TaxJar and Square Launch GPS-Driven Sales Tax Calculations

US sales tax calculator TaxJar has enhanced its integration with payment system Square to include automatic sales tax lookups based on GPS coordinates.

The new integration will help mobile merchants, such as food trucks and craft fair sellers, calculate the correct local sales tax rate.

TaxJar CEO Mark Faggiano said, "Because so many Square merchants are mobile, customers asked us for a way to figure out sales tax rates to use wherever they travel. There are almost 10,000 different sales tax jurisdictions in the US, and as mobile merchants went from location to location, they were at a loss in how to determine and charge the applicable rates, so we built a solution that uses their mobile device's current GPS location to automatically determine the right sales tax rate for any location."

TaxJar has been working with Square since September 2014 as one of the first apps in their marketplace.

Source: TaxJar

Tagged: Accounting
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