plentymarkets New Features Round Up

Multichannel management solution plentymarkets Cloud has released a number of new features in recent months.

eBay's out-of-stock option feature is now supported by plentymarkets. Out of Stock Control makes it possible for items that are sold out to remain visible on the site. When the item is back in stock the listing keeps its sales history and listing ID, and any advantages it has in search ranking.

plentymarkets users can now create their own personal customer support ticket templates. Although templates were introduced some time ago users could not create them without admin rights.

plentymarkets now has support for the marketplace Fruugo. Fruugo specializes in cross-border trade, with a prescence in 23 countries including many in EU countries, as well as Russia, Australia, the USA and South Africa. Fruugo includes automatic translation of descriptions, currency conversion, payment protection and VAT support.

Finally, plentymarkets has updated its connector to ecommerce solution Shopware. The integration makes it possible to transfer item data in multiple languages, and import bank details with orders. The connector itself is an OpenSource project licensed under the GPL and available on GitHub.

Source: plentymarkets for eBay, templates, Fruugo and Shopware

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