ChannelAdvisor Enhances Support for Google Shopping Campaigns

Ecommerce marketing solution ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing has added new features for Google Shopping Campaigns.

The new features include the ability to test the performance of product images in Product Listing Ads (PLAs), as well as an improved dashboard for better managing Shopping campaigns in the ChannelAdvisor platform.

"Google Shopping is a central part of nearly all retailers' advertising budgets, yet most lack the data to know what strategies are most effective," said Link Walls, ChannelAdvisor vice president of product management. "By giving retailers the ability to test multiple images for a product and see which have the best-performing click-through rate, we're helping our customers increase return on ad spend and use data, not guesswork, to power their Shopping campaigns."

ChannelAdvisor is hosting a webinar on June 10 to discuss the new features and how they can help retailers improve their Shopping campaigns.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Tagged: Advertising
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