BQool Review Central Adds Downloads and Notifications

Amazon product review management tool BQool Review Central has added Excel downloads and new review email notification features.

"Review Central is a unique and practical tool for Amazon brand owners," said Peter Kuo, Business Relationship Manager at BQool. "Being able to download product reviews gives company employees an efficient way to present product reports to their managers. It's also great for quality control as you have feedback from your customers right there in front of you. You can organize the spreadsheet however you want instead of having to copy and paste everything either from the BQool interface or from Amazon."

The alert feature enables an email to be sent when a product review has been left on Amazon. Kuo explained: "Product managers can quickly spot if a batch of inventory has defects or if a product needs immediate attention when they are able to receive instant alerts and react to them. This gives managers the heads-up for quality management."

The email notification feature is available starting from the $50 plan, and the download reviews feature is available starting at the $100 plan.

Review Central imports Amazon product reviews, and matches orders with reviews for email communication.

Source: BQool

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