New eBay Listing Optimization Feature from Terapeak

eBay marketplace research tool Terapeak has introduced a new feature called "Listing Scoring and Optimization".

Terapeak's MySales module can now:

  • Analyze current eBay listings for best practices
  • Score listings on a scale from 0% to 100%
  • Show strengths and weaknesses in six key areas

Premium Terapeak subscribers can also receive automatic recommendations and update live listings directly from MySales.

The six areas uses to analyze listings are titles, prices, categories, seller reputation, images and product identifiers.

Terapeak Co-founder and CMO Andrew Sukow said, "We've seen that merchants who use analytics to optimize their listings increase sales significantly, so we’re making that process more simple and accessible to a much wider audience. The idea is to give online sellers yet another competitive advantage."

Source: Terapeak

Tagged: Research
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