Confusion Reigns Over Checkout Redirect Changes

eBay has rebuffed an AuctionByte's news story which claimed Third-Party Checkout Redirect will be removed as part of the major update due in mid-June.

eBay has stated that Checkout Redirect will not be eliminated but rather that new guidelines were being imposed. Some providers, including Infopia and eBay's own store provider ProStores have chosen to stop offering third-party checkout rather than make the required changes. This is apparently because the guidelines prohibit cross-selling and up-selling — the main reason for sellers to use a third-party checkout in the first place. ProStores have claimed that Checkout Redirect will be removed completely in 2010.

Rumours about the end of Checkout Redirect, which allows eBay sellers to direct buyers through a third-party checkout instead of eBay's own, surfaced at eBay Live in June last year.

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