FeedVisor Introduces Algorithmic Repricing Feature for Amazon Sellers

Amazon repricing solution Feedvisor has launched a new "algorithmic" approach to repricing products for sale on Amazon.

The approach removes the need for complex configuration options to determine pricing, and instead leaves the calculation of an optimal price to intelligent rules created by the FeedVisor developers. Sellers only need define the price range for each product.

"FeedVisor's algorithmic repricing platform is fully automated and is designed to maximize e-Commerce marketplaces effectiveness and in turn, improve profitability," says Rosenman. "Other companies offer repricing tools that are needlessly overcomplicated. They are packed with features and have an extensive learning curve. FeedVisor, on the other hand, offers ease of use as its primary feature. The algorithms do all the work automatically, which frees up the client to focus on making money."

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