eSellerPro is now Volo

Ecommerce management solution eSellerPro has rebranded as Volo.

The new name, which is Italian for "flight", was chosen to reflect the company's belief that the ecommerce industry has parallels with the pioneering age of aviation – because both feature technology innovations creating possibilities that did not previously exist.

CEO Paul Watson said "People selling online are driven by an early passion that soon evolves into ambition to grow a successful business, Volo is designed to help them fulfil that ambition beyond that which they thought possible. Typically we see an online merchant double their revenue within two years of adopting our platform. This evolution of our brand reflects that growth and our ambition to build the world's most successful community of online, multi-channel sellers. We remain committed to our customers' success and our shared value model will not change. Our customers want to see their business fly. So do we."

Chris Farrelly, founder and CTO, Volo added: "eSellerPro has been the most comprehensive ecommerce platform for online entrepreneurs for quite some time. The next phase in our growth is about energising and fuelling our customers to transform their revenue growth. We have now reached the point where, in order to drive this success further upward and demonstrate that we can go far beyond just the technology, we need to rebrand and reposition ourselves."

eSellerPro was first launched in 2006 by Sandbourne Systems Ltd, a privately held UK company. It now processes more than 40m sales orders annually, and has customers including Superdry, Halfords, Homebase and Currys PCWorld.

Source: Volo

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