It's a Boy! Or is it?

Sniping tool myibay (My iBay) has drawn bemused responses from their users after announcing that it has changed its name to myiboy.

myibay announced the name change on its home page with the explanation that it is "easy to remember and put[s] more sense into the name". However, there is no evidence of the new name in the site logo or URL, and a thread in the user forum suggests they are not yet dead set on becoming myiboy. The discussion also hints that the real reason for changing the name is similarity to eBay's "My eBay" trademark.

Snappily-named myibay user 'dysguyz' helpfully suggested they change their name to iSnipe, MyiSnypr or SnypBuyr. myibay did not take up any of those suggestions.

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It's still under "heavy thinking"
16 Sep 2009
We got many responses from our users -- some are good and interested.
We are still deciding on the approach and really thankful to those who responded with their ideas and thoughts.

Seems like "boy" part is not the best idea so it's not final.
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Good tool, great programmers
27 Jan 2011
Im not sure about the " i ' Steve Jobs might come after u.
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