ChannelAdvisor Automatically Creating eBay Disputes for Refunds

Multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has started automatically filing eBay disputes when sellers refund an order.

The change is in response to the new eBay Defect Rate, which assumes refunded orders have been cancelled by the seller – and are therefore defective – if a dispute has not been filed.

ChannelAdvisor will automatically create an eBay dispute for orders which meet the following criteria:

  • The order has been marked as shipped.
  • The refund is for the whole item value.
  • There isn't already a dispute created for the order.

The change took effect on May 21 and will be retroactive for refunds submitted since May 1.

A dispute will not be created for partial refunds, as they are not treated as seller-cancelled orders by eBay.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Tagged: eBay News
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