eBay To Enhance Site and User Security

eBay plans to increase the security of its site and of users’ machines with the release of new technology.

The company will be adding a technology called Trustyear to the website, which aims to cut down on spoof (phishing) versions of the site. It does this by monitoring user sessions and blocking fraudulent versions of the auction site.

For users, eBay are setting up a new site called eBay Garage which will perform an online virus scan to see if any threat is present. Although the application will detect malware it will not remove it.

Dave Cullinane, eBay Marketplaces chief information security officer said "Phishing seems to be tailoring off [sic] a little bit but the growth in the amount of malicious code out there is appalling … As we are getting better at shutting off opportunities for criminals to exploit what is happening on our side they are moving to try and attack the customer end."

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