASIN.

The offer is limited to 3 purchases per user.

Source: AmzDataStudio

Amazon PPC ads management tool Ignite has released a new feature which gives sellers the ability to control when ads run and for how long.

Ad Scheduling is a Seller Labs exclusive feature not found in Amazon's Seller Central or any other third-party Sponsored Products Ads software. The feature is currently in beta and gives sellers control over the timing of their Sponsored Products ad campaigns.

Ad Scheduling can set ads to run for specific hours and days with no manual pausing or resuming. The feature can be used to automatically turn off ads during periods when conversion rates are low, to test ads at different times of the day, or to run ads only in the evening when competitors have exhausted their budgets, for example.

Source: Seller Labs

Amazon dynamic pricing tool Sellery has added a new feature that allows repricing across different ASINs.

Sellery users can select any item from their inventory then view similar listings from the Competition tab. After choosing items that match the listing, Sellery will reference them as competitors when repricing that inventory item based on the configured pricing strategies.

Sellery offers a two week free trial including support and implementation assistance.

Source: SellerEngine

Order management solution Ordoro can now be used to process customer payments via payment service Stripe.

The new feature can be used for selling in brick and mortar locations or handling phone orders, and enables retailers to process payments individually or in batch all within Ordoro.

Source: Ordoro

Amazon seller analytics system ManageByStats has announced a new version of the software's keyword tool.

The ManageByStats Keyword tool monitors the ranking of selected keywords for specified products.

Some of the latest features include keyword search volume, multiple sort and display options, customizable color coding, parent-child ASIN associations, easily definable multiple markets and more. There is now also a standalone option, for users not using the other tools in ManageByStats. Both the standalone tool and the keyword tool incorporated into ManageByStats have the same set of features and options.

Philip Jepsen, CEO of ManageByStats, said, "Since the initial release we've rolled out a number of significant updates. With all the features we had on the line-up we knew going in there would be a sort of second release. The first step was huge, bringing the entire tool within our ManageByStats software so that it functions alongside other features there. Now we've added more."

Source: Digital Journal

Shipping software ShipStation has integrated its ShipEngine APIs with marketplace management system Sellbrite.

Launched in March 2017, ShipEngine technology provides shipping functionality directly to ecommerce stores, logistics and warehouse providers, system integrators, ecommerce application integrators and new application developers.

"We're delighted that Sellbrite is an early adopter of ShipEngine," said ShipStation's Chief Technology Officer, Tom Warmbrodt. "We look forward to increasing the speed and stability of Sellbrite's shipping and fulfillment functionality."

Sellbrite merchants will have access to all the features of the ShipEngine platform. Benefits include:

  • Shipping Discounts: Save up to 40% on USPS postage and up to 29% on FedEx, as well as the ability to include negotiated carrier rates
  • Worldwide Major Carrier Support: Ship with the top global carriers
  • Get Rates Across Carriers: Quickly get rates across multiple carriers and choose the best service for your shipments based on rate, delivery timeframe, package dimensions, and more
  • Real-Time Tracking: Easily integrate real-time shipment tracking information into an app, email, or text message
  • Global Address Validation: Avoid shipping delays and surcharges when shipping in the U.S. or internationally with free global address validation
  • International Shipping Optimization: Expand your ecommerce business abroad with automated international customs forms and invoice paperwork
  • White Label Customer Experience: Partners can completely tailor the ShipEngine experience to their brand within a custom-built application

"ShipEngine offers best-in-class shipping and fulfillment," said Brian Nolan, Co-Founder and CEO of Sellbrite. "We're excited to offer this to our customers."

Source: PRWeb

Amazon repricing company Feedvisor has picked up a "Most Promising Startup" award from leading Israeli publication Globes and also Deloitte Israel's 2017 "Technology Fast 50 Winners Award".

Eyal Lanxner, Feedvisor co-founder and CTO, said, "It's a real honor to be included in the top 10 most promising and fastest growing Israeli startups by Globes and Deloitte. This recognition is a testament to our vision and continuous efforts to break through the eCommerce space with intelligent data and technology offerings. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our investors, customers and of course, our employees for helping us reach this point."

Feedvisor has grown by 774% in the past four years, leading to the awards.

Source: Feedvisor

Amazon back-end keyword extractor AmzDataStudio has added a number of new features for keyword research, PPC optimization, and SEO.

The new tools include:

  • Competitors' Keyword Finder which extracts organic keywords used in competitors' listings.
  • Keyword Generator which generates search terms with volume and PPC bids information.
  • Competitors' PPC Keywords Finder which extracts PPC ad keywords used by competitors.
  • PPC Competition Radar which finds products targeting the same keywords.
  • Keyword Rank Tracker which monitors the ranking of products for specific keywords.
  • Index Checker which tests if a keyword is indexed for a particular ASIN.
  • HTML Converter which converts an Amazon description from text to HTML.

Source: AmzDataStudio

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