Doba Creates Dropshipping App for Bigcommerce Merchants

Dropship suppliers directory Doba has created an app for cloud-based webstore Bigcommerce.

The app enables Bigcommerce retailers to source products via Doba and automatically dropship them from the supplier when an order is placed.

"With access to three million products and hundreds of suppliers across the country, business owners will be able to easily identify new products to sell and have those orders immediately fulfilled, removing the pain of handling logistics," said Melanie Kalemba, SVP of sales and strategic business development at Bigcommerce.  "Sourcing and shipping high-quality products is one of the biggest needs for our clients looking to grow and expand their business."

"Bigcommerce is a great partner for our network because its platform is powerful enough to handle large volumes of products and orders," says David Niccum, VP of Product at Doba. "Our current retailers are looking forward to this integration to make product and order management easier."

The integration will help retailers identify top-performing suppliers and work with multiple suppliers at the same time. The Doba App for Bigcommerce can be found in the Bigcommerce App Store.

Source: Doba

Tagged: Sourcing
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