vzaar & Frooition Announce New Partnership

Video hosting service vzaar has released an API which allows third-party eCommerce solutions to offer vzaar video hosting to their customers.

eCommerce design and auction management company Frooition are the first to use the vzaar API. Frooition customers can now manage and add video to their product description pages from within the Frooition interface.

Adrian Bausor, head of development at Frooition commented "Our customers want to add video to their online shops, so when we were scoping the project we were faced with two options; we could build the feature ourselves, which would have taken several months and resources to develop, or we could interface with an established video hosting service. We opted for the later and decided on vzaar. Using the vzaar API has allowed us to offer the feature much faster and with more confidence given video encoding, hosting and streaming is their business."

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