Volusion Releases Android Smartwatch App

Cloud-based web store provider Volusion has released a selling app that runs on Android smart watches.

Volusion for Wear allows merchants to review store activities including new, processing and shipped orders, and see a stores' total sales for the last 24 hours, seven days, and ninety days. The app also provides push notifications to alert merchants of new orders in real-time, and inventory alerts when the stock status of a product is running low. The app can be downloaded from Google Play.

"As mobile devices become more deeply integrated with our everyday lives, so grows the need for our merchants to better manage their stores on-the-go," said Clay Olivier, Volusion CEO. "This is why we've invested heavily in increasing our mobile management capabilities, and are excited to have this best-in-class smartwatch app now available to the public."

Volusion also released the third version of their app for smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. The new apps include the ability to add and edit products, provide secure login using iPhone's Touch ID technology, and include enhanced shipping tools.

Source: PRWeb

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