Etsy Bans Bulk Editing Tool BETSI Without Explanation

Crafts marketplace Etsy has banned bulk editor BETSI from using the Etsy API, preventing it from accessing and updating listings on the site.

In an email to users last Thursday, Etsy said the BETSI and BETSI lite applications will no longer have access to the Etsy API, reported Ina Steiner for eCommerceBytes.

Etsy spokesperson Sara Cohen told Steiner, "Because this action involves an Etsy member's account, we can't provide further details. Ensuring that members who build tools with Etsy's API adhere to our Terms of Use is a top priority. This only applies to BETSI and BETSI lite; the API is still available for use by other third-party applications, and those apps can be found in our app gallery."

In a tweet, Etsy developer Blugrin said, "We can't comment at this stage. We are trying to talk to Etsy and hope to resolve this quickly."

BETSI was featured as a Top Rated Supplier on Web Retailer in December 2014.

Source: eCommerceBytes

Tagged: Marketplaces
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