Wombat Upgrades Zendesk Integration

Ecommerce connector Wombat has upgraded its integration with customer helpdesk system Zendesk.

Sellers who use Wombat to connect to Zendesk will be able to:

  • Send support data to Zendesk in real time.
  • Assign Zendesk tickets to customer service reps.
  • Send order data to Zendesk so the support team can monitor order status.

"Efficient customer service is critical to the success of any ecommerce brand," said Spree Commerce CEO and co-founder Sean Schofield. "The quicker you can handle any issues that come up, the happier your customers will be. With these upgrades, we've made connecting with Zendesk and automating your customer service issues as easy as possible; no custom code necessary."

Wombat is designed to connect a wide range of storefronts to other online services.

Source: Wombat

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