Bigcommerce Launches New Ecommerce Analytics

Webstore provider Bigcommerce has launched a new set of "Insights" ecommerce reports, available for an additional fee.

Bigcommerce Insights automatically interpret product and customer data, and create recommendations. Insights are groups into four categories: Merchandising, Customers, Abandoned Carts and Marketing.

Merchandising insights include products with a low conversion rate, non-selling products, and products with fast-growing sales. Customer Insights include best customers, repeat purchase rate, best products for repeat purchases, and customer LTV (Lifetime Value). Abandoned Cart Insights includes Most Abandoned Products, and Marketing Insights includes Customer LTV by sales channel.

"Big retailers invest in advanced software that collects and analyzes volumes of shopper data," says Tim Schulz, chief product officer at Bigcommerce. "As shoppers move through their sites, their advanced data tools track every click, customer and conversion to understand behavior, discover obstacles, optimize marketing campaigns and forecast inventory needs. These sophisticated analytics enable them to take the guesswork out of running their online business so they can increase conversions and drive sales."

Insights is available on all Bigcommerce plans for an additional monthly charge based on order volume.

Source: Bigcommerce

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