Terapeak to Provide eBay Market Data to Worthpoint Antiques Database

eBay market research company Terapeak have reached an agreement with the WorthPoint antiques and collectibles community to provide them with relevant eBay transaction data.

Announcing its agreement with Advanced, WorthPoint CEO, Will Seippel, said: "Our agreement with Advanced is a major milestone in our plan to create the number one web resource for anyone wishing to establish the value of an antique or other item for collecting, investing or selling. This will support buyers and sellers to establish the value, or worth, of an item by referencing hard data from actual transactions and will allow them to trade with confidence – on-line or in the auction house."

WorthPoint made a similar deal with Terapeak two years ago. The relationship between that deal and the current announcement is unclear. It is also not known what the agreement will mean for WorthPoint's own research service PriceMiner, acquired with the purchase of GoAntiques in October 2008.

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