Merchantry Reports on 'The State of Online Marketplaces'

A report commissioned by ecommerce software supplier Merchantry has been published, and concludes that marketplace listings on sites such as Amazon offer the customer less functionality than retailer-owned listings.

The report, available here, assesses a range of features including wish lists, free shipping and customer ratings, and finds that - taken as a whole - marketplaces score lower on all of them compared to single-retailer websites.

"Practices that have become standard in the eCommerce industry are not consistently applied on marketplaces, where we found incomplete product information, limited functionality and inadequate customer experiences," said Lauren Freedman, president of the e-tailing group, which conducted the research behind the report. "Given our findings, online marketplace shoppers would face many disappointments on the path to purchase; marketplaces have to better capitalize on selling and service fundamentals to retain shoppers."

Sites surveyed were Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy,, Kohl’s,,,, Sears, ShopNBC, TigerDirect and Walmart.

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