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Order management solution Ordoro has launched support for handheld barcode scanners in the ecommerce shipping process.

Barcode scanning offers error-free and picking and packing, using a new "Packing Mode" which allows users to scan and verify orders with a barcode scanner.

When users enter the mode or click "Scan/Verify package contents" in an order, Ordoro will list all the products and quantities required. The order picker then selects the items and scans each of them as they pack them.

The new feature, currently in beta, is available for all users on $49 and higher plans.

Source: Ordoro

Multichannel ecommerce management solution Brightpearl has been named a BigCommerce Certified Technology Partner.

"We're excited to work together with BigCommerce to offer a complete, integrated solution that enables omnichannel retailers to take care of the back office and inventory management activities in a way that lets growing retailers focus on their customers," said Derek O'Carroll, CEO, Brightpearl.

"We use Brightpearl for both our US BigCommerce site and our UK BigCommerce site and anticipate tremendous growth on both for the coming year. Brightpearl's integration with BigCommerce is a huge part of that," said Stephen Hersh, CEO of Biaggi, a luggage brand focused on foldable bags.

Before switching to Brightpearl, Biaggi handled its BigCommerce orders manually, and once a month populated the previous month's information into QuickBooks. Every tracking number was entered manually, and each order was exported and sent to Biaggi's warehouse for fulfillment. The company also ships orders from multiple warehouses, so managing inventory was a process requiring extensive manual adjustments.

Hersh continues, "As our order load from BigCommerce increased, we became desperate for a new system that would help us to fulfill orders, track inventory from multiple warehouses and integrate with our third party logistics so that the process would be as automated as possible."

Source: Brightpearl

Multichannel ecommerce solution Volo has raised £6.2 million to expand its business into North America and across other international sales channels.

"Our mission continues to be ‘to make selling online as easy as buying online.' Through simplifying the selling process and adding valuable analytics our customers continuously outperform the market and typically grow their business by 100% or more by their third year with Volo. This investment will enable us to help more businesses grow and accelerate our international expansion whilst continuing to innovate across the platform", said Paul Watson, CEO of Volo Commerce.

The funding round was led by NVM Private Equity with participation from funds managed by Downing LLP.

"The growth in multichannel e-commerce continues to accelerate and is a huge opportunity but also a complex challenge for most businesses. Volo has built a platform that removes much of this complexity with a revenue model that aligns with its customers to drive growth" said NVM Private Equity Investment Director Charlie Winward. "We look forward to partnering with Volo as Paul and the team bring their solution and expertise to new customers."

Volo Commerce enables brands and retailers to maximise the opportunity of multichannel commerce. By deploying Volo's software platform, customers are able to efficiently and rapidly grow their e-commerce business by accessing leading marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart, and automating all aspects of the selling process.

Source: Volo

Multichannel management system Veeqo has created a new marketplace for apps that run on its platform.

The Veeqo Marketplace allows ecommerce software developers to build tools that easily integrate with the software. At launch, the Marketplace has 12 apps including ones from xSellco and Lokad, covering categories such as marketing, sales, customer service, accounting and social media.

Anybody can browse the Marketplace to see what apps and tools are currently available. Veeqo users can click a button to install and configure apps of their choice.

Developers can easily sign up to develop apps for Veeqo and have access to a developer forum to resolve problems with the Veeqo Developer community.

Source: Veeqo

Marketplace management tool SellerActive has integrated with WordPress-based shopping cart WooCommerce.

SellerActive can synchronize listings with WooCommerce, and monitor, manage, and fulfill orders from a web-based dashboard. It includes advanced repricing tools and controls quantities, order management and cross channel fulfillment.

WooCommerce has grown rapidly since its launch in 2008 to power over 28% of all online stores.

Source: SellerActive

Inventory and marketplace management tool Ecomdash has added support for listing to the Walmart marketplace.

Ecomdash users can now edit, create, and submit listings to Walmart within the platform. Users can also download and manage Walmart variation listings and their child items within Ecomdash.

Ecomdash has also added support for variation listings in Shopify. Sellers can manage variant products on Shopify, and download, edit, and create Shopify products with multiple variations such as size, color, and dimensions.

Source: Ecomdash

US sales tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar can now import orders from the Walmart marketplace.

Marketplace sellers on Walmart can import new orders, and up to 90 days of past orders, into TaxJar. Older orders can be imported using a CSV file. TaxJar then calculates the sales tax due to each US state where the seller is liable.

