Feedvisor 2 Adds Self-Learning Repricing

Version 2.0 of dynamic marketplace pricing system Feedvisor adds an artifical intelligence repricing algorithm and actionable analytics to its platform.

"This new version of our algorithm combines Big Data with machine learning. It looks at a much broader market environment and analyzes a considerably greater historical dataset than we've ever looked at before, to fine-tune prices and optimize profits," said Victor Rosenman, founder and CEO of Feedvisor. "Our platform uses a closed-loop, learning algorithm. This means that with every sale that goes through our client's account, continuous adjustments are being made that increase the accuracy of our solution for each specific product."

The new version also introduces analytics and alerts to provide insights and add transparency - sellers can now see which items are not selling, which are not priced competitively, and which are having a spike in sales and will soon run out of stock.

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