Skubana Release Includes Bulk Order Import for Manual Channels

A major new release from ecommerce inventory solution Skubana includes bulk import of orders from sales channels that are not natively integrated into the system.

Other new features in the release include:

  • Automatic Endicia postage balance replenishment
  • One-click printing from within the orders tab.
  • Pushing FBA inventory quantities to merchant-fulfilled listings.
  • Setting dependencies between warehouses for calculating inventory replenishment.
  • Pay-on-use return shipping labels so labels can be included with all shipments.
  • Integration with the Express-1 mail consolidator to provided discounted USPS postage.
  • Support for overseas 3PL warehouses via FTP.
  • Inventory data download to help with cycle counts or building FBA shipments.

Source: Skubana

Tagged: Marketplaces
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