eBay Shutting Down Magento Go and Prostores

Following the retirement of Blackthorne last year, eBay has announced the closure of both its hosted web store platforms – Magento Go and ProStores.

Magento Go, the "starter" version of Magento hosted by the company itself, is providing a migration center to help sellers move to a new platform. Magento Community Edition and Bigcommerce are being promoted as alternatives.

The demise of ProStores has been rumored for sometime, as the platform has been neglected by eBay. Two years ago, ProStores users were encouraged to switch to Magento Go and sellers who did switch will be disappointed that the replacement platform is itself now being shelved. ProStores users are also being provided with a Migration Center.

Both platforms will officially close on February 1, 2015, to allow sellers to continue using them through the 2014 holiday shopping season.

Source: Magento, ProStores

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