Ad-Lister Adds Keyword Research, Listings Recommendations and Template Builder

Just Application's eBay listing tool Ad-Lister has added new features in its latest release, including built-in keyword research.

Ad-Lister's new "eBay popular searches" widget allows users to find the most common keywords in each category, helping them understand which products sell well and how competitors are marketing their listings.

The product recommendations feature uses eBay's knowledgebase to show a list of recommendations that help improve listing quality and comply with eBay policies. The recommendations cover miscategorized items and missing item specifics, Top Rated Seller and picture requirements, competitive pricing, and title optimization. Pricing and title recommendations are only available for eBay US, UK and Germany.

The release also includes a new template builder, which is free for new Ad-Lister subscribers to create one template. Existing customers can add the template builder for an additional fee.

Source: Just Template IT

Tagged: Listers
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