Terapeak Launches Version 9 and Yahoo! Japan Research

eBay market research tool Terapeak has launched a new version of their service, and a new service for researching Yahoo! Japan.

Terapeak for eBay 9.0 features a redesigned user interface promising more intuitive research, integrated help and better navigation. A new Item Aspects filter returns more accurate results, while an Item Specifics feature allows more tailored searches.

"Terapeak for eBay 9.0 provides our users with a dramatically enhanced tool that focuses on better functionality – to let eBay merchants spend more time selling and less time on research", says Colin How, Terapeak’s President. "This version allows for more specific results through a friendlier interface. These powerful enhancements will undoubtedly help merchants get the edge over their competition."

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Terapeak has launched a new research tool for Yahoo! Japan, following the announcement of a data licensing agreement in July last year.

"Terapeak for Yahoo! JAPAN will provide unparalleled marketplace research and e-commerce data analytics capabilities to e-commerce merchants," said Colin How, President of Terapeak. "With over $200 billion dollars' worth of transaction data Terapeak continues to provide the competitive advantage to merchants worldwide."

Yahoo! is the most popular site in Japan (as ranked by Alexa) with over 670,000 sellers.

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