TaxJar Adds Magento Support, Makes Account Management Easier

US Sales Tax reporting tool TaxJar has added support for the Magento shopping cart.

TaxJar's "Sales Tax Automation" extension for Magento calculates sales tax based on the location of the retailer or the location of the buyer, depending on the state. Magento users need to install the extension, register with TaxJar, and enter their TaxJar API token to begin using the service.

The extension is free but rate updates and automated reporting begins at $29.95 per month.

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TaxJar has also released a new, easy-to-read, transactions graph for sellers, and reorganized the account management area to provide easier access to reports, billing and configuration options.

Sources: Sales Tax Automation Comes to Magento and New Transactional View & Even Easier Account Management

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