Terapeak Integrates Alibaba.com Product Sourcing

eBay market research tool Terapeak has added a product sourcing feature using Chinese wholesale marketplace Alibaba.com.

Users can now view, search and filter the top 30 million products on Alibaba.com from within Terapeak.

"We wanted to provide Terapeak customers with the ability to uncover global sourcing opportunities, and we believe that Alibaba is the best place to start," said Kevin North, Chief Executive Officer of Terapeak. "By working with the world's largest wholesale marketplace, we can help our merchants source the hottest and most profitable products and sell them more effectively on eBay and Amazon. This is about giving our customers a competitive advantage."

The new features include:

  • Find and source Terapeak Hotlist products on Alibaba.com.
  • Use the "Source My Inventory" tool to search Alibaba.com from Terapeak.
  • Seamlessly conduct in-depth research on products to make profitable sourcing decisions.

Source: Terapeak

Tagged: Sourcing
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