In-depth Interview With Seller Labs

An in-depth interview with Seller Labs (the creators of Feedback Genius, Scope and Snagshout) has been published.

Seller Labs' co-founder Paul Johnson talks about how the business got started, the story behind each of their tools, and what they're working on right now.

Top Rated Supplier: Amazon Feedback, Reviews and Research Tools from Seller Labs

Source: Web Retailer Blog

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21 Jun 2015
do you guys support uk sellers ?
Herts, England - Not specified -
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26 Jun 2015
They are currently just for but UK and other countries should be coming later this year
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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I would list products on Snagshout
16 Jul 2015
Giving away product on snagshout is probably your - pre-suspension from amazon - Amazon looks at these websites as sellning reviews, so sellers participating will probably be suspended.
Snagshout may ask buyers to leave an honest review, but that doesn't satisfy Amazon, as we all know that no buyer will leave a negative review after getting the product for free
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Seller Labs
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A response to ASeller
21 Jul 2015
ASeller - Thank you for your comment and opinion, all opinions are welcome but lets reviews some facts...not opinions.

Amazon does allow you to give away products in exchange for asking for a reviews. In fact they have their own program which does the same thing called Amazon Vine.

Understand the "Fake" review site that Amazon shut down was 1) selling reviews and 2) Never shipping products. That is two clear violations of the Amazon Policy.

Snagshout doesn't sell reviews and merchants do not pay a per review rate. In fact, we don't guarantee reviews in any way.

I would argue that Snagshout is much better platform than the so called "review sites" as our website is a platform for product discovery. Most "review sites" have a small number of reviewers who are reviewing a large number of products. Snagshout has over 35,000 shoppers (as of July 2015) which places the merchants products in the hands of real shoppers, as well as some reviewers.

Its important to keep fact and opinion separated:

Fact: Amazon does allow merchants to give products away at a discount in exchange for review.

Fact: No snagshout customer has been suspended for using our platform.

Fact: Good products get good reviews, bad product get bad reviews and if you have a bad product you will still get a bad review on Snagshout.
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