BQool Adds Amazon Feedback Request Automation

Feedback management tool for Amazon sellers BQool Feedback Central now includes a feedback solicitation feature.

The new feature includes:

  • Automated emails to buyers requesting positive feedback for shipped orders.
  • Automated email notifications to buyers about late shipments to avoid complaints.
  • Email template editor to allow for quick and easy customization.

"Even experienced sellers fail to receive feedback from buyers with positive experiences because leaving feedback is not required," said Jesse Liang, Director of Operations, BQool Inc. "But a polite request can go a long way, especially for new sellers whose success largely depends on acquiring as much positive feedback as possible."

BQool Feedback Central also allows sellers to determine what kind of buyers and transactions will be assigned email requests, as shown here:

Sellers are able to schedule when feedback requests are sent based on shipment time.

Source: BQool

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