BQool Feedback Central Adds Positive Feedback Detection

Amazon feedback management tool BQool Feedback Central can now detect when a buyer has left positive feedback.

Due to Amazon API limitations, BQool was previously not able to detect when buyers had left positive feedback, meaning some buyers were sent an email asking them to leave feedback when they had already done so.

Now BQool can download positive feedback and allow sellers to manage it in the same way as neutral and negative feedback. "Thank You" messages can be sent to thank buyers for leaving positive feedback. There is also a new Positive Feedback Conversion Rate report, showing the percentage of buyers emailed who went on to leave positive feedback.

"Feedback Central has always helped sellers in increasing their feedback count and in managing their neutral and negative feedback," says Peter Kuo, Business Relationship Manager at BQool. "However, there were some aspects of Feedback Central that we were unable to overcome due to the limitations of Amazon's API. With Positive Feedback Integration, a lot of features that we felt were essential to Feedback Central that could not be achieved with Amazon API are now made possible."

The new features are available starting from the $50 per month subscription plan.

Source: BQool

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