Developer News: X.commerce Updates

X.commerce, the new home for all of eBay's developer programs, announced a number of updates at this year's LeWeb technology conference in Paris.

Technical updates include an updated Developer Package - a download containing code, message contracts and samples to get started building and testing with the X.commerce Fabric, the world's first open commerce operating system. With the updated package, users can create the X.commerce environment on their local workstations without any external dependencies.

There is also a limited beta of the new Developer Sandbox. By joining the beta, developers, partners and systems integrators will get access to a cloud-hosted development environment that contains X.commerce components including the X.commerce Fabric, the eBay Marketplace Channel adapter and the X.commerce Catalog Taxonomy adapter. Using the Sandbox, beta users will be able to develop new components and validate them in a complete flow of the X.commerce ecosystem.

eBay announced that PayPal Access is now freely available to Magento Go merchants. PayPal Access, a trusted commerce identity system, makes it safer and easier for customers to shop across the Web without having to remember multiple passwords or fill out multi-page forms.

Finally, eBay has introduced the "X.commerce Pledge", a commitment made by over 500 companies and individuals to support the new ecosystem.

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