Seller Dynamics Launches an Automatic eBay Repricer

Multichannel management tool Seller Dynamics has a new feature which automatically reprices eBay listings.

The new eBay repricer, also known as #DAVE, uses the eBay catalogue to find competing items. After importing stock, and setting upper and lower price points, Seller Dynamics will dynamically adjust prices up and down in line with the competition.

Alex Ogilvie, Seller Dynamics' Managing Director, said "It's the only automatic eBay repricer from a 'full blown' marketplace management system. It works in tandem with Amazon and Fnac, so one set of margins can be used across multiple markets if that suits the sales strategy, making it a breeze to use."

"We'd been asked by customers about eBay repricing, so saw an obvious demand. Because we have telephone based account management and support we find out quick where innovation is required. The underlying system is designed to be extended, so it was just a matter of prioritising the development work and getting it done. We're really benefiting from a system that's been designed with extensibility front of mind. Becuase of that there are a number of cute things coming down the pipe for 2015, eBay auto repricing is the first."

Source: Seller Dynamics

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