Upshot Commerce Passes New PCI-DSS Specification Early

Hosted ecommerce platform Upshot Commerce has passed its annual PCI-DSS audit, as well as meeting the requirements for the next version of the payment security standard.

Vlad Zachary, Director of Omni-Channel Commerce at Upshot Commerce, said "Since the new PCI-DSS 3.0 is not mandatory till next year, most cloud service providers will continue to work under the PCI-DSS 2.0 requirements this year. We felt however that it was important to meet the new standards early in order to demonstrate to our customers our dedication to data security in the cloud."

PCI-DSS is a standard for payment card security, and the new 3.0 specification is influenced by recent hacking cases. It requires that companies keep a list of components that are in scope for PCI DSS, a diagram showing the movement of cardholder data across their systems, and information about which requirements are met by outside service providers.

Source: Upshot Commerce

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