ChannelAdvisor Announce Inventory-Driven Online Advertising

ecommerce solutions company ChannelAdvisor has announced a new marketing feature called Inventory Driven Search.

Inventory Driven Search uses ChannelAdvisor's inventory management system to create unique ads, keywords and ad groups for each product while ensuring that only in-stock products are being advertised. Keywords are created automatically and sellers can monitor keyword performance using interactive dashboards.

"This offering solves a tremendous challenge for both retailers and consumers alike," said ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo. "Consumers today are not just searching for broad topics or categories like 'cameras' or 'smartphones' – they’re searching for specific item numbers, SKUs and sizes. If a retailer wants to be 'found' with such a specific search, they have to keep up with thousands of different products and an inventory base that changes in real time. This feature enables retailers with deep inventory to dramatically improve their paid search strategy with product ads that update in tandem with inventory updates, whether it is price changes, promotions or items in or out of stock. The result is higher conversions for the retailer and a more efficient search for the end user."

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