Shooting Star Becomes Black Hole As Developer Disappears

Users of desktop auction management tool Shooting Star have been left in the lurch following the disappearance of developer Kevin Olayan.

The formerly well-regarded tool for eBay sellers has not been updated since August 2007 and the ordering page on the Shooting Star website has been removed. Panicked users discovered that Olayan was arrested on 19 July 2008 for Driving While Intoxicated and other traffic charges in Hawaii, the developer's home base. Attempts to contact Olayan, including visiting Hawaii to search for him, have failed.

A new eBay group has been set up by Shooting Star user flykitty to support users and search for alternative auction management tools.

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I knew something was wrong
20 Jun 2011
I just knew something was drastically wrong when Kevin went AWOL.

Foo Dog and Shooting Star was the most outstanding software I had ever used, bar none.

I don't know Kevin's present situation but I, for one, would be thinking about helping him out and financing a resurrection of Shooting Star (forget Poster Toaster... never like it).

If Kevin reads this I hope that he will post a response and I hope he has found an even keel since that time.

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