Linnworks Releases iOS App, Integrates Intu Marketplace, and More

Ecommerce management system Linnworks has been enhanced with a new iPhone/iPad application, now supports the new UK marketplace Intu, and has launched a new website and subscription options.

The new iOS app, called LinnDash and developed by Linnworks partner Boluga, allows sellers to access their Linnworks account on Apple devices including iPhones and iPads. Sellers can track orders through a comprehensive sales dashboard, with data including total sales, order volume, average order value, channel split and more.

Linnworks now supports UK marketplace Intu. The Intu marketplace, currently in beta, is owned by Intu Properties - a company which runs 16 shopping malls including Manchester's Trafford Centre and Essex's Lakeside. The marketplace provides a click and collect service through Intu's shopping centres.

Linnworks has also announced a number of changes in response to their rapid growth and shift in customer base over the five years since they launched:

  • More customisation options for large retailers
  • Expanding support hours to 9am to 9pm
  • A new website design and updated logo
  • Reducing subscription options from nine to five, removing Local Subscription and moving Express to the "Anywhere" platform

Linnworks CEO and Chief System Architect, Fjodor Dzjuba, said "We have no intention of standing still or resting on our laurels. Our development team are looking at new options to grow the system, with selling channels, new couriers and other options all on the 'to do' list. Our Support team continue to work to make sure any issues you have are resolved as quickly as possible. Our Product Management team keep working to make sure that those people that are interested in Linnworks, or are already using it, get the right information and assistance for their business’ needs, making our community richer, and helping the system to continue to grow and improve."

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