New Appeagle Includes Pre-Configured Repricing Strategies

The latest version of automatic repricing tool Appeagle includes pre-configured strategies for sellers to choose from.

The new strategies help new users learn the software, by choosing from pricing approaches such as Match Featured Merchants which allows sellers to compete only with Featured Merchants. Appeagle's Co-founder Aaron Cohen said, "The challenge is making the enhanced software powerful but also intuitive for those who don't want to learn, understand, and/or implement more advanced features."

Appeagle also has a new look and feel, the option to automatically calculate a minimum price, integrated links to support articles, and new security features to help identify errors such as repricing to $0.01.

Appeagle founders Koby Kasnett and Aaron Cohen were interviewed for a Web Retailer article in January 2015.

Source: Appeagle

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