China Sourcing Fairs Boasts Over 6,800 Stands

Chinese sourcing marketplace and show organiser Global Sources has said its Spring China Sourcing Fairs will feature more than 6,800 suppliers.

The huge event, to be held in April in Hong Kong is a combination of eleven trade shows including Global Sources' first show dedicated to mobile and wireless suppliers.

The April 12-15 China Sourcing Fairs are Electronics & Components, Mobile & Wireless, Security Products, and the Korea Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components.

China Sourcing Fairs to be held April 27-30 are Gifts & Premiums, Home Products, Fashion Accessories, Garments & Textiles, Underwear & Swimwear, India Sourcing Fair: Garments & Accessories and the Korea Sourcing Fair: Gifts & Premiums.

Source: Global Sources

Tagged: Sourcing
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