Teikametrics Offers Free Amazon Repricing Analysis

Amazon repricing service Teikametrics is offering sellers a free consulting session with an e-commerce expert over the phone.

The session evaluates the performance of a sample of the seller's Amazon listings, and then provides an action plan. Sellers will learn what percentage of their listings win the Buy Box, how competitive their listings are, which products would be profitable at the Buy Box price, and more.

"We launched Teikametrics to help Amazon sellers become more competitive, increase profits, and save time," said Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO of Teikametrics. "The service that our Boston-based software team has developed gives Amazon sellers using our tools a clear advantage over other repricing methods. With the promotional offer, we are offering a risk-free opportunity to any Amazon Pro seller to see the possible performance improvements that can be achieved through effective repricing."

The free consulting offer is available for Pro Merchant Amazon Sellers at teikametrics.com/pricingreview.

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