Scrolling Gallery Patent Holder Sues eBay, Auctiva and Vendio

eBay selling tool suppliers Auctiva and Vendio (both owned by Alibaba), and eBay themselves, are being sued over scrolling gallery technology that was used in the defunct slideLynxx widget (formerly AuctionLynxx).

The lawsuit was filed by Auction Acceleration Corporation (AAC), a subsidiary of "patent portfolio" company ITUS Corporation. It owns two patents which cover "presentation and cross selling technologies enabling auction sellers to cross-sell and upsell additional items to interested buyers, resulting in incremental sales, and higher yields per transaction", according to ITUS. The patents were originally granted to AuctionHelper.

ITUS President and CEO Robert Berman said, "The inventor of this technology was a pioneer in the early days of eBay, building tools that enabled sellers to generate millions of dollars of sales revenue. We will continue to stand up for small inventors and assist them in receiving fair consideration for their inventions, as we build value for our shareholders."

Source: EcommerceBytes and ITUS

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