Lokad Integrates With Competera for Price Monitoring

Ecommerce analytics tool Lokad has integrated with Competera to provide competitor pricing data.

The integration enables Lokad users to access their competitor's prices within Lokad. That enables automatic price comparisons, reporting on sales against competitors' prices, and creating pricing strategies taking both both in-house data and competitors' data into account.

Competera is a competitive price monitoring app which extracts prices from websites and generates a matrix of matched products and prices.

Lokad has also added a native integration with warehouse management software SkuVault. Lokad can import data from SkuVault in a single click or automatically on a schedule.

Finally, Lokad has a new function for using historical currency exchange rates. The forex() function enables retailers buying and selling internationally to use exchange rates in their Lokad dashboards and reports.

Source: Lokad for Competera integration, SkuVault integration and exchange rates

Tagged: Analytics
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