TaxJar has also improved its AutoFile functionality, which automatically submits state sales tax returns. TaxJar users can now easily see the status of state filings from the dashboard to determine if a filing is scheduled, processing, or filed. The dashboard also shows the exact date when a filing will be processed and filed by TaxJar, rather than the state's filing deadline.

TaxJar's sales tax calculator, SmartCalcs, now provides faster rate lookups by using address autocompletion technology from Addressy. The calculator automatically fills in city, zip code, and country when the user starts typing an address.

Source: TaxJar

eBay selling tool Wonder Lister is now integrated with cloud-based picture hosting service Cloudinary.

Cloudinary has generous storage limits, even with a free account. Uploading of pictures is extremely fast, and Cloudinary generates readable URLs. The generated URLs also preserve the folder structure of the picture being uploaded.

The uploaded pictures are available in the Cloudinary web account where users can also perform basic editing such as rotation. Once the images have been uploaded they are available for use immediately on all channels including eBay, Amazon and Shopify.

Source: Wonder Lister

The Chrome extension version of Amazon market research tool Jungle Scout has been updated with a number of new features.

Jungle Scout Pro now includes:

  • Historical sales data, showing how products have sold over time.
  • A new opportunity score, taking into account units sold, competition and existing listing quality.
  • Sponsored product visibility, providing information on which sellers are making use of PPC.

Jungle Scout Lite users get:

  • A keyword optimization word cloud, illustrating keywords other sellers are using to boost their products.
  • Google Trends data for products, and features including Rank History and Pricing History.

The latest version has also been redesigned for easier viewing and better understanding of the data. Users can zoom in to view product pricing and sales on a day-to-day scale.

Source: Jungle Scout

Amazon feedback solicitation tool Feedback Express is running a competition to win a free subscription to the service for a year.

Both new and existing FeedbackExpress users can enter, and stand to win a year's subscription to FeedbackExpress worth up to GB £708.

To enter, sellers need to sign up for a 30-day trial (free) using code "1YEARFREE", and will then be entered into the competition automatically.

Existing customers can enter by emailing with the subject line, 1YEARFREE.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday 3 October 2017.

FeedbackExpress is cloud-based software solution that helps Amazon sellers automate and manage their feedback communication with buyers. The software helps sellers get more positive feedback and product reviews as well as alerting them to any negative and neutral feedback.

Source: FeedbackExpress

Marketplace management tool Veeqo has announced a new hardware scanner for use in ecommerce fulfillment warehouses.

The "VS1" scanner promises to provide Amazon-style logistics capabilities for retail businesses of all sizes. The scanner is directly linked to software that lets online retailers manage a high volume of ecommerce orders from multiple sales channels and marketplaces, bringing enterprise-level warehouse operations at a fraction of the cost.

The device was developed after Veeqo CEO, Matt Warren, experienced how difficult it was picking and shipping orders while operating his own ecommerce business, Jura Watches. Jura turned over £60m selling luxury watches online and Matt wanted to do something to make simplified high level warehouse systems accessible to retail businesses of all sizes.

The VS1 Scanner is built around three core functions to help make retailers run as efficient a warehouse operation as possible:

  1. Booking in stock
  2. Accurate order picking
  3. Faster, paperless stock taking

The scanner has a battery that lasts for 10 hours of constant scanning, is fully charged within 3 hours, automatically updates with new features and fixes, has a pistol-style scan button, and offers free replacement if it breaks from non-accidental damage.

Veeqo CEO Matt Warren said: "I'm really proud to unveil the VS1 Scanner - a device we've built specifically to help ecommerce retailers get products to their customers quicker than ever before."

Source: Veeqo

Amazon seller suspension consultants Thompson & Holt have celebrated their 3,000th successful reinstatement.

Of the company's recent success, Stuart White, Thompson and Holt owner said, "Helping over 3,000 Amazon Sellers is a great achievement for all the team. We always go the extra mile for each customer and put in 100% to helping our customers. We are all really proud of this achievement."

Thompson and Holt's achievement has been achieved by employing Amazon sellers, solicitors and analytical researchers. This combination of knowledge and experience has resulted in a unique service which Amazon sellers across the globe have benefitted from.

By offering additional services such as "Monitor and Protect", a service which instantly notifies Amazon Sellers about any potential issues about their account and can prevent suspension, Thompson and Holt hopes to educate its customers so that they do not end up suspended on Amazon in the future.

Source: Thompson and Holt

